The Week That Was (July 15-21, 2013)

By Teron Briggs on July 22, 2013
The Week That Was (July 15-21, 2013)
A victory in Wembley Arena would've moved Malik Scott him a step closer to a title shot.

“I just said I’m gonna keep going, keep going,” said Del Boy Chisora. “If I catch him he’s going to go down, and I caught him…”

Wembley Arena, Wembley, London, United Kingdom

Del Boy Chisora stops Malik Scott in bizarre fashion

After one of the more surreal endings to a fight in recent boxing history, the winner stated, “I just said I’m gonna keep going, keep going. If I catch him he’s going to go down, and I caught him.” Former heavyweight title challenger Dereck “Del Boy” Chisora (17-4, 11 KOs) scored a controversial technical knockout, after flooring the previously undefeated Malik Scott (35-1-1, 12 KOs) with a monster right hand; he received what can be best described as a little hometown cooking.

In the pre-fight build up the two respective boxers used the kind of language that would make Paula Deen blush. For Chisora, it was par for the course as he has gained a reputation as being a volatile live wire who says whatever comes into his head and shows little self-control. Prior to his fight with WBC heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko in 2012, Chisora slapped him at the weigh-in, and then spat water in the face of his brother Wladimir during the ring introductions. He’s bitten, cursed, and even kissed an opponent claiming he was going to “make the man his girlfriend.” Scott brought up many of these strange actions in a conference call prior to the fight not only calling Chisora a “f*ggot” but also claiming he would “f**k up” the London based fighter.

This all set the stage for the fight at Wembley Arena on BoxNation that promised to be anything but dull. In the first couple of rounds, the Philadelphian Scott jumped out to an early lead. He used a crisp jab to create distance between himself and the Zimbabwe-born Londoner. As expected, Chisora, who weighed in at a svelte 242 lbs., stalked Scott and tried to land punches anywhere on 6’4” fighter’s long frame. Though Del Boy had some success early on, he simply didn’t throw enough punches to make the relatively untested Scott uncomfortable. As the fight progressed Chisora started to connect with more body shots that slowly made Scott lower his guard.

In the fourth and fifth rounds Chisora followed those body blows with stinging uppercuts and hooks that began to gradually find a home on Scott’s face. Though Scott has faced few notable opponents as a professional, he was a decorated amateur fighter. Going into the sixth round he was ahead on most ringside observers’ scorecards. Chisora had slowly closed the distance between the two as he repeatedly mauled Scott and pushed him against the ropes. Midway through the round, Chisora just missed with a wild right hand. A few seconds later Scott wouldn’t be so lucky. After bulling Scott against the ropes, Chisora landed a crushing overhand right that clipped the big man sending him sprawling to the canvas. Scott got up to one knee and appeared to want to take full advantage of the 10-count to regain his composure. Unfortunately for him, referee Phil Edwards inexplicably only counted to nine before waving off the fight before ever reaching the count of 10. Scott and his people looked o in utter disbelief as Chisora’s team wildly celebrated the victory.

“I gave myself an eight-count and was up at nine. The count is ten over in America and including England….everyone knows I beat the count.” Unfortunately for Scott, the one man who mattered the most, Phil Edwards didn’t realize it or choose to ignore it. A victory here for Scott would’ve moved him a step closer to a title shot, now he’s back to the drawing board. For Chisora, who garners more bad headlines than Justin Bieber, it was possibly a career saving victory as he came into the fight having lost four of his last six contests. His promoter Frank Warren said he would be looking for a “big name” to bring Chisora back against in September.

Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, The Joint, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Don’t call it a comeback! John Molina stops Mickey Bey in the 10th

Speaking of hypnagogic endings, fights like Bey vs. Molina are only supposed to end like this in the movies or on television. Trailing on all three scorecards, by as much nine points on one card, the hard hitting lightweight fighting out of California, John Molina (26-3, 21 KOs), scored a highlight reel knockout when he stopped Mickey Bey (18-1, 9 KOs) in the 10th round of their 10-round fight.

