Three Rematches That Will Likely Happen

By Matt Andrzejewski on August 22, 2013
Three Rematches That Will Likely Happen

There have been many fights over the past few years that we as fight fans have clamored to see again. Some of these fights were action packed while others so close that a rematch was needed to rightfully determine a winner. With this in mind, I will examine three rematches in the sport that seem inevitable.

Victor Ortiz-Andre Berto II

The first fight between Victor Ortiz and Andre Berto was absolutely epic. It was a classic slugfest with each man tasting the canvas on multiple occasions. The fight was so good and action packed that it was widely considered by most in the sport as the fight of the year in 2011.

A rematch seemed inevitable after the bell rang ending round twelve of their first fight. And a rematch was in fact set for February of 2012. However, Berto sustained an injury forcing the fight to be moved back to June. Then, in pre-fight drug testing leading up to the June fight, Berto tested positive for a banned substance that forced a cancellation altogether.

Ortiz remained on the June card but lost his fight in a stunning upset to Josesito Lopez. Ortiz has not been back in the ring since that upset loss. Berto has fought twice in the mean time and lost both those bouts. In November 2012, he dropped a decision to Robert Guerrero. And in July of this year, was TKO’d in round twelve by Jesus Soto Karass.

So why is a rematch inevitable? Well, frankly both men need one another at this stage in their respective careers.

Ortiz first needs to get back in the ring and shake off some ring rust. Berto is going to have shoulder surgery and will be on the mend for some time. He will himself need a confidence boosting fight or two upon returning to the ring.

So a rematch clearly won’t be happening anytime relatively soon. But after both men get back to things and notch a couple easy wins under their belts I expect rematch talk to begin to generate.

And here are a few other things to consider. They are both connected to Golden Boy so there are no issues with dueling promotional companies. The fight will certainly sell as fans remember the excitement of their first bout. If neither lands that absolute mega-fight, the best payday for both will be against one another. To further the pot, the winner almost certainly locks up a big fight and subsequent big payday down the line. For these reasons, a rematch between Victor Ortiz and Andre Berto seems almost certain to happen at some point.

Devon Alexander-Lucas Matthysse II

This one may surprise some fans. But hear me out as I think after the reasons are given many fans will see why this rematch will occur.

The first fight was fought at Junior Welterweight and was a classic that showcased the talents of both men. Alexander had success boxing with his natural advantage in both hand and foot speed. He circled Matthysse effectively at times landing sharp combinations.

Matthysse had his moments as well stalking Alexander and landing his own massive power shots. He put Alexander down in the fourth. He landed the cleaner harder punches and had Alexander in a little bit of trouble later in the fight.

It was a classic stylistic matchup that provided for a very compelling and entertaining fight. And it was also a difficult fight to judge. In the end, the judges awarded a split decision to the busier Alexander though no one would doubt the harder punches landed were by Matthysse.

Since this fight in June of 2011, both men have not lost a fight. Alexander move up to Welterweight and captured the IBF belt. Matthysse has remained at Junior Welterweight and captured some big wins along with an interim title belt.

Matthysse has a fight scheduled with Junior Welterwight Champion Danny Garcia in September. Alexander is rumored to be close to a deal to fight Amir Khan in December. So like Berto-Ortiz II, the rematch here won’t be in the near future.

But here are some things to consider when looking ahead. Win or Lose against Garcia, Matthysse’s future is at Welterweight where many big names reside. And win or lose for Alexander against Khan, he will still be seeking out big names and respect in order to one day obtain that mega fight and payday that comes with it.

So say Matthysse moves up to Welterweight in 2014. At some point in time, Alexander’s name will surface as an opponent. They are both with Golden Boy so the fight is easy to make. Alexander is a name and may even have a belt. And they already made for one memorable and controversial fight in which Alexander won. Alexander will be seeking redemption and Matthysse will be seeking revenge. Its an easy sell to the boxing fans. Thus, for these reasons a rematch seems natural and inevitable.

Gonzalez-Estrada II

The first fight between Roman Gonzalez and Juan Francisco Estrada was a fun crowd pleasing bout that ended with Gonzalez winning a decision to hold onto his WBA Light Flyweight Championship. Gonzalez entered this fight on many pound for pound lists while Estrada was relatively unknown. But the way the fight played out, both men’s credentials were enhanced.

Since that fight, Estrada went on to upset Brian Viloria to capture multiple Flyweight belts. He also defended his titles once with a very impressive performance against the previously undefeated Milan Melindo. In these two bouts, he has shown to be a much improved fighter since his loss to Gonzalez.

Gonzalez has just one fight since and that was a fifth round stoppage of Ronald Barrera in a non-title fight. Gonzalez is still considered among the pound for pound best in the sport and pound for pound hardest punchers as well.

The fact that Estrada has improved so much and holds multiple Flyweight belts makes a rematch so enticing. Plus, the first fight was great anyway and a rematch certainly cannot disappoint.

A rematch between Estrada and Gonzalez would seemingly be a perfect fit for a future Top Rank PPV card. It is the kind of fight that promises such action that will have fans and the PPV audience buzzing prior to the main event. And hardcore boxing fans would eat this up as an undercard PPV bout. It would be a win/win for Top Rank and the fighters which is why I expect this rematch to happen sometime in the near future.

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  1. Sean Curtin 05:26am, 08/24/2013

    Mattysse is too much of a puncher for anyone 147 or 140 except for Floyd who is better than anyone at 147 or 154

  2. Jim Crue 08:07am, 08/23/2013

    Putting Devon in against Lucas again would be like leading him to an execution. Devon Alexander is damaged goods.

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