The Tacit Agreement

By Ted Sares on February 5, 2012
The Tacit Agreement
Kristian Laight sports a 6-112-6 mark but has only been boxing since September 2009

For sheer activity, one of my favorites currently on the scene is Kristian Laight out of Nuneaton, Warwickshire…

“Without losers, there would be no winners.”—Denise Grollmus

“Peter Buckley has seen it all in his 257 [now 300] fight career to date and is a wily old fox when it comes to not being hurt by his youthful and exuberant opponents as he takes them through their ‘Initiation.’”—Tom Walker

“I boxed Ernie Smith in my third fight and he was, even until this day, the biggest learning curve for me. He knew how to hold and make me look like it was me and he talked the whole way through the fight. He said to me after the fight, that I was one of the best he had boxed, but I had to learn the tricks of the trade if I wanted to move on to bigger and better things, which I listened to and appreciate him for. It was a pleasure to box Ernie and I was sorry that I never showed him the respect that he deserved.”—George Hillyard

I have documented on any number of occasions the incredible records of Brit Centurions—boxers who lose well over 100 fights but are seldom stopped as they provide a learning experience for younger fighters. These guys are savvy and know every trick in the book but their destiny is to lose. They include but are not limited to Karl “Plug” Taylor, Tony Booth (52-105-9), Paul Bonson (21-105-8), The Two Gypsies: twins Billy (13-107-2) and the late Ernie Smith (13-142-5), Brian Coleman (24-141-7), Daniel Thorpe (23-113-3), Seamus “West” Casey (30-129-5), and of course the legendary Peter “The Professor” Buckley (32-256-12). Some are retired; some fight on like Carl Allen (18-98-7). Peter “Desperate” Dunn is no longer desperate. He became a Centurion of sorts when he lost his 100th fight on Sept. 26, 2008. He is now 12-105-4. Curiously, Tony Booth once beat Omar Sheika in 1998.

For sheer activity, however, one of my favorites currently on the scene is Kristian Laight out of Nuneaton, Warwickshire. Laight sports a 6-112-6 mark but has only been boxing since Sept. 2009 when he lost five in a row right out of the gate. His last win came in 2008 against Danny Coyle in Coventry. Since then he has gone winless in 88 straight dukes, with only one of those losses coming by way of stoppage (to undefeated bomber Dale Miles). Laight fought 23 times in 2011 and 17 in 2010. Only fellow Brit Shahid Sid Razak (8-79) has been busier, fighting 24 times in 2011.

Razak retired in 2004 but saw the need to return and perhaps become a Centurion. He came back in 2008 to fight none other than Scott Quigg (6-0 at the time) who won the BBBofC British super bantamweight title on Feb. 4, 2012 by beating Jamie Arthur in Bolton, Lancaster. The talented Quigg is now 24-0. Sid then fought the touted Lee Selby (now 12-1) and BBBofC British featherweight titleholder.

That all said, there is a quid pro quo involved here. The durable Centurions are willing and able to give the young and upcoming Brit fighters a valuable learning experience and some useful and badly need rounds. In return, the older guys are spared a beating and this is born out by the astonishing few times they are stopped. The late and beloved Gypsy Boy Ernie Smith fought the sensational Kell Brook (26-0) thrice in 2005 and each bout went the distance.

I call it a tacit agreement. Only in Boxing

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  1. dollarbond 06:17am, 02/06/2012

    I’m with raxman

  2. TEX HASSLER 06:37pm, 02/05/2012

    Thanks Mr. Sares for showing us an aspect of boxing few know about.

  3. johnwriter60 05:10pm, 02/05/2012

    No disrespect intended, never to anyone who persists despite the imbalance to the record, but can they still walk and talk?

  4. raxman 04:37pm, 02/05/2012

    That’s bizarre. I dont know where you get your ideas for this stuff but keep ‘em coming.

  5. pugknows 04:35pm, 02/05/2012

    Gabor Balough in Hungary has a 2-82 record

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