The Shannon Scam

By Ted Sares on March 28, 2015
The Shannon Scam
It took The Cannon a mere 68 seconds to blow away Zoltan in this disgraceful mismatch.

His phoney imitation of Clubber Lane has grown terribly stale and sour. It’s time to step up or step aside…

“Defeating woefully overmatched characters, even if via brutal first round knockout, won’t garner Briggs tremendous respect from fans but may sway a few sanctioning bodies. His No. 6 rating by the WBA is as bizarre and last night’s opponent.”—Lee Cleveland (FIGHT SAGA)

“I don’t know what he’s trying to do, the [older] brother whipped his ass already and put him in the hospital…Imagine what the young one will do.”—James Toney

A ripped Shannon Briggs won his seventh straight bout on March 27 in Panama, “knocking out” pitiful and pathetic 48-year-old Hungarian Zoltan Petranyi (51-22-1)  who sported a fedora as he entered the ring resembling a cross between the late comedian Art Carney and Freddy Krueger. Curiously, between 1996 and 1999, his record was 6-11 with 8 defeats coming by way of stoppage. In 2005, Danny Williams put him down five times before referee Mickey Vann stopped the slaughter. With some few (and notable) exceptions, Hungarian and Slovakian boxers are not known for their hardness.

In any event, Briggs opened this freak show by deliberately throwing down his opponent seconds after the opening bell and was immediately deducted a point. Then he let fly a shot to Zoltan’s body which body was distinguished by absolutely no evidence of muscle tone and that dropped the hapless Hungarian. But he got up for more so Briggs felled him twice more with hard shots to his flabby midsection forcing renowned referee Hector Afu to halt the action. It took The Cannon a mere 68 seconds to blow away Zoltan in this disgraceful mismatch. In so doing, Briggs added to his record of having the most first round knockouts of any heavyweight champion in history.

Despite facing lambs being led to slaughter each time out, Briggs, for whatever reason, is being steadily pushed up the rankings by the WBA which now has him ranked Number 6. It might not even require that Briggs fight in an eliminator bout to fight for a world title. This would be understandable if the level of his opposition steadily improved with each fight, but instead it seems to get worse. Tony Thompson, Andy Ruiz, Chris Arreola, Lucas Browne, Robert Helenius, and Antonio Tarver would be true tests. So would Steve Cunningham, Carlos Takam, Mike Perez, Vyacheslav Glazkov, Joseph Parker and many, many others too numerous to cite.

Given the disgraceful level of Briggs’s opposition, his entire comeback has been more sham than anything else and his phoney imitation of Clubber Lane has grown terribly stale and sour. It’s time to step up or step aside.

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Shannon Briggs vs Zoltan Petranyi KO 1 FULL FIGHT in Panama

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  1. Perry Ballard 11:52am, 04/05/2015

    Briggs / Acts and looks like he is on Roids!

  2. bikermike 09:39am, 04/05/2015

    ...and of course we have RJJ continuing on .....fighting top contenders.NOT

  3. bikermike 09:36am, 04/05/2015

    Klitschko is a businessman…he’d take Brigg’s challenge and prepare , as he has always done….and then go to the bank with truck loads of money.

    I would not be surprised to see the match up…..I mean..folks lined up for pbf and a puffed up marquez…against a one hundred sixty pound pbf..ffs

    only individual sport where the best meet the best is Tennis

  4. bikermike 09:27am, 04/05/2015

    apologies to George Foreman….I , in no way, intended to make any comparison between Big George..and the cannon…...other than their similar strategy to ‘stick handle’ their way to a Title Match

  5. bikermike 09:24am, 04/05/2015

    How many WORLD SANCTIONING BODIES are there…and their derivatives.

    If any Title holder out there(in the last seventy years) has ever fulfilled the rule of defending his Title every ninety days against the number one available contender…..I haven’t heard about it those who have done so were very few…..or lost their Titles soon.

    Briggs is a name fighter…..and one who has crowd recognition..Sure he matches up with flotsam….but remember George Foreman’s ‘victory path’ to his second WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE….I’ll bet nobody can name five of those opponents without looking ..

    Briggs is showing up looking tight and trim…and he’s winning.  A match up with Klitschko would financially serve them all well…and it would draw fans.

  6. Kid Blast 02:25pm, 03/31/2015

    I quite agree nicolas. Why contribute to the freak show dimension of boxing? Let Briggs fight someone other than from the Walking Dead.

    If Klit fought this phony, only the Marquis de Sade would enjoy it.

  7. nicolas 11:47am, 03/31/2015

    Sadly in Germany there was a poll taken regarding the possibility of a Klitschko-Briggs contest, and it was rather favorable. I wrote a rather disparaging comment about the German boxing public, though not here. I just hope that the German boxing public does not want to see this fight. Myself I want to see Wlad take on either Fury or Wilder.

  8. Kid Blast 04:27pm, 03/30/2015

    How do you know it was a misstep?

  9. Eric 02:01pm, 03/30/2015

    peter…. Shannon has more paid trolls on boxing sites than George Soros has on political sites.  I’m making 18.25 an hour to troll & help Shannon receive his big fight with Klitschko. teehee. Only kidding of course.

  10. peter 01:57pm, 03/30/2015

    @ Clarence—Outstanding catch on that outstanding Freudian slip!

  11. peter 01:54pm, 03/30/2015

    Dear Web Administrator: Please delete Eric’s post, dated 03/30/2015! If Shannon Briggs reads that post, he will be further encouraged to step into the ring with Klitschko. and the beating he will sustain, and subsequent hospital visit, will fall squarely on’s shoulders. For Shannon’s welfare, and boxing’s beleagered reputation, please delete that post!....(In truth, I agree with Eric—I, too, would be interested in seeing this fight take place, even though, as Kid Blast correctly writes, it opens the door for Briggs to “Fight Klit and lay down fast.”)  Briggs is annoying. But he has successfully ripped a page out of Jack Johnson’s book and has ballyhooed himself well…..Web Administrator—please delete my post, when you delete Eric’s. Thank you.

