The Sound of the Fury/U.S.

By Michael Schmidt on March 21, 2013
The Sound of the Fury/U.S.
Well perhaps it is best to cut right to the chase. Oh yes the big man Tyson Fury can fight.

What does Fury say to “The bigger they are the harder they fall!”? Well, “That’s something a small man would say.” Fantastic. The Sound of the Fury!


Paddy Day Celebration, O’Reilly Bar and Grill, Kitchener, Canada

“I’ve got one thing to say to Wladimir Klitschko, you are a pussy old son. When you grow a pair of balls, come fight me and I’ll relieve you of all your belts…come grow a pair of balls or fuck off!”—Tyson Fury

Size 6’9”. Check. Record 20-0. Check. Good looking kid (so the girls at the office say). Check. Fits the New York demographics, big white Irish lad with a quote to go every time he opens his mouth. Check. Has a great fighter name. Check. Has a fighting heritage in the background—hell he is of The Traveler’s—gypsy settle it with a punch in the kisser type…check, check, check, check.

We should embrace the Sound of the Fury. He is a welcoming to this otherwise staid Heavy scene. Oh, I think I might, just might, know what you are thinking Pete The Sneak, Don from Prov, Irish Frankie, Pugknows, raxman, Bodyshots, Coiley lad and all the rest that try and keep an honest man of us boxing scribblers. Can he fight? Hell you are not the only one tossing and a turning of Jack Bodell getting destroyed by American “Irish” Jerry, of Joe “the bug,” of “Our En’ry.”

“I know that Irishmen fight their way into everything…”—Budd Schulberg

Well it is next step up time for young fast and Fury, April 20th against Steve U.S.S. Cunningham at the Mecca of Boxing, Madison Square Garden. A big, big man vs. a not so big man in comparison.

I suppose there has always been a fascination dating back to the stone age of the little man besting a big man. Certainly it dates back to 1 Samuel 17 and the blow-by-blow account, more or scripture less, of young David, future King of Israel, and a stone he did give, felling the giant Philistine warrior Goliath.

Moving forward to more sedate non rock throwing pugilistic era there is of course ample case for the fall of the big man. The big, so they say fat, Dutchman, Jan Plaacke, all 300 pounds and 6’6’’ in stature of course was felled by the Real McCoy, Kid by name, a mere middleweight. The big man was “beaten almost insensible” in under four minutes. McCoy “darted in and out and around his burly opponent” and destroyed the six-inch taller, seventy-pound heavier Plaacke. Six inches! Seventy pounds! My oh my what would Mother Plaacke think!  Moving along with the late 1800s and early 1900s there was “The Human Freight Car,” the 285-pound plus Ed Dunkorst, from Boxing Hall of Fame country, Syracuse, New York, who had his Train links derailed by a Light Heavy, a lad by the name of Fitzsimmons, Bob who I do believe went on to all types of larger things in his career. Onwards and downwards of Firpo, of Primo, not “Too Tall” Jones down New Mexico way…

“I am an ultimate supreme specimen of a man…you’re a bum…look at the chubbiness of him, Mr. Chubby Checker, Mr. Sunglasses…”—Tyson Fury on opponent Kevin Johnson during the pre-fight press conference

It is not that long ago that young (24 years old) Fury was expressing suicidal thoughts of deep depression. There is of course great pressure to this fighter business in and out of ring and perhaps more so for our young Irish- Manchurian Candidate for Heavyweight honors. Is he up to the task? Well as our good friend Irish Darcy “R” is apt to say; “Is I Ding Di Fein a Scoileann An Dair?” (It is a wedge of itself that splits the oak. Or otherwise beware the enemy within.) In the Fury case there is of course the background of Dear Dad having to spend a lengthy time, eleven years, in jail having gouged a man’s eye out of socket in an out of ring scrap at a public car auction scene, thereby settling a twelve-year grudge. A great deal to carry of hopes, dreams, and otherwise for young Fury…


Well perhaps it is best to cut right to the chase. Oh yes the big man can fight and when he is in top shape, as he has been the last few go rounds, and works behind that big long hard jab, well then he is as good, and probable better than, as anything out there. The few times he has had his whiskers tested he has shown that Traveler background. The big lad likes to fight!! He has a solid amateur background. No Seth Mitchell here lads. No undersized Povetkin.

The Kingpin “test” of Kevin Johnson showed a different side of Tyson Fury. There was a sound fistic maturity as young Fury outboxed the “Kingpin” behind that long commanding jab for all twelve rounds. He boxed Johnson’s ears off in scoring a twelve-round shutout on the scorecards.

We shall see of this Fury shortly.

Fury could be, and has been to date, as refreshing as a new unwrapped bar of Irish Spring soap. The components are all there. The Fury can fight. The Fury will fight and when he chirps that he means to “do the business” to Cunningham it is of the most serious intention. Poppa Fury, Gypsy John, would have no less of it and if you think this Gypsy business is rubbish well then you best be doing your bareknuckle homework of the “King of the Gypsies,” Mr. Bartley Gorman. It is of that stock and punch trade that young Fury’s background comes. Yes, he means to do serious business.

