Thurman Vacates WBC Title

By Caryn A. Tate on April 24, 2018
Thurman Vacates WBC Title
Keith Thurman, unified welterweight world champion, has relinquished his WBC title. (PBC)

“This is a temporary setback and I will be the unified champion once again and look forward to winning back my WBC title…”

Keith Thurman, unified welterweight world champion, has relinquished his WBC title due to his continued recovery from elbow surgery, which was done last year, and a hand injury that he sustained in training camp last month.

Thurman spoke with WBC president Mauricio Sulaiman and decided he would vacate the title. His choice will create an opportunity for former world champions Shawn Porter and Danny Garcia (the top two ranked fighters by the sanctioning organization) to compete for the championship.

“Due to my rehabilitation from my injuries, I agreed to relinquish my WBC title at this time. I continue to rehab my hand and elbow and I look forward to getting back in the ring this summer. This is a temporary setback and I will be the unified champion once again and look forward to winning back my WBC title as soon as possible,” said Thurman.

“Keith Thurman unfortunately has suffered two consecutive injuries that have kept him out of the ring after his sensational victory over Danny Garcia and he has graciously relinquished his title, and the WBC has mandated that Danny Garcia and Shawn Porter will fight for the title,” said Mauricio Sulaiman. “Keith will have a direct path to fight for the title once he has healed just as Vitali Klitschko and other WBC champions have done in the past. Keith is a tremendous athlete, champion and role model. The WBC will support him completely during this difficult time.”

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  1. Ralph Fight Fan 08:08pm, 04/24/2018

    But, allow me to get off my hobby-horse talkin’ stuff: PLEASE don’t take me off wrong: I can’t criticize ANY boxer too very harshly because I’m not taking those punches. A Danish neurological medical research study of boxers worldwide, evaluating for brain damage to champs and “grits & gravy boxers” alike, done back in the late 70’s, found objective and subjective brain damage in every pro pug they evaluated. These scientists said what they found striking was finding brain damage in champions, in particular, whom one would think didn’t get hit in the head as often. Former Heavyweight Champ Floyd Patterson went from being New York State Boxing Commissioner to “lights out”, forgot his name, overnight. The Greatest, Muhammad Ali, simply stayed in the ring way way too long. He said he was addicted to the adulation of the crowd. God love a boxer! They give up a helluva lot to feed their families and entertain us, a whole lot!

  2. Ralph Fight Fan 07:52pm, 04/24/2018

    Erroll Spence says the dude is ducking him. He might have a point. I’ve noticed over my years of being a fan of the sweet science that Boxers, of all athletes I’ve seen talk to cameras and the press, are real good about making up physical ailment-related excuses for under-performing, losing, stuff like that. Seems odd that he’s been rehabbing from elbow surgery he had over a year ago. As a married man myself, I ain’t knocking a dude for getting married. But I’ve kind of softened up being with the ol’ lady. We live a good life and I know with Keith’s money and his newlywed ol’ lady, he’s living a way better life-style, materially, than me. I ain’t hatin’ on Mr. “One-Time.” But Some guys seem to lose their enthusiasm for the game upon achieving great success. Like Arsenio used to say, “makes ya’ wanna’ go hmmmmmmmmmm”?

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