Things To Do In The WBC When You’re Dead

By Mike Casey on July 18, 2012
Things To Do In The WBC When You’re Dead
Maybe 11th-ranked Willie Nelson can cheer us up by singing a few of his greatest hits.

That bit about leaving all doors open is certainly true, as well as adding a few extra doors whenever you see fit…

Last night, Dan Cuoco, director of the International Boxing Research Organization (IBRO), sent me the latest super welterweight ratings as seen by the WBC.

The effect it had on me reminded me of an experience I had in New Mexico some years ago when I was momentareily caught out by the thin air and subjected to some funky hallucinations.

Now, without peeking at the list below or phoning a friend for help, I want you to rattle off the answers to these questions:

(a) Who is the current World Champion?

(b) Who is the current Diamond Belt champion?

(c) Who is the current Silver champion?

(d) Who is the current International champion?

(e) Who is the current Emerald champion or are we just making that one up?

Now you can scroll down and find the answers. Yes, we were kidding about the Emerald champion, but we don’t feel too guilty about that because the WBC has been kidding us all for more years than we care to count.

If you’re not all championed out after struggling through the champions, you can check out the contenders, where Italy’s Emanuele Della Rosa is ranked number six despite being the International champion. But don’t worry, because this is normal WBC practice.

There are also plenty of other champions who are also contenders, including the Baltic, EBU, Latino, USNBC and South America champions.

However, it is the convenient emergence of Josesito Lopez at number four that is ruffling the feathers of many.

“How,” asks Dan Cuoco, “does a junior welterweight leapfrog 11 contenders to the number 4 position by virtue of a win over a welterweight?”

Dan himself supplies the evidence:

Josesito Lopez
Birth Name Jose Manuel Lopez
Country USA
Global Id 172447
Hometown Riverside, California, USA
Division Welterweight
Age 27
Born 1984-07-19
Stance Orthodox

2010-08-13 Marvin Cordova Jr. 21-1-1 Ontario, US W UD 8 143 3/4
2010-11-12 Sergio Rivera 25-5-2 Ontario, US W KO 3 144 1/2
2011-01-28 Mike Dallas Jr. 17-0-1 Temecula, US W KO 7 140
(Vacant NABF Light Welterweight Title)
2011-09-17 Jessie Vargas 16-0-0 Las Vegas, US L SD 10 140 1/2
2012-06-23 Victor Ortiz 29-3-2 Los Angeles, US W RTD 9 144 3/4
(Vacant WBC Silver Welterweight Title)

So here are the latest WBC super welterweight ratings, as of Tuesday, July 17, 2012:

WON TITLE: March 5, 2011
LAST DEFENSE: May 5, 2012
LAST COMPULSORY: June 18, 2011 (13 months ago)
WBC INT. CHAMPION: Emanuele Della Rosa (Italy)

1. Miguel Cotto (P. Rico)
2. Erislandy Lara (Cuba)
3. Vanes Martirosyan (Armenia)
4. Josesito Lopez (US)
5. Damian Jonak (Poland) BALTIC
6. Emanuele Della Rosa (Italy) INTL
7. Carlos Molina (US)
8. Sergey Rabchenko (Belarussia) EBU
9. Gabriel Rosado (US)
10. Demetrius Andrade (US)
11. Willie Nelson (US)
12. Jonathan Gonzalez (P. Rico)
13. Azael Cossio (Panama) LATINO
14. Joey Hernandez (US) USNBC
15. David Zegarra (Peru) SOUTH AMERICA

On the WBC website, Jose Sulaiman’s message gets somewhat lost in translation when he says: “Our sport is going through very serious and worrying moments that we must acknowledge constantly including the input that any person visiting our web page is willing to offer. I do not know one single boxer in all the years of my life in boxing that does not dream when he starts boxing, that is not having as a dream to win a medal at the Olympics and then to become a world champion in professional boxing.

“This dream of all boxers of the world is what the WBC is trying to offer to all our beloved athletes, by leaving all doors opened, as an opportunity within the strictest principles of human dignity and equality for making a dream a reality.

“May God bless you all and keep you friends of the WBC, which is only trying to be of service to you, as well as serving in full the sport of our love.”

Thanks, Jose. That bit about leaving all doors open is certainly true, as well as adding a few extra doors whenever you see fit. And it seems that the whole world and his brother can walk straight through them.

Maybe 11th-ranked Willie Nelson can cheer us up by singing a few of his greatest hits.

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  1. NYIrish 06:22pm, 08/04/2012

    Can I change my monicker to Your Name officially?

  2. NYIrish 06:17pm, 08/04/2012

    A famous old fight trainer with eyes squinting over an unlit cigar butt dismissed a niave question I posed him back in the 70s with an answer I never forgot;
    “Kid, things ain’t always on the level.”

