The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing Like the Truth

By Robert Ecksel on October 17, 2014
The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing Like the Truth
He's talked his way out of trouble before. Maybe he’ll talk his way out of trouble again.

A lawsuit was filed against Floyd Mayweather for having “knowingly misrepresented the facts while testifying before the Nevada Athletic Commission…”

“I have always loved truth so passionately that I have often resorted to lying as a way of introducing it into the minds which were ignorant of its charms.”—Giacomo Casanova

You gotta hand it to Floyd Mayweather. He’s a great boxer. He’s filthy rich. He plays by his own rules and usually gets away with it.

When Mayweather speaks people listen. He may stretch the truth now and then, but he’s pretty much skated insofar as his fans are concerned.

But nothing lasts forever.

Three weeks ago Mayweather was asked to appear before the Nevada State Athletic Commission. His presence was requested so that he could answer questions regarding the second episode of All Access: Mayweather vs. Maidana 2.

Mayweather was asked about the babes smoking grass in the Big Boi Mansion. He was asked about the sparring session that lasted 31 minutes without a break. He was asked about the gambling that was happening ringside.

With the confidence of someone accustomed to believing his own lies, Floyd assured the commission that the girls weren’t really smoking marijuana, which is illegal in Nevada, but that it was a prop, a special effect to make him appear even cooler than he is.

When asked about the sparring session between Hasim Rahman Jr. and Donovan Cameron, Mayweather said, “With All Access we’re able to edit and chop footage the way we want.”

He also denied that there was any wagering going on. It was just theater for the cameras, he said, because “I like to sell a lifestyle.”

That explanation, however inadequate on its face, was enough to appease the commission.

Most boxing writers were irate. With pulses racing, chests heaving, with foam forming at the corners of their mouths, they were incensed to learn that Showtime showed something that wasn’t real (as though TV doesn’t pimp reality).

Oddly enough, Mayweather’s veracity, the source of all that angst, wasn’t questioned, even though he’s played fast and loose with the truth many times.

But I’m not the only one who’s grown tired of watching Floyd get away with murder.

Hasim Rahman Jr. and his brother Sharif have grown tired as well.

The Rahman brothers filed a lawsuit today against Floyd Mayweather for having “knowingly misrepresented the facts while testifying before the Nevada Athletic Commission.” Mayweather Promotions, Mayweather Boxing Club, and Showtime were also named in the suit.

Hasim Rahman Jr. insists the sparring session, which Mayweather described as a “fight to the death,” did in fact last 31 minutes without a rest period. He also alleges that Mayweather bet “large sums of money” against him without his knowledge.

Mayweather has talked his way out of trouble before. Maybe he’ll talk his way out of trouble again. But the fancy footwork he displays, in and out of the ring, has never been less compelling than it is now.

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  1. raxman 03:17pm, 10/21/2014

    bikermike - you’re representing as if Floyd is the only guy who doesn’t fight every opponent out there to fight. todays boxers fight twice a year. once they reach a position near the top they all - all of them - pick the best fight ie the one that makes the most money for the least risk. its just the way it goes. there are some that seem to buck that trend (kovalev seems to only want to fight top ranked opponents and seems intent on unifying 175) but even the great warrior like carl froch and Miguel Cotto who have probably the most impressive resumes of any current boxer, are these days looking for the same model. froch wont fight chunky degale because at his age he has limited fights left so why take a risky one. even everyones darling Triple G is guilty. Golovkin looks a great talent but 30 odd fights into a pro career after spending years at the pinnacle of the amateurs and he still has not fought a single current world champion and has only fought the single (geale) former champion.
    its not Floyd its the sport of boxing. its PPV. its sugar ray leonard who changed the sport. it was Ray Leonard who’s actions said I am bigger than the sport. Floyd is doing nothing more than any other boxer would do if put in the same situation
    by the way where do you get the information that Floyd is broke

