Things to Ponder While Pretending To Ignore Mayweather-McGregor

By Paul Magno on August 24, 2017
Things to Ponder While Pretending To Ignore Mayweather-McGregor
You’re HARDCORE and will just not put up with this cynical bullshit—at least not publicly.

Boxing is for us, and one million of our closest fans—ONLY one million…and they have to be the RIGHT kinds of fans…

We get it—You’re a “real” boxing fan and won’t put up with any of that Mayweather-McGregor nonsense. You care so little about this mega-farce that you will read every article about it so as to properly shake your head in disgust and cluck your tongue with proper disdain and you will comment on every piece about it, re-stating your heartfelt pledge to boycott the evil cash grab, because, damn it, it’s your duty to fight this crap.

And, on the night of August 26, while under the covers of your bed with your tablet, secretly searching for streams, you will righteously grandstand on social media about how NOT interested you are in the whole hustle.

Yes, we get it. You’re HARDCORE and will just not put up with this cynical bullshit—at least not publicly, after jumping on the fake outrage bandwagon with all your other sourpuss friends. As a matter of fact, to drive home your point, let’s agree to not even mention that garbage by name anymore.

But, you ARE a boxing fan and you’re gonna need something to occupy your noble mind while the morons, idiots, and (OMG) casual fans all around you prattle on about this disgraceful “Money Fight.”

So, here are a few random boxing thoughts to see you through your fake outrage-driven fake boycott:

— Terence Crawford with his title unification effort against Julius Indongo only averaged 965,000 viewers on ESPN. This is the second straight Top Rank on ESPN show that has earned HBO numbers on the much larger ESPN main stage (Vasyl Lomachenko drew an average of 728,000 viewers for his showcase squash on the last ESPN show). Does this prove that boxing, in its current form and promotional model, simply can’t reach anyone outside of the already-sold die-hards?

— On a related note, isn’t it awful how much casual and new fan interest is focused on THE FIGHT THAT SHALL NO LONGER BE NAMED? Maybe we should be trying harder to bring these new casual-curious fans to the boxing mainland…Noooo…shutting them out and calling them stupid is much more noble.

— Are we still pretending that Miguel Cotto vs. Yoshihiro Kamegai, taking place at the same time as THE FIGHT THAT SHALL NO LONGER BE NAMED, is a REAL fight? On any other night, against any other counter-programming, we’d be all over this cynical matchmaking, right? We all know that Team Cotto didn’t pick stiff-legged, iron-footed Kamegai because they thought he could give their guy a real and legitimate challenge. We do know that, right?

— Nathan Cleverly vs. Badou Jack, taking place on the undercard of THE FIGHT THAT SHALL NO LONGER BE NAMED, is a key fight in the post-Kovalev light heavyweight division. Not only is it a damn fine bout, but it also helps pave the way for Andre Ward’s next legitimate challenge as new 175 lb. kingpin.

— Is Gervonta Davis the most exciting up and coming young fighter on the American fight scene? Could be. Too bad we won’t be seeing his upcoming fight because it’s on THAT undercard. Maybe Davis will be featured on a “purer” card in the future that doesn’t threaten the sanctity of the game.

— Is cruiserweight banger Andrew Tabiti “for real?” We’ll know soon enough as he’s being pushed into the ring against veteran former champ Steve Cunningham. Being on the undercard of THE FIGHT THAT SHALL NO LONGER BE NAMED, however, means that we’ll only be hearing second hand accounts of this challenge. Too bad, but nobody asked these guys to take a bout on an impure card.

— Wouldn’t it be swell if THE FIGHT THAT SHALL NO LONGER BE NAMED tanked and dished out heavy monetary losses to all those involved in making it? What a lesson that would be to those fools presuming to make boxing shows with crossover mainstream appeal in the future. Boxing is for us, and one million of our closest fans—ONLY one million…and they have to be the RIGHT kinds of fans.

—Will Conor McGregor’s awkwardness and size turn his effort against Mayweather into the kind of Jeff Horn ugliness that bothered Manny Pacquiao? Hmmm….Wait, no….Forget that.

— What will Floyd Mayweather look like at 40 and after two years off? His legs were looking increasingly dead in recent fights before the retirement…maybe….No, No, No….

— What will McGregor be wearing to the ring? The guy’s a dolt, but he IS an entertaining…NO. Go away impure thoughts!

