The Wrestler Meets the Boxer

By Robert Ecksel on November 20, 2014
The Wrestler Meets the Boxer
The downside is obvious and needs no explanation. The upside is he’s not a bearded lady.

Most people thought they’d seen the last of Mickey Rourke in the ring, which is one of the reasons thinking is discouraged…

Boxing at its best is a terrific sport. It has a history puts the histories of other sports to shame. And, let’s face it, there’s little as exciting as a fair fight. But boxing, unlike other sports, always runs the risk of turning into a sideshow. The circus aspect may be in its DNA. It may be the result of promoters who will do anything to make a buck.

In that spirit, Andrey Ryabinsky, the Russian promoter who helped lure 40-year-old Jose Luis Castillo all the way to Moscow to get beaten up by Ruslan Provodnikov on Nov. 29, has topped that by luring another over the hill attraction to appear on the undercard.

He’s not Mexican. He’s as American as apple pie. He’s also not 40. He’s 62. The 62-year-old American who’s fighting in Moscow is none other than former part-time boxer and present-day full-time actor, Mickey Rourke.

Best known for his roles in The Wrestler and Sin City, as well as his botched plastic surgery to repair two broken noses and a shattered cheekbone suffered in the ring, Rourke fought between 1992 and 1994, going 6-0-2 against questionable opposition.

Most people thought they’d seen the last of Mickey Rourke in the ring, which is one of the reasons thinking is discouraged.

After 22 years away from the square circle, Rourke is returning to action against Elliot Seymour, a 29-year-old light middleweight who hails from Pasadena, California. After 22 years away from the square circle, Rourke is returning to action against one Elliot Seymour, a 29-year-old light heavyweight who hails from Pasadena, California. His record currently stands at 1-9.

“Boxing is a very beautiful sport and honest sport and a serious part of my life,” Rourke told Sovetsky Sports. “It taught me to respect, perseverance, patience and concentration and I have always wanted to fight in Russia.”

Having Mickey Rourke in the ring will bring out the fans. Russians are less no susceptible to stardust than the rest of us. The downside is obvious and needs no explanation. The upside is he’s not a bearded lady.

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  1. Eric 09:11am, 11/22/2014

    Rourke’s body looks good for a 62 year old man, but what is he wearing on his head? Lose the rug, Mickey, taint a good luck. Rourke seems like a good, decent guy, especially by Hollyweird standards, but just like the rest of the Stallone/Expendable crowd, Rourke has issues with aging.

  2. nicolas 10:03am, 11/21/2014

    Rourke like Steven Segal has spoken favorably about Putin, and I think this is one of the reasons he is being invited to box, and note not against a Russian but an American. Like someone else here mentioned, I liked some of Rourke’s films in the 80’s, Rumble Fish, which really should have made him a star, Year Of The Dragon, and Angel Heart. His going into the Wrestling Ring is just another way of trying to get publicity.

  3. Eric 09:30am, 11/21/2014

    @The Tache…Ain’t that the truth. Nikita Khrushchev did say that they would destroy America from within. The usual suspects who led the so-called, “Russian Revolution,” have orchestrated the same takeover here. They’ve been at it for at least the last century, but it really got amped up after WWII. Same old divide and conquer strategy as they used in the Soviet Union, only instead of class envy, they’ve really played the race angle for all it is worth. Interesting that it was “capitalist” bankers like Jacob Schiff who helped bankroll the communist movement in the former Soviet Union. Schiff even financed Japan’s war efforts against Russia in the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-1905, thereby priming a weakened Russia for the “revolution.”

  4. The Tache 09:05am, 11/21/2014

    The biggest irony of the Rocky 4 speech is that they did change. Russia isn’t communist anymore and America became more like the USSA

  5. NYIrish 08:14am, 11/21/2014

    Mickey’s been one of my favorites since Pope of Greenwich Village. When you’re in your 60’s you gotta keep moving. The training’s gotta be good for him. I’m sure the “other guy” will behave himself. That’s showbiz.

  6. Eric 07:41am, 11/21/2014

    Is Mickey going to try and unite America & Russia with a speech at the end of the bout like his acting buddy Sly did all those years ago. Seems like only yesterday. I can still hear Rocky even today, “If I can change. And you can change. We all can change.” Epic.

  7. Eric 08:40pm, 11/20/2014

    I really liked some of Rourke’s movies in the ‘80’s. “Diner,” “Pope of Greenwich Village,” “Year of the Dragon,” were all pretty decent movies. Also liked Rourke in lesser known roles in, “Bullet” & “Fall Time,” in the ‘90’s. In the clip featuring, “The Battle of the Ponytails,” Mickey’s opponent took an obvious dive. I’m sure this bout will be about as real as Mickey’s gig at “rasslin’.”  Mickey’s boxing bout will be what is known in the “rasslin” bidness as a work.

  8. peter 08:25pm, 11/20/2014

    A tortured soul. I wish him the best.

  9. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 07:13pm, 11/20/2014

    I say Ryabinsky is a dumb commie fuk who doesn’t know diddly squat about promoting. What’s called for here is a three on one….all at once….Castillo, Rourke, and Seymour versus Ruslan. Easy pickin’s for Provodnikov…one solid shot each for Seymour and Rourke then go to work on Castillo….one and done!

  10. Koolz 07:04pm, 11/20/2014

    Mickey Rourke
    Best known for two famous erotic films of the 80s!  Also for beating up a drug dealer.
    Wrestler brought him back to Hollywood’s good graces.
    Man 62 wants to get back in the ring that’s amazing!  Why not! 
    Go for Mickey!

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