Kell Brook Upsets ‘ShowTime’

By Richard Du Cille on August 17, 2014
Kell Brook Upsets ‘ShowTime’

Kell Brook caused an upset by defeating reigning IBF welterweight champion, Shawn ‘Showtime’ Porter with a majority decision, in front of a partisan crowd.

Leading up to the fight, both fighters had undefeated records, Porter 24-1, with 15 KO’s and Brook with an impressive 33-0 with 22 KO’s. Porter, on his second defence, being the favourite to retain his crown. 

In the opening rounds Porter , with the more eye-catching work, was the busier of the two fighters, aggressively swarming in and doing whatever he could to overpower the challenger from Sheffield, UK, keeping him constantly under pressure.

Throughout the duration of the fight, Porter had a tendency to lunge in with wild hooks. Things began to look ominous for Brook in the second round, sustaining a cut just over his left eye, seemingly from a clash of heads. However, it would seem that Brook had other ideas and would not be denied, having waited so long, for a shot at the title. Making his first attempt at a world title, he put the cut to the back of his mind, and went about his work, landing the quality, cleaner punches and slowly getting into his rhythm.

Even when not landing cleanly, Porter looked like the boss in the early rounds and appeared to be making a break through in the fourth round, targeting Brook with heavy body shots.

In the fifth round, Brook started to put his left jab to work, Porter rough and ready, with good upper body movement, continually lunged in throwing wild hooks, which left him open to hard, sharp straight punches by Brook.

Porter definitely had the hometown advantage with the referee, dangerously using his head, to open up the cut over the challenger’s eye. Brook had his moments, landing the cleaner of the two, but the relentless pressure, from the reigning champ, looked the more eye catching, winning the inside battle.

Brook stepped up the ante from the sixth round onwards, realising that he could take the defending champions, shots. Porter sustained a cut over his right eye, which in the later rounds appeared to be bleed even more profusely.

The seventh round saw Porter slow in getting of his stool and breathing heavily. Not the the type of fighter, to fold when the going starts to get tough, very much up for the fight Brook stood his ground and maintained his body shape, began to get this way back into the fight, landing the cleaner and heavier punches. Catching the fading champion, with a solid right upper cut followed by left and right hooks which rocked Porter, as he stumbled backwards onto the ropes. Brook was now beginning to take over the fight.

In the eight round, the clearly audible cheers for Brook from his fans who made the journey across the atlantic were being drowned out by the partisan crown in show of patriotism towards the American world champion, who had clearly blown himself out, slowing down with Brook landing the cleaner shots. 

Brook kept his composure and growing in confidence as the fight progressed, kept his boxing tight and together, landing more clean, solid punches, despite Porters plans to unsettle Brook and drive himself forward, which carried on through the duration of the eighth and ninth rounds. 

With Porter tiring in the tenth and eleventh rounds, Brook looking the stronger and the fresher of the two, was looking like he was getting on top of the champ, outworking him, refusing to be be intimidated and putting together a stronger, gutsy performance. The end of the eleventh saw Brook raise his arm, as he walked back to his corner.

Noticeably, as the twelfth round came to an end ,signalling the end of the world championship bout, fight fans supporting Porter were seen leaving the auditorium in their droves, as if sensing that Brook had gotten the win. Additionally there appeared no outward sense of victory from Porter’s corner men and followers.

The ringside judges, scored the fight, 114 -114, 117-111, 116 -112. Conversely, ringside judge, Dave Paris who actually comes from the same neck of the woods as Brook, both being Yorkshire men, scored the bout a draw, 114 -114. Clearly no bias or favouritism there.

There has been nothing fortuitous about Brooks rise into the top, who has finally announced his arrival as an elite boer, in the one of the most lucrative divisions in world boxing. Throughout the fight he punched more cleanly with much more power and accuracy.

Winning the fight by a majority decision, to the undisguised delight and cheers of jubilation from the Brook camp, the underdog challenger, snatched the welterweight IBF title from Porter in his backyard. 

Speaking in the ring, afterwards, the newly crowned champ, when asked about a possible fight with Amir Khan stated, “Amir Khan can get in the queue…i’m top dog in England, everyone knows that…I came over here and everyone thought i’d get knocked out by Shawn Porter, I came over here and beat him.”

Shawn Porter, gracious in defeat, wants a rematch, “I want the rematch, i’ll fight him wherever he is and take it from him…tonight we didn’t get it ALL right, but we will come back get it ALL right.”

Speaking to Sky Sports, former world champion, Amir Khan said after watching Brook win the title, “I’d love to take the fight, I think it would be a good fight, for me my team, yeah, if Kell is willing to put the that belt on line, yeah, we’re here.”

Speaking to Sky Sports, Eddie Hearn, Matchroom Sports “Kell has wanted the Khan fight for three or four years. The British public has wanted it for 18 months or a year. It was always ‘if Kell had a belt…’ but now he’s got one and I think Kell can probably call the shots. I don’t think Amir will like that!

“If everyone sits down and realises this is a great fight for Britain. There’s a lot of money to be made for both fighters. We saw what happened between Carl Froch and George Groves at Wembley and we can do something like that again.”

This a fight, the British public and the boxing fans worldwide, would love to see, a historical rivalry that goes back to their days as amateur boxers and until they actually fight, the rivalry will go on. If or when this fight takes place, it’s sure promises to be an emotionally charged blockbuster.

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