— What kind of scandalous finish is in the cards for this fight? You just know something wild and weird is gonna happen and…

Okay, this is clearly not working. You may want to resume your high-minded boycott once safely hidden in a closet, behind a box of musty, old Ring Magazines from the 50’s and 60’s. But you’re gonna want to take your tablet with you…so you can, you know, totally NOT watch that fight you’re totally NOT interested in seeing.

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  1. Paul Magno 09:49pm, 08/25/2017

    Who’s counting? Nielsen:

  2. Lucas McCain 04:54pm, 08/25/2017 reports 1.3 million for the Crawford fight.  But who’s counting?

  3. Paul Magno 04:40pm, 08/25/2017

    I’ve said it a number of times—I’m not buying the fight (I wouldn’t recommend paying for ANY fight, actually), I wouldn’t recommend the fight, and I don’t think it will be competitive….BUT…my issue is with this silly snobbery and elitism that is always in play with so many boxing fans and has been spotlighted with this fight….I think it’s worth a thought or two as to why the outrage is so great for this one… It’s not that it’s a mismatch—we get mismatches all the time that are just as horrendous… It’s not the expert vs. novice angle, because those fights are absolutely not unprecedented. I could run through a whole laundry list of beloved, elite-level fighters in their primes who fought lesser challengers than McGregor…. so, what is it? The fact that it will be financially successful? Maybe because of Mayweather, who flaunts his freeman status in the face of a status quo that loves indentured servitude in boxing? There’s something insidious about this canned outrage and self-righteous bandwagon jumping…. The snobbery and anger towards outsiders and fighters with career self-determination are the bigger issues here… and they cut to the core of why boxing just can’t expand and clean up its act….

  4. Kid Blast 02:59pm, 08/25/2017

    Once, when I was wrestling this guy in college, I immediately knew I was way in over my head and would be pinned forthwith. Rather than experience that humility, I whacked the guy over the face with a half slap/half fist and was DQ’d. It was a mulch better result than what it could have been.This is one scenario that could occur here with CM using either his head or his elbows or both to get DQ’d if he finds himself in the same spot. I am looking for a DQ win for Mayweather as part of the greater sting this farce is all about.

  5. Lucas McCain 02:36pm, 08/25/2017

    Hey Cisco! (i.e.Duncan) Or maybe Floyd is establishing his “overconfident” alibi? 


  6. Duncan Reynaldo 10:45am, 08/25/2017

    The cat’s out of the bag and Floyd is not even pretending anymore…..partying til the cows come home…..looks like he will only take time out to scorch McGregor Saturday night then right back at it!

  7. Pete The Sneak 04:40am, 08/25/2017

    Toro, I’m with you (minus the smoked wild boar, maybe some arroz con pollo)...And while we boxing fans are ‘pretending’ to ignore THE FIGHT THAT SHALL NO LONGER BE NAMED, perhaps Magno should take a read of Adam Berlin’s article about this FIGHT THAT SHALL NO LONGER BE NAMED on He nailed it to the tee from a ‘boxing fans’ perspective. We’re not hating, just deciding not to pay for this, and those boxing fans who are going to watch it and got it like that, God bless them as well. Everyone wants to be entertained. As for being under the covers Saturday night, I plan to do that as well, albeit with some female company who will help me to Ponder as to why I’m pretending to ignore ‘THE FIGHT THAT SHALL NO LONGER BE NAMED.!...It will be tough, but I’m sure I’ll get over it…Peace.

  8. Kid Blast 06:07pm, 08/24/2017

    I’ll be gladly ignoring this farce and watching Cotto while smoking a Cohiba large ring and sipping on some Cognac—not to mention munching on slivers of smoked wild boar and partaking of some nice Mideatern dates and olives.

  9. Pedro Armendariz 03:08pm, 08/24/2017

    If they’re taking bets on what these two will be wearing….I’m betting that Conor will be all duded up in a matching rhinestone ten gallon hat, vest, and assless chaps ensemble in lieu of a mask my money sez that he will be properly and emphatically ball gagged and butt plugged.

  10. Lucas McCain 01:37pm, 08/24/2017

    Not Ring magazines of the 50s and 60s—probably their ugliest decades—but old Boxing Illustrateds, put out by Stanley Weston after splitting from Nat.  Beautifully produced, lively graphics.  Now that was a boxing magazine. (Good wrestling covering, too!)

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