  12. Clarence George 12:23pm, 03/30/2015

    An outstanding Freudian misstep—“shamless in promoting himself.”

  13. Kid Blast 09:28am, 03/30/2015

    Points taken

  14. Eric 08:30am, 03/30/2015

    Kid Blast…Agreed, BUT face it, at 44 years of age, what fighter isn’t fighting MOSTLY for money. Maybe it is the pro-rasslin’ part of me brain, located somewhere near my medulla oblongata, that wants to see this fight. I just want to be entertained by the interviews, the behind the scene build up, and the pressers. I will admit that it PROBABLY won’t be much of a fight, but neither will the Pac-Mayweather fight. Shamelessy will concede that I have been suckered into wanting this fight to happen just for the comedy that it will produce.

  15. Kid Blast 08:29am, 03/30/2015

    Here is his formula for a million dollar payoff:

    1) Get ripped—no easy thing to do
    2) Fight heavy bags and dead bodies running up a KO streak
    3) Do a Clubber Lane imitation bothering Klit
    4) Fight Klit and lay down fast
    5) Take purse and run.

    I admit Eric that it takes some effort. We will see how successful he is.

  16. Kid Blast 08:14am, 03/30/2015

    Come on Eric,  All he wants is money and he is shamless in promoting himself.

  17. Eric 06:09am, 03/30/2015

    Whatever you have to say about Briggs, you have to admit, he is doing a fine job at promoting himself. I, for one, want to see The Cannon take on Wlad. Would it be a competitive bout? I doubt it, but the lead up to the fight and the pressers would more than make up for the lackluster one-sided fight.

  18. Perry Ballard 02:27am, 03/30/2015

    Briggs looks and acts like he is on steroids. Enough of his antics.  Quit writing about him.  Sad to say but he will end up in the hospital again.

  19. Tex Hassler 09:16pm, 03/29/2015

    I like Shannon Briggs but it is time for him to find another line of work. He needs to retire for good, his own good and the good of boxing. This was a fine article.

  20. Kid Blast 01:59pm, 03/29/2015

    Peter says, “My guess is that the Briggs’ camp coaxed Petranyl into the ring by promising not to land any serious head shots—only body blows…”

    That is exactly what Briggs has been doing with most of his comeback fights. Body work and nothing upstairs. It’s part of what I think is a total and disgusting scam.

  21. Kid Blast 01:56pm, 03/29/2015

    Whew, I’m back. Thought I had been relegated to the penalty box for insulting Hungarians and Slovakians. Though maybe CG used his NYC connections. Have not been able to get on since yesterday. Arghh. Don’t know how much you miss it until you can’t get on it. Erragh.

  22. FrankinDallas 07:24am, 03/29/2015

    Let’s go, champ!

  23. Eric 06:46am, 03/29/2015

    I want Balboa. I want Balboa.

  24. peter 03:57am, 03/29/2015

    This article hit the nail on the head regarding the farce called “Shannon Briggs”.  A soft-bellied, 48-year-old fighter was searched for, and found, in the likes of Hungarian Zoltan Petranyi. His 51-22-1 record is a mystery. Look at the clip—My guess is that the Briggs’ camp coaxed Petranyl into the ring by promising not to land any serious head shots—only body blows…I think Briggs should, indeed, get his Klitchko fight, but the split of the purse should be 1,000-1 in Klitchko’s favor—exactly what the farce called “Shannon Briggs” deserves.

  25. Clarence George 06:51pm, 03/28/2015

    The competitive spirit is frowned upon today, Eric.  The whole point of “everyone a winner” is to ensure that no one is.

  26. Eric 06:44pm, 03/28/2015

    Clarence…That was a pretty nice looking trophy though. Used to be you had to actually do something to be awarded a trophy, ribbon, award, etc.

  27. Clarence George 06:33pm, 03/28/2015

    “With some few (and notable) exceptions, Hungarian and Slovakian boxers are not known for their hardness.”  The grossest impertinence!  But hard to argue with.  I would say, though, that it’s more a matter of training than of hardness.  No trainer in Hungary today seems to have the least knowledge or understanding of the sport.  Laszlo Papp was a natural, sure, but he also had a terrific trainer, a man by the name of Zsigmond Adler.

  28. Eric 06:11pm, 03/28/2015

    That was a pretty nice trophy for knocking out someone with the muscle tone of Gumby. They give trophies for anything nowadays.

  29. Dan Adams 05:29pm, 03/28/2015

    Shannon should be relegated to the brigg.

  30. Eric 05:27pm, 03/28/2015

    Shannon,  try “Just For Men.” Damn it man, you have more grey in your beard than me and I have nearly a decade on you. Seeing all that grey, has to be a psychological advantage for you opponent, get rid of it or better yet keep it. As long as you keep winning I’ll keep the grey in mine. Gives us old greybeards something to brag about.

  31. Your Name 05:11pm, 03/28/2015

    LMAO at your description of Zoltan

  32. KId Blast 05:09pm, 03/28/2015

    Sickening, Irish

  33. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 04:56pm, 03/28/2015

    Ted Sares-He made a motion as if to hit Petranyi after the throw down….looks like that was what caused the point deduction by Afu. Tickets were reportedly $5 a pop….probably 500 tops in attendance….even at that rate it shows that they are hard up for entertainment in Panama…..they should have been screaming for refunds. That crazy as a fox Zoltan came all the way from Romania for that….probably on the playa right at this moment doing shots.

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