Thrilla & Chilla in Hollywood

By Robert Ecksel on August 8, 2013
Thrilla & Chilla in Hollywood
It will be mesmerizing to see which stars and wannabe stars join Ang Lee's Hit Parade.

Hollywood’s fascination of boxing is as eternal as our own. Every great fight like every great film has a narrative arc all its own, while the determination of fighters, cinematic in the best of times, counterbalances the seedy underbelly of our sport.

The directors who have sought to capture boxing’s essence are many and include Martin Scorsese (“Raging Bull”), John Huston (“Fat City”), Alfred Hitchcock (“The Ring”), Clint Eastwood (“Million Dollar Baby”), Robert Wise (“The Set Up” and “Somebody Up There Likes Me”), Mark Robson (“The Harder They Fall” and “Champion”), Robert Rossen (“Body and Soul”),  Sylvester Stallone (“Rocky”), Norman Jewison (“The Hurricane”), David O. Russell (“The Fighter”), Michael Mann (“Ali”), Ron Howard (“Cinderella Man”), Jim Sheridan (“The Boxer”), and Brian De Palma (“Snake Eyes”).

And it now appears that the Taiwanese-born Ang Lee is about to join their august company.

Deadline reports that Lee’s follow-up to his Oscar winning “Life of Pi” will examine the world of boxing in the 1960s and ‘70s. The film with be in 3D and will explore the dynamic rivalries between Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier and George Foreman, as well as the unforgettable series of fights between the Four Kings, Marvin Hagler, Thomas Hearns, Roberto Duran and Sugar Ray Leonard.

Specifics are still hard to come by. Universal is behind the film and a screenwriter, Peter Morgan, is on board. Casting has not yet begun, but it will be mesmerizing to see which stars and wannabe stars join Ang Lee’s Hit Parade.

Touch gloves and come out filming.

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Raging Bull Official Trailer #1 - Robert De Niro Movie (1980) HD

Fat City - Trailer

The Ring (1927) - Boxer Goes Down

million dollar baby gym scene

Classic scene from The Set-Up (1949)

Body and Soul (1947)

ROCKY trailer (origin version)

The Harder They Fall - Trailer

The Hurricane Trailer

The Fighter - Trailer HD

Ali (2001) Trailer (Will Smith, Jamie Foxx and Jon Voight)

Cinderella Man - Trailer

The Boxer Official Trailer #1 - Daniel Day-Lewis Movie (1997) HD

Snake Eyes Trailer Oficial

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  1. Eric 05:26am, 08/10/2013

    The film version of “Requiem For A Heavyweight” with Anthony Quinn was a great boxing flick. I would include “Hard Times,” starring Charles Bronson, as one of the greatest “boxing movies,” even though it was about a Depression era street fighter and not a boxer or boxing. Bronson’s character, Cheney, obviously was very loosely based on Dempsey or “borrowed” many aspects of from the life of Dempsey in creating Bronson’s character.

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