In the main event of this Floyd “Money” Mayweather promoted ShoBox card, Bey and Molina thrilled fans watching at home and those in attendance at the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas. The styles of the two meshed perfectly. Bey, who fights under Money’s TMT banner, is a skilled counterpuncher who was undefeated in 18 pro fights, while Molina is a come forward power puncher. For much of the fight, Bey’s accurate counterpunching was more than enough to win him rounds. With Floyd Mayweather Sr. in his corner, Bey used clever footwork and a relatively high volume of punches to stay out of harm’s way. Molina, who is heavy handed but doesn’t have quick hands, simply was unable to plant his feet and land many shots. The fourth and fifth rounds were Molina’s shining moments as Bey appeared tired and instead of stepping side-to-side to avoid shots, pulled straight back. That’s a no-no against a guy who throws bombs like Chris Davis hits them at Camden Yards, and Molina clearly hurt Bey a couple of times. However, after a tongue-lashing from Mayweather Sr., who couldn’t bite his tongue if was as large as whale, Bey returned to his form from earlier in the fight. Quick double jabs and stinging head and occasional body blows gave the pro-Bey fans plenty to cheer about.

Going into the 10th round Molina acknowledged that he knew he was “behind on the scorecard,” but felt like the fact that he possesses “power in both hands” gave him a chance to still win. Bey actually started the round fighting like the guy who needed a knockout. He landed brutal head and body shots that clearly hurt Molina who nonetheless continued to march forward. By the middle of the round most of the TMT crew were on their feet cheering on Bey. Then, when the fighters were having a heated inside exchange Molina landed a short left hook that clipped Bey’s chin forcing him to lose balance. Sensing his man was in trouble, Molina began throwing wild haymakers as Bey tried to hold on for dear life. The only thing that kept Bey upright were the ropes as Molina landed some crushing power shots in-between his huge misses. With his head exposed and his hands at his waist Bey continued to eat massive shots that eventually forced Vic Drakulich to step in and stop the bout at 2:01 in the 10th.

“I don’t want to take any credit away from Molina,” though he would do just that, the loser Bey complained about the ref afterwards. “The ref was warning me for one thing or another the whole fight.” It took me out of my game plan. He (Drakulich) definitely affected my performance.” I’ll cut Bey some slack because most competitors are sore losers. It was a huge win for Molina who reunited with former trainer Joe Goossen before the bout. After losing two of his previous three fights Molina stopped a good opponent in dramatic fashion on national television. That’s big.

Badou Jack wins tedious 10-round decision over Farrah Ennis

Kanye West fights with more passion then Farrah Ennis. That tells you pretty much all you need to know about this fight. The undefeated Vegas resident, originally born in Sweden, Jack (15-0, 10 KOs) easily won a 10-round decision over Ennis (21-2 12 KOs) in a fight that contained few memorable moments.

The 29-year-old super middleweight prospect and borderline contender Jack is one of the more talented unproven fighters in the sport. Farrah Ennis of Philadelphia was supposed to provide Jack with his first litmus test. Instead, he was more than content to allow the man with the 4½-inch reach advantage to simply outhustle and outwork him. Ennis is a more than competent defensive fighter who just refused to open up offensively and try to take advantage of the openings Jack gave him. Meanwhile, Jack peppered him with hard right hands and dominated the action. A thunderstorm that must have been started by the boxing gods prevented viewers at home from watching much of the 9th and 10th rounds as Showtime experienced some technical difficulties causing the screen to go blank.

Ennis must realize that television dates come at a premium and performances like this will not get him back on the air anytime soon. Jack probably did the best he could under the circumstances and with Floyd Mayweather as his promoter, he should be in another high profile fight soon.

Rockingham Park, Salem, New Hampshire, USA

Hank Lundy schools Ajose over ten rounds to win decision

On paper, this was supposed to be a pretty evenly matched fight. In the ring, it was a completely different story as Hank Lundy (23-3, 11 KOs) recorded a lopsided decision victory over Ajose Olusegun (31-2, 14 KOs) in the main event on ESPN Friday Night Fights.

