Thomas Hearns vs. Iran Barkley

By Boxing News on June 6, 2013
Thomas Hearns vs. Iran Barkley
No one ever mistook Barkley, The Blade from the Bronx, for the superstar's superstar.

Thomas Hearns and Iran Barkley first fought on June 6, 1988, at the Las Vegas Hilton. Hearns was defending the WBC middleweight title he won eight months earlier from Juan Domingo Roldan, and his record stood at 45-2, with his two losses coming at the hands of Sugar Ray Leonard in 1981 and Marvelous Marvin Hagler in 1985. Barkley, at 24-4, was The Blade from the Bronx, a tough fighter, a mean competitor, but no one ever mistook him for the superstar’s superstar. He could, however, occasionally work miracles when he had to…

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Iran Barkley -vs- Thomas Hearns I 6/6/88

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