And what does Irish Darcy “R” have to say? “Shmite did ya ere of the big Irish scrapper o was told by the Doc that he had to give a yourin (urine) sampool (sample)? The lad asks ‘What’s a yourin (urine) sampool?’ The Doc is busy so he tells the giant lad, ‘Go piss in a bottle then.’ The big Irish laddee retorts ‘Go shit in your hat then’ and the fight is on and that is Irish as it gits in’t.”

Yes, embrace your inner Fury. What does young Fury say to that time old quote of “The bigger they are the harder they fall!”? Well, “That’s something a small man would say.” Fantastic. The Sound of the Fury!

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  1. Mike Schmidt 01:20am, 03/23/2013

    Irish Frank C- Ban boxing in Brit Land!!!!  Nahhhh—There is another Fury already out of the gate—Hughie Lewis and the News Fury!!!! If push comes back to punch I vote Joe Bugner in comeback fight agaisnt the sore toed Haye-dancing with the stars…...............................Well the “Bug” beats em up in their prime vs prime anyways….it is late and I am drifting here—adios

  2. NYIrish 06:00pm, 03/22/2013

    Not yet sold on Fury as a topnotcher. Speaking of sales, don’t buy any siding or roofing jobs or “hot as-phelt” for the driveway from anyone in his entourage!

  3. Irish Frankide Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 12:43pm, 03/22/2013

    Which reminds me….if this big galoot bombs ala Price…..they need to ban boxing in Britain….at least for heavyweights…no….really…just don’t bother anymore…or at least just keep it to yourselves and don’t bother the rest of us!

  4. Mike Schmidt 01:14am, 03/22/2013

    Rax you have to admit he took that uppercut shot pretty well!!!!!! The webmaster controls the video content but yes a shout out to the uppercut video- prood of young Fury’s whiskers- I mean when you can take a shot full on from a six foot nine yerself what the haye- I have to go back and look at that but I don’t think the knee’s dip do they???

  5. raxman 04:53pm, 03/21/2013

    my favourite fury clip is the one in which he right uppercuts himself between the eyes. its the perfect wayhow not to throw the u-c.
    as for 1 punch power i would’ve thought Wlad had that in his right hand but as was often to the dismay of the late great Manny Stewart, he just doesn’t let it go enough. and Irish mentioned knocking out Haye- well what about Haye’s right hand. he has possibly the best one punch power in the division but his weak chin mean he ‘s too chicken shit to have a crack and get risk getting ko’d. imagine if haye, like tommy hearns, just went for it without fear of the punches coming the other way? he fought a bitch sore toe fight vs klit but when in the 12th he let go he rocked wlad just as he did valuev

  6. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 02:59pm, 03/21/2013

    Michael Schmidt-This one was pure fun….which reminds me….I’m not sure just how much TNT is in those fists….but I’d bet there’s enough to KO Haye….and if there is and if he does…..his stock will go off the charts….of that I am sure! Then there’s Wilder, Wlad (win or lose) and out by 30 a multi-millionaire….if he’s smart that is….but there I have my doubts!

  7. Mike Schmidt 12:30pm, 03/21/2013

    Sorry Don one other item—no have not seen the Doc on the Travellers but have read “King of the Gypsies” life story of Bartly Gorman- stoneage!!!!! We are talking some seriously rough fucking guys here.

  8. Mike Schmidt 12:28pm, 03/21/2013

    Hey Don-of the Dempsey, Shavers, Satterfield early Liston type, nah would not try and and tell/sell you that—think his biggest advantage is his reach—when he pumps that jab and gets it going. I think his power, along with reach, will keep guys somewhat honest. Frankly, and correct me if I am wrong, but who of the big men out there right now has lights out power….

  9. Don from Prov 12:16pm, 03/21/2013

    But can he punch, Mr. Schmidt—
    I’m about ready for a killer punching HW who has a chin.
    I’ll be interested in watching Fury and I think you wrote a hell of an ad for the young man here.  Good stuff.  BTW did you see the documentary on the Traveller’s: I kept meaning to order it on PPV but ended up missing the film.

  10. Mike Casey 10:40am, 03/21/2013

    Nice one, Mike!

  11. Mike Schmidt 10:33am, 03/21/2013

    M.C. I have only had the pleasure of meeting Champion to be Fury twice up at Casino Rama, Ontario, Canada. A very pleasant and engaging lad and was gracious enough to have his photo taken with our at the time WBA female champ, all five foot two, Lisa “Bad News” Brown. Now that was a sized photo Mike!!!!

  12. Mike Casey 09:09am, 03/21/2013

    Charm him with tales of the great American lifestyle, Mike - and try and persuade him to stay there.

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