Ajose, a former 2000 Olympian for Nigeria, has built a reputation as one of the sport’s more underrated good fighters. After this performance, coming on the heels of a knockout loss to Lucas Matthysse in September of last year, boxing observers might have to change their opinion on him.

Maybe you can chalk up Ajose losing in such one-sided fashion to his expecting to fight an orthodox fighter, but instead facing a southpaw. Lundy, who fights in an orthodox stance, decided that fighting Ajose, who’s a southpaw, from the same stance would give him the best chance to win. Fighting in his new division of junior welterweight, Lundy displayed the lightening quick hand speed that had many predicting he would one day win a world title. In the first few rounds the fight was pretty competitive as both guys threw a tremendous amount of leather. Eventually though, Lundy’s left hand was just too much for Ajose to deal with. The seventh round might have been Lundy’s best as he repeatedly staggered the Nigerian, knocking him around from ring post to ring post. At the end of 10, the judge’s scorecards favored Lundy 98-92 twice and 100-90.

It was the second loss in the last three fights for Ajose, he got a decision over a fighter with a 6-13 record in April, and it could be the last time we see him in a marquee fight. It was a much needed victory for Lundy who absurdly called out Matthysse, the man who KO’d Ajose and is considered one of the best pound-for-pound punchers in the sport. Lundy hasn’t done anything to earn that fight yet and would be a massive underdog if they stepped into the ring against each other.

The “Polish Prince” Kielczweski polishes off Soto in five

Fighting in front of a raucous partisan crowd not far from his hometown of Quincy, Massachusetts, Ryan Kielcweski (17-0 4 KOs) scored a surprising fifth round knockout over the previously undefeated Miguel Soto (11-1, 11 KOs).

All the Polish Prince wanted for his 24th birthday was probably a win. When you’ve stopped less than 25% of the fighters you’ve faced, expecting a knockout is probably wishful thinking. However, when you have a fighter stand in directly in front of you and attack you with a rudimentary offense wishes can come true. Soto had 10 knockouts in 10 fights all of which took place in Puerto Rico against fighters who might not even be recognized at their own family reunions. The Prince started the fight literally throwing punches as he moved from side-to-side. It was pretty clear early on why he had recorded only three knockouts in his previous 16 fights. A subtle shift occurred in the third round. A right uppercut followed by a quick left hook buckled the legs of Soto. The Prince appeared to gain confidence after that nice combination and he started to sit on his punches as he let them go.

In the fifth round, Kielczweski started to dig hooks into the body of Soto. Midway through the round a horrible looking Fernando Vargas-esque hematoma opened up over Soto’s right eye. It was obvious a stoppage was going to have to come but Kielczweski saved the ringside doctor from having to make the call. With seconds left in the round he coldcocked Soto with beautiful left hook that left the Puerto Rican fighter face first on the canvas.

Kielczweski isn’t likely as a good as he looked against the very limited Soto, but with a performance and knockout like that who doesn’t want to see him fight again?

Paramount Theatre, Huntington, New York, USA

Algieri too mighty for “Mighty Mike”

Huntington based junior welterweight Chris Algieri (17-0, 7 KOs) recorded a workmanlike 10-round unanimous decision over former contender and title challenger Mike Arnaoutis (24-9-2, 11 KOs). Arnaoutis, who is several years removed from his prime, gave Algieri a tougher challenge than most thought he would but lost his seventh fight in his last 10.

The 29-year-old Algieri is a tough but limited fighter who doesn’t appear to have enough power or skills to compete on the world-class level.

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ShoBox 07-19 2013

Ryan Kielczewski KO5 Miguel Soto

Algieri vs Arnaoutis Rockin Fights 9 Highlights

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    Molina is a pro’s pro. Maybe will never be a world champion, but he will give anyone a tussle. A very tough guy—blue collar all the way. He is everything that Broner is not.

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    Thanks guys. The summer months are slow, but there’s some good action still taking place. That Bey v Molina fight was a lot of fun to watch and that ending was priceless.

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    Thanks, Teron!!

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    Good stuff, Teron Briggs. Nice and concise and accurate.

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