  2. bikermike 02:48pm, 10/21/2014

    OK…sparring 15 rounds with one minute breaks is not considered a good training strategy..
    has it been done to sell a fight..???absofknlutely!!
    ..and sparring is the best…’..and I don’t know what the calibre of sparring partners we’re talking about..
    I honesty ...know one of the guys signed up as MIKE TYSON"S sparring partner…when he was supposed to show up in EDMONTON ALBERTA…back in the day….Doink ing was the guy who had to show up and say the bout was cancelled….BECAUSE TYSON WAS DOING SO MUCH COKE AND SQUIRTING SPERM HE COULD HARDLY STAY CONCIOUS FFS!!!

  3. bikermike 02:39pm, 10/21/2014

    ‘broke’ is a good fighter…OK….we’ll never know if he’s the best…cuz he don’t fight the best…just picks the opponents he can beat..hopefully..

    Unlike guys like the great SUGAR RAY ROBINSON…who also had his problems with success…Robinson had to fight the top guys of his time..and ...when he wasn’t in top shape…he lost a few…
    ...he could always get it back
    Robinson was ....argueably…the best Welter Weight of all time…but the BUCKS were in the Middleweight Division…so….he climbed up and the rest is History…even his bid for LT Heavyweight Title…

    ‘broke’ ..with four world titles at every imagineable weight…could take a dump ...or not…and fight at any half weight division and still be the champ… of 178WORLD CHAMPIONS of BOXING…at any given day

    ‘broke’ will be greeting folks at Casinos….within six months of his last fight…cuz whatever he had…like lotto winners….is long gone

  4. bikermike 02:28pm, 10/21/2014

    First thing…...pbf is as broke as piss on a plate…
    ...has he had money flowing his way.?....offukn course….but it is gone…!!!

    lifesyle….look at his published accounts of his life….he’s got slinky chicks hired ...just to keep care of his feet…cupla times a day ffs
    ..and this takes place in some ....palace…where his entourage parties and rests….in shifts…all funded by ...broke..!!

    He has another problem…
    .. poor financial decisions..with very poor information from those who came before him…dad and uncle..

    Don’;t know what was left for him when he first got started…but lately…broke has had most fight contracts his way…and he gets a lot more money for his fights/risks

    Just because you got a lot of money…doesn’t assure your financial freedom.
    broke has few wise investments…and is…like joe frazier…looking forward to the next fight/business arrangement.

    ..thing is..those ppv and seats aren’t in as much demand as they once were…..cuz broke doesn’t sign with anybody he can’t beat Tell me I’m lie’n

  5. Darrell 03:08pm, 10/18/2014

    The only possibly serious “allegation” would be the ringside gambling…...but only if it were at a real bout, not sparring.

    To the rest, yaaawwwwwn…...

  6. Eric 06:59am, 10/18/2014

    I’ve read that Ali sparred 15 non-stop rounds while training for a fight. Can’t remember who he was training to meet, but Dundee said it was one of the most insane things he had ever witnessed. Ali was using different sparring partners, having to face a fresh opponent every few rounds. Still it is doubtful this test could’ve been billed as a “fight to the death.”

  7. peter 04:31am, 10/18/2014

    Great quote—“I have always loved truth so passionately that I have often resorted to lying as a way of introducing it into the minds which were ignorant of its charms.”—Giacomo Casanova…As for Mayweather, he’s as slippery outside the ring, as he is inside.

  8. wbox 04:23am, 10/18/2014

    1. Floyd has no money, he needs to fight moooore.
    2. Hired Ariza for some big alibis
    3. He fools kids like justin jacson
    4. Schaefer fired for not making money, Showtime made no money
    5. amazing ppv#s amazing moneys involved, amazing, unbelievable…like a show…like a circus…like politics

  9. Boxmeister 03:51am, 10/18/2014

    When a total fraud speaks, it must be lies and when he denies it, he makes a fool of himself.

  10. artjd 02:15am, 10/18/2014

    Leave the girl alone, please!!!!!!

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