Time for Some Chocolatito

By Ted Sares on May 14, 2015
Time for Some Chocolatito
Román González blends devastating power with uncommon technical skills. (La Prensa)

Román González will make his HBO debut against tough Mexican veteran Edgar Sosa as the co-main on the GGG-Monroe card…

“Even if the fight isn’t exactly 50-50 on paper (or close to it), Gonzalez, like headliner Gennady Golovkin, is a fighter you tune in to see anyway, because he’s simply that good and that exciting to watch.”—Scott Christ (BLH)

“My father was also a boxer, as well as my great grandfather and my uncle. They were all known by the name ‘Chocolate.’ So once Alexis Arguello was at the gym he would say, ‘We have the old “Chocolates,” and now we have “Chocolatito,”’ which is like small chocolates.”—Román González

Román Alberto González Luna, nicknamed “Chocolatito,” is an undefeated Nicaraguan professional boxer who is the current the WBC and Ring flyweight champion, as well as a former WBA light flyweight and WBA miniumweight champion. He will make his HBO debut against tough Mexican veteran Edgar Sosa (51-8) as the co-main event on the GGG-Monroe Jr. card, but Roman is quite capable of stealing the show.

For many American fans, it will be the first opportunity to see González, 27, in action. For aficionados and hard core fight fans, it is nothing short of a gift, as González (42-0, 36 KOs) just might be the one of the very best all-around boxers in the world today—and yes, and that includes the recent less-than-exciting version of “TBE” himself.

Fighting at the Los Angeles Sports Arena in November 2012, González defended his junior flyweight belt for the final time against Mexico’s skilled Juan Francisco Estrada, a 22-year-old fighter with a record of 26-1. González had to go the distance, but won clearly on the scorecards. This was a thrilling shootout. Tellingly, Estrada later upset Brian Viloria to win the WBA and WBO flyweight titles, and now is considered the No. 2 flyweight in the world behind Gonzalez. A rematch has been discussed but remains questionable.

In September 2014, González battled and battered Akira Yaegashi in a fight that some said was “Gatti vs. Ward with skills.” The Nicaraguan dominated the fight, and stopped his opponent in the ninth round to signal that the flyweight division had a new boss. This was also González ‘s 40th win. Yaegashi beat Sosa in December 2013 which does not bode well for Edgar. However, Sosa is no walkover as he held a junior flyweight title from 2007 to 2009 and made 10 defenses.


Chocolatito blends devastating power with uncommon technical skills that includes incredible foot movement. Moreover, as he moved up in weight, his power moved up with him. Here is a superb and must-see breakdown of González’s style skillfully put together by Lee Wylie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3rq8iKZnRyc


Meanwhile, another super exciting “little fighter” has emerged onto the boxing landscape —this one in Japan by the name of Naoya Inoue and uses the same incoming and suffocating pressure that González does. Aptly nicknamed the Monster, he recently blew away junior bantamweight titleholder Omar Narvaez (43-1 coming in). Inoue is a seven-time Japanese amateur national champion who turned pro in October 2012.

Now there are “Fights of the Century” and there are “Fights of the Century,” but a potential fight between the Monster and Chocolatito would be an absolutely guaranteed action-packed superlight for as long as it lasted.

As for González, he is one those so-called “best-kept secret” types but on May 16, mainstream American boxing fans will get a long-awaited look.

Don’t miss him.

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Roman Gonzalez vs Juan Francisco Estrada - Pelea Completa - Video Prodesa

2014-09-05 Akira Yaegashi vs. Roman Gonzalez [1080p]

Edgard Sosa en conferencia con Román González

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  1. bikermike 07:20pm, 05/17/2015

    for a long time….on some points….gotta go with Tex Hassler

  2. bikermike 07:16pm, 05/17/2015

    ....see here;s my bitch…......due to the way things are ‘done’ nowadays…...Boxing fans get good value for ‘$SUPPORT….and we don’t


  3. bikernike 07:10pm, 05/17/2015

    ....ok….true the kid is good…...are we doing review…..or hype

  4. Pete The Sneak 05:01pm, 05/17/2015

    Any fighter who wants to emulate and/or pay tribute to Alexis Arguello for inspiring them to fight and wants to be like him in the ring is a fighter I want to be a fan of….Of course, you also need the skills and cojones to be able to pull it off and this kid appears to have the goods to do so…Chocolate cravings indeed…Peace.

  5. Kid Blast 09:05am, 05/15/2015

    Ted and Irish, he is awesome in the traditional sense of that over-used word. Those little fighters today are incredible.

  6. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 09:02am, 05/15/2015

    Ted Sares-Great eye as always….you describe his boxing ability to a T. In addition to everything else he is not reckless…..he is very patient as he goes about dismantling his opponents.

  7. Ted Spoon 08:20am, 05/15/2015

    I was probably going to endure the UK’s unsociable hours for Golovkin but throw Gonzalez into the mix and it’s a dead cert. He’s a mini general.

  8. Kid Blast 07:27am, 05/15/2015

    Yes it will. It has my guarantee.

    Thanks Bill. If I ever wanted a signature, “attention to detail” would not be bad one.

  9. Tex Hassler 07:24am, 05/15/2015

    This fight will be worth watching and paying attention to.

  10. Dollarbond 07:11am, 05/15/2015

    As usual, great attention to detail. Thanks for the information on this guy.

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