  3. Jofre 05:30am, 07/20/2012

    And our good friend Tony DeMarco isn’t even on the IBHOF ballot. How Sulaimain ever got inducted is beyond comprehension! Have a great weekend!

  4. THE THRESHER 03:43am, 07/20/2012

    But keep in mind that Jose Sulaiman is in the IBHOF….!!!....

  5. jofre 07:20pm, 07/19/2012

    Seriously, all kidding aside, as Charlie Dwyer said at the last Pug’s lunch, all we can hope for these days are good competitive matchups. Alphabets be damned!

  6. the thresher 06:39pm, 07/19/2012

    Yes you are

  7. jofre 01:40pm, 07/19/2012

    I’m one of the three! See you in August.

  8. the thresher 01:18pm, 07/19/2012

    Jofre, just pulling your chain. As I approach 75 (August 1), I plan to be more aggressive in a regressive sort of way. All just kidding. Lighten up.

    That said, however, I do sense a distaste on your part for Canelo but you have lots of company. But Jesus Christ, the man-child is undefeated against reasoonably tough opposition and he was poised to fight Ortiz and then Cotto who is not exactly a giant height-wise. Not his falut Lopez broke Ortiz’s jaw and not his fault Cotto has gone into hiding. If I were handling Canelo and had a choice between Lara or Lopez, it would be Lopez 10 out of 10. Boxing is a business and one needs to protect his or her investments.

    Now then, I am calling you out for the second Tuesday in August. We can do it in Southie at Peter Weshes Gym or we can do it in Dorchester. Be there or be square :twisted:

    And for those who don’t understand my byzantine and bizarre sense of humor, please discuss it with Don from Prov or MRBILL and They will explain.

  9. the thresher 01:07pm, 07/19/2012

    Huh. God no, Nothing is up. I was just having some fun with Jofre. All in good humor. I don’t take any of this stuff seriously. Just like to exchange and have fun. A little back and forth is needed every once in a while or these threads will become a love fest. Also, it;s good for business and post counts to challenge. I think is moving in that direction and I like it as long as it doesn’t get too furious.

    As for Willie, he IS a tax cheat but that has nothing to do with your using him. Just allows me to vent that he IS a tax cheat and I don’t like tax cheats.  Also, I don’t like his singing, but he is not a bad actor if cast properly.

    The Brits have a dry sense of humor which I love. I have a strange sense of humor that only my close relatives and friends appreaciate—all 3 of them.


  10. mikecasey 12:50pm, 07/19/2012

    Ted, what’s up? The article was a light-hearted pop at the ever ridiculous WBC and its self-serving politics. The fighters, as ever, are just pawns in an age-old cynical game. The Willie Nelson connection is purely coincidental, clearly explained and is only intended to bring a little smile to people’s faces. The choice of picture wasn’t mine but I thought it was a nice touch.

  11. jofre 12:45pm, 07/19/2012

    jofre, everyone!!!!!!?????? I sense Mexicanohato
    Thresher, not so! I have a problem with the alphabets… not the fighters. And you know me better than that as well as our mutual friends to suggest this.

  12. the thresher 11:29am, 07/19/2012

    And Willie Nelson owes the IRS lots of cash which, by extension, means he has screwed me. F—k Willie

  13. the thresher 11:27am, 07/19/2012

    jofre, everyone!!!!!!?????? I sense Mexicanohato

  14. jofre 07:05pm, 07/18/2012

    I’m not buying a jww fighting a jmw as an attractive fight. And everyone I’ve talked to in my circle of knowledgeable boxing associates agree with me. I guess my friends and I are in the minority. Canelo-Lopez isn’t PPV and I’ll stiil avoid watching it.

  15. the thresher 05:56pm, 07/18/2012

    Until Chavez is softened up enough for Canelo to engage in a super mega payday aginst him in Mexico. Boxing is all about business—not about what’s fair. 2012 is different than 1960. It’s a new way of doing things now. Fewer fights and bigger bangs for the buck. It’s the Mayweather Model. Canelo and Chavez actually have had a lot of fights for their respective ages.

    Molina will not sell nor will Lara. Lopez will because he is coming off a great win. Cotto has vanished. That’s not Canelo’s fault.

  16. jofre 05:04pm, 07/18/2012

    For god’s sake, Canelo is fighting a jww instead of a Lara! How long are they going to baby him?

  17. Don from Prov 02:47pm, 07/18/2012

    The title of the article alone should be enough to get Mr. Casey ranked.

  18. THE THRESHER 02:36pm, 07/18/2012

    Whoa, Canelo was waiting for Ortiz and Lopez screwed it up. So now Canelo fights Lopez and all of a sudden Canelo is a no good rotten badnick. WTF!!!

