There’s Something About Maidana

By Johnathan Lee Iverson on December 15, 2013
There’s Something About Maidana
No head games, sex tapes, or rap albums, just an unapologetic commitment to craft.

At first sight there’s seemingly nothing special about Marcos Maidana and no reason he should be as far along as he is…

”Don’t write check,” goes the adage, “your ass can’t cash.” Such was the case for Adrien “The Problem” Broner vs. Argentine strongman Marcos “El Chino” Maidana, who clearly and brutally solved The Problem. For someone touted as the heir apparent, Broner was never, ever in a position to pull off what everyone, obviously except Maidana, thought would be his coming out party. It was more like an exposition. On paper, Maidana had no business winning this fight, needless to say by unanimous decision. But, boxing is a strange sport. You can always expect the unexpected. Broner like Naseem Hamed was exposed as nothing more than hype. Obviously he’s talented. You don’t win three titles in three weight classes and not have some substance. However, the whispers were in the air as late as his previous fight with Paulie “Magic Man” Malignaggi. ”Where’s the power at Welterweight…He doesn’t look as effective at the weight…he doesn’t seem as explosive vs. elite competition.” However, the character outside the ring eclipsed the whispers: the rapper, amateur porn star, and world-class antagonizer became bigger and it appears, far more groomed than the fighter. Boxing is a jealous sport and if you desire to be a showman, you better be on your game. Therein lays the difference between Mr. Broner and his “big brother,” Floyd Mayweather. For all his braggadocio and bombast, Mayweather is clear that he is a boxer first.

There’s something about Marcos Maidana. At first sight there’s seemingly nothing special about him and no reason he should be as far along as he is. No frills, no extravagance, stoic to the core, as real as they come, not a tinge of hype. Perhaps that’s his magic. Perhaps that’s how he seduces these budding superstars to see him merely as a stepping-stone. He draws them in only to find they’re in a struggle with an immovable mountain. He was suppose to be Victor Ortiz’ warm up act, instead it set his career ablaze. He was suppose to be Adrien Broner’s entry into the big time, but, alas Maidana, not Broner found himself elevated. In the talent laden Welterweight division, Maidana stands firmly among the divisions best; and he did it the old fashion way. No head games, no sex tapes, no rap albums, just an unapologetic commitment to craft. Maybe good guys do finish first.

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Adrien Broner vs Marcos Maidana full fight 14.12.2013

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  1. Pablo 11:51am, 12/16/2013

    “Anybody who thought that Broner would beat Maidana is a damned fool and doesn’t know anything about boxing. ” Brett.
    Strangely enough i repeatedly heard a very similar sentence in the run up to the fight:  “anyone that thinks Maidana will win doesn’t know shit about boxing”.
    You forgot to write “fact” or “period” at the end of your post.
    I waited up all night for the fight, it ran at 6 in the morning here. Was well worth it. Viva Chino.

  2. vic 11:23am, 12/16/2013

    And for Maidana, he should try and get himself a mayweather payday while the hype is strong.

  3. vic 11:20am, 12/16/2013

    though I enjoyed watching Maidana deliver a deserved thrashing to Broner, I believe Broner could learn something here. There is no question about his diminished power with a rise in weight, same goes for most guys who come up. Not that he doesnt have KO power, he just needs to throw more and rework his ringmanship, footwork. He’s too young to write off, he has yet to reach his physical peak. Hopefully he gains some humility and grows as a human being. He needs a trainer that’ll set him straight. Otherwise its a blown opportunity, especially being in range of a Mayweather fight. People might think thats a crazy statement, but think if he can avenge the maidana loss and stay busy in 2014 against another two top guys he could get himself in one of the last four mayweather fights, maybe. He’s got a better chance than Pacquiao getting the fight because of the network stable thing. Management better get some vision.

  4. Brett 06:24am, 12/16/2013

    Anybody who thought that Broner would beat Maidana is a damned fool and doesn’t know anything about boxing.  Broner was hit with plenty of clean shots by that sawed off Brit, Gavin Rees and Paulie Malignaggi - neither of whom carries any real power in their shots.  Knowing this, did anybody REALLY believe that Broner would be able to walk away from the Maidana fight with a victory?  Maidana hits like he has bricks in his gloves, nobody who gets hit as often, cleanly, as Broner is going to be able to deal with that power.

    Easy win for Maidana.

  5. sam 1969 09:09pm, 12/15/2013

    I’m argentinian and of course very happy for our “chino champion”, unfortunately many of our boxers are kind of poor technically boxing but Maidana found the way to upgrade his skills even is last night didn’t show much and took Broner to the street fight level but at that point probably his trainer saw the results and didn’t change the argentinian’s plan of attack, but I have to say that Maidana is the only boxer I my memory that after was hit in his liver by another boxer (Khan) came back and almost won, that shows what kind of champion he is and how he can absorbe power shots so watch this guy he’s going further up who knows what’s next, Bradley, Marquez, Mathysse?

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