The Round That Was

By Ted Sares on January 19, 2012
The Round That Was
Most of the damage took place in the first round when Côté threw every punch in the book

Junior welterweight Pier Olivier “Apou” Côté (18-0) has replaced David Lemieux as the newest Quebec boxing sensation. In fact, his ring walk-ins now equal those of Lucian Bute’s for drama and excitement. Born in Colombia and adopted by a Quebec couple at the age of two, the good looking Côté didn’t start boxing until he was 20 years old. As an amateur, he had 65 wins and was a Golden Gloves and Canadian amateur champion.

Now then, every once and awhile a fighter puts on a clinic and trainers should ensure that they get the footage to use with their charges. “Money” Mayweather’s fight with Phillip N’dou in 2003 was one such fight.

Côté’s abbreviated massacre of Bronx-based Jorge Luis “The Truth” Teron (25-2-1 coming in) on Nov. 5 from the Pepsi Coliseum in Quebec City was another. It was a co-feature with the Bute-Johnson fight, but it stole the show. The fight ended with a savage and bloody left hook KO 33 seconds into round two that just might have ended Teron’s career. However, most of the damage took place in the first round when Côté threw (and effectively so) every punch in the book. He launched great hooks and right crosses, went downstairs and upstairs in combination, threw uppercuts and did these things off his pumping jab.

In the opening seconds of round two and to the chant of “Apou, Apou, Apou,” Côté put Teron down with a jolting left-right combination and then quickly ended matters with a lethal left hook.

If a trainer needs to display the variety of punches that can be thrown, the video of these 213 seconds of mostly one-sided action will more than suffice. Here it is.

Did someone say Rios vs. Côté?

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  1. the thresher 06:56am, 01/21/2012

    Pug, I don’t know what it means.

  2. SR.BILL-HARDPORN XXX 03:06pm, 01/20/2012

    I sense a slow moving Friday here in Raleigh tonight…...

  3. SR.BILL- HARDPORN XXX 03:04pm, 01/20/2012

    What in the wide, wide world of sports is a goin’ on here?

  4. TEX HASSLER 12:21pm, 01/20/2012

    Cote is certainly a fighter to keep and eye on. He has extremely fast hands and a lot of power. He needs to learn some defense, which he can if he wants to. What an exciting fight!

  5. pugknows 10:19am, 01/20/2012

    What a sensational display of skills. The kid also has a great chin because he took one mean shot and then came right back and terrorized Teron. By the way, what does Apou mean?

  6. the thresher 08:36am, 01/20/2012

    Cheekay, that’s a great questiion and I’ll do some research on it. My sense is that it might have happened with Luca, or with Joe Gatti’s wax job on Hilton, but I really don’t know.

  7. dollar bond 08:12am, 01/20/2012

    Holy moley, that was a gut crunching knockout to witness.  That guy will probably never be the same.

  8. Cheekay Brandon 08:06am, 01/20/2012

    Great work, and thanks for the heads up.  Man, what is about Montreal?? What a fighter town it’s grown into!

    Ted, do you have any historical perspective on how/when this happened?

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