  19. mikecasey 01:28pm, 07/18/2012

    Indeed, Mike!

  20. Mike Silver 12:49pm, 07/18/2012

    I think I can sum up this circus in one sentence, Mike:
    “The inmates are running the asylum!”

  21. mike schmidt 09:34am, 07/18/2012

    Damn Casey you are the best manager I have ever had. I DONT EVEN HAVE TO FIGHT NOW THAT ONE IS GOOD. You are the manager but might I suggest that I take my new “Golden Shower Jubilee Don’t Have to Fight” Belt, move up to Light Heavy and offer to fight Champion Guillermo Jones—he only fights three fights every five years so we can schedule our unification bout for maybe 2014 and keep our belt—besides he is one big son of a gun so just as well to wait just like all the heavies that will wait until the KLITCHGEES are fifty years old plus—thanks manager

  22. mikecasey 08:13am, 07/18/2012

    True, Norm.

  23. mikecasey 08:10am, 07/18/2012

    Should have explained that you won’t be required to actually fight - I’m sure we can make that kind of stuff go away.

  24. Norm Marcus 08:10am, 07/18/2012

    Mike you hit the hammer right on the nail here. The sanctioning organizations are looking more and more like the WWF. I get a headache trying to keep track of all the belts and the different names and strings attached to them. When Khan fought Garcia. I thought it was a welterweight fight. But it turned out to be a SLW bout according to the WBA and WBC. It also was a JWW bout for the IBF and WBO. Of course we can’t forget about the BoxRec which called it a LWW bout!!!
    Reminds me of baseball when I was a kid. Two leagues—9 teams each. If you hit .250 for the season you were mediocre. Today how many teams we got? How many divisions? 250 BA today gets you a million dollar contract!
    Boxing is getting like T-Ball, everyone is a winner and everyone can get a meaningless trophy or belt!
    One thing in boxing has not changed—it’s all still about the money!

  25. mike schmidt 08:01am, 07/18/2012

    OH PS—I will not fight a pre-eliminator, to get an eliminator to be ranked the mandatory number two contender for a year, to have another fighter jump ahead to number one on the number one eliminator, before or after the number two eliminator by fighting a Willie Nelson type—now he always looked like he could kick some ass—and the same would go for any Charles Bronson or Jan Michael Vincent types—all ass kickers—Wahlberg is not in our weight devision but if he hydrates up, uses his own new brand of clean supplements and puts me in the next movie then we will fight him as well—If Robert Blake fights the number one or any of the above types we will out of respect to the Sparrow move into another devision as I now understand a “Not Quite Super but not Middle” Division is now opening up. Thank you.

  26. mike schmidt 07:54am, 07/18/2012

    Yes thank you—that would be the big envelope with the….......medicals but of course yes medicals and given my age no doubt the weight!!!! I will of course cut you back the usual 30 percent managers fee and since I keep myself at weight and ready to go, no 10 percent cut to the trainer—we are coming Cotto.

  27. mikecasey 07:45am, 07/18/2012

    Worry not, Schmidty - I’ll have word with the appropriate people and slip them a weighty brown envelope.

  28. mike schmidt 07:33am, 07/18/2012

    Dear Mike C. back in 1976 as a middleweight I knocked out a heavyweight gent by the name of Clark Jenkins who happened to be a college football player during sparring. Clark did a lovely imitation of Ali from the waist down. At any rate I believe this may qualify me for a number ten ranking based on current merit and I am willing to take a reduced payday to fight Cotto at a Catchweight as I now weigh in at about 178—So I would take perhaps $100,000 stay at 178, Cotto can come in at 154 and I may, just may injure my toe, get hit in the balls with a shot nobody sees, fall over injuring my shoulder, or just not make weight—or I may drink a lot of beer and rehydrate to 200 plus—I do demand the weigh-in the day before—but I do expect to be paid. At the next ratings meeting I would be pleased if you would act as my agent to ensure my top ten rating….. and thank you Clark where forever you may be these days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. jofre 06:58am, 07/18/2012

    Mike, I love it! The WBC has a medical board that they are quite proud of. Is the board looking the other way with respect to the weight differential between Lopez and Alvarez? Also, didn’t the WBC decide to strip Bradley of his WBC belt for not defending his WBC belt against his mandatory challenger within a year? Well, it’s been 13 months since Alvarez defended his alpahbet belt against his mandatory according to their own website. Cotto isn’t ready he says… so that leaves Lara, who is ready and willing. Oh yes, but he is a more dangerous opponent than Lopez. They’ll force Lara into an elimination fight for a sanctioning fee hoping he gets knocked off. Sulaimain and his organization are a joke!

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