The Wheat and the Chaff

By Robert Ecksel on March 28, 2013
The Wheat and the Chaff
“Im f*cking heated man. At least I still get to watch this scumbag live get his sh*t abused.”

What did people do before Twitter? Did they wash their hands every ten minutes? Did they repeat the same phrase over and over again? Did they bang their heads against the wall? Did they laugh at their own jokes while sitting alone?

There’s no way to know because nobody’s talking. Perhaps because everybody’s busy tweeting.

Admittedly there’s something delectably democratic about Twitter. Like citizen journalism, everyone can have their say, whether they have something to say or not, But Twitter truly comes alive when there’s breaking news. Everyone adds their two cents. Everyone jumps on the bandwagon. Everyone beats a dead horse. A pile-on mentality rules rather than rues the day.

Earlier today, an offshoot of the former “Bible of Boxing,” broke the news that Lamont Peterson had failed another drug test. Breaking news can sometimes be like breaking wind, and this was one of those times. Before it was withdrawn, followed by a written apology several hours later, the article stated that Peterson had positive after his February 22 fight with Kendall Holt.

Apparently someone didn’t have their facts straight. It now appears that Holt, and not Peterson, was the person who tested positive. But who can be sure of anything?

When the news broke, those commenting on Twitter and various websites had a field day.

“The DC Commission are truly garbage and so is Peterson,” a man wrote. “Someone like Guerrero is caught up out there in NY on some bullsh*t but a scumbag like PEDerson runs free.”

Beneath a photo of Peterson, someone scrawled, “Look at that fucking face, it a face of a born cheater!”

An enlightened commenter in a sheet concluded that “The black guy did it…”

A chap who never met a cliché he didn’t like wrote, “this guy is dirty, once a cheat always a cheat.”

And finally someone who ate his Wheaties commented, “Im f*cking heated man… At least I still get to watch this scumbag live get his sh*t abused.”

The comments go on and on and on. What they reveal, aside from a delirious interest in boxing, is that many are royally pissed off.

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Lamont Peterson vs. Kendall Holt

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  1. Mike Casey 04:07am, 03/29/2013

    Now, if we all took drugs and pleasantly tripped our days away, the cheats would get most annoyed and set a new trend by giving the up. Jesus told me this last night when he appeared under my coffee table.

  2. Clarence George 05:10pm, 03/28/2013

    Peterson is the latest of those victimized by instant “news.”

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