Time to Hombre Up?

By Ted Sares on October 13, 2013
Time to Hombre Up?
There were no bizarre moments of high drama or suspense.(Chris Farina/Top Rank)

This was not one of the early Pacquiao fights where the Marquez camp whined endlessly about the decision…

“We came to win and we did. The judges saw something else.”—Juan Manuel Marquez

“Many people that know about that fight [against Chis John in 2006], they know that they robbed me, robbed me bad. I would like to keep that fight in the past…”—Marquez

“The usual imbecility that Marquez “Got Robbed” (again) is officially out (by Beristain). There’s another potential Mexican tele-nobela award waiting for Marquez, the great ‘Mexican Whiner,’ the one who never loses a fight—only gets robbed.”—Boxing.com poster named Vince

“He never hurt me. How could he (Frankie Randall) win the fight? I’m very upset with Richard Steele. The knockdown surprised me, but you can’t judge a fight by one fall. I want a mandatory rematch. I’m going to take Richard Steele and argue this to the [boxing] commission.”—Julio Cesar Chavez Sr.

“Chavez [Junior], whose face was marked up and whose right hand was badly swollen after the fight, complained that Vera fought a dirty fight. He said Vera was head-butting him constantly and hitting him with low blows.”—Kevin Iole

The incessant complaining on Juan Manuel Marquez’s part has worn thin. He apparently thinks every close fight is really not a close fight; he seems to think that he is an automatic winner in every fight. Maybe it’s Hall of Famer Nacho Beristain’s fault for telling him he is ahead in fights in which he clearly is not. As a Boxing.com poster recently said, “If he’s upset at anyone it should be himself for not doing more. And speaking of Nacho, he noted in non-hombre style after the fight that Bradley ‘is the only undefeated champion with two losses.”

Another major whiner was the great Julio Cesar Chavez Sr. In fact, these two YouTube’s attest to his trigger temper:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=goaFhV3oyS0 Julio Cesar Chavez attacks reporter!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vCSu-iZLU5w&feature=related LA Leyenda!!!!!! Julio Cesar Chavez gets mad at Larry Merchant after the De La Hoya fight.

It may also be fair to include Chavez Jr. in this mix given his complaining after his undeserving win over Bryan Vera recently.

Back to Marquez-Bradley

This was not one of the early Pacquiao fights where the Marquez camp whined endlessly about the decision as though they were scandalous and rigged even though the fights were as close as close could be; this time it was much more decisive. Nothing occurred that was quirky or edgy. There were no bizarre moments of high drama or suspense except when Michael Buffer announced Glen Feldman’s scorecard. Getting knocked backwards by Bradley’s last punch last night helped, but the deal was sealed before that punctuation. In short, no way did a suddenly old looking Marquez win against a much younger and smart fighting Tim Bradley.

Bradley warrants praise for his effort like Pacquiao and Provodnikov gave, and like Canelo did after his losing effort against Mayweather; stomping out of the ring without an interview and incessant complaining are not good for one’s legacy even if you are a certain future Hall of Famer and still a legend most boxing fans are grateful is still around.

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  1. bikermike 06:57pm, 10/16/2013

    so long as Bradley doesn’t get off his success strategy…...hit and not be hit…like his Marquez mathc…and his Pacquiao match….

    with that Podnokove(?} sorry…....when someone told him to ....take the blows….and do it .....MYYYYY Y   WWWWWaaaaayyyy….Bradley did not fight his fight nor his style…..he got caught trying for he big punch ...constantly


  2. bikermike 06:49pm, 10/16/2013

    Well said Ted….you always had class

  3. Peter Silkov 01:05am, 10/16/2013

    I’d like to see Marquez vs Maidana… that would be something!...

  4. Peter Silkov 01:01am, 10/16/2013

    I didn’t see any robbery here at all and think its a shame that Bradley still isn’t getting the credit he deserves.  I think many people hold the Manny result against him, a fight that was a robbery imo, but aside from that Bradley deserves credit for what he has done in the ring.  The way he basically nullified Marquez reminded me of how Mayweather outboxed Juan Manuel, and for my money Bradley deserves a shot at Floyd now, certainly more than Amir does… but I won’t hold my breath waiting for it!.

  5. Pete The Sneak 04:54am, 10/15/2013

    I too picked JMM to beat Bradley, but the guy (JMM) lost. No robbery here. I think Bradley, his trainer Joel Diaz and the rest of his team are much too smart to fall for JMM’s cry of thievery and there won’t even be a mention of giving him a rematch. Bradley is in a good place right now, so what’s the point? I don’t think the fight did that well PPV wise as it is, and will do even worse if this crap is thrust upon the boxing public again. Agree with Tex. JMM should retire and enjoy La buena vida in Mexico…Peace.

  6. Ted 06:35pm, 10/14/2013

    Hey Kid.  Yeah I know. I have been in the zone of late, but now I intend to slow down a bit. It goes that way with me. I write like Bradley fights. Bursts of punches and then move back out of range.

    It’s all about catharsis. Nothing more, nothing less. It’s a way of reaching a point of self comfort. It works for me along with golf and weightlifting. It’s what it is.

  7. Eric 05:43pm, 10/14/2013

    Hate to say this but the king whiner of all-time was Roberto Duran. Don’t get me wrong I rate Duran as one of the greatest fighters of all time and he was one of my favorites, but damn the guy always had an excuse for losing or was whining about something if things didn’t go his way. From stomache aches, to drinking, to not training, to blah, blah, blah, blah. Duran was one of the all-time greats and the one of the all-time whiners, top 10 in both categories.

  8. Ted 02:50pm, 10/14/2013

    But not with a loss. Win one and then say adios amigos.

  9. Tex Hassler 10:19am, 10/14/2013

    I picked Marquez to win but he did not do that. The decision was fair and at age 40 Marquez should retire.

  10. Ricky 06:56am, 10/14/2013

    the greatest mistake of Bradley if he would allow himself to be manipulated by Marquez’s camp for a rematch.  Bradley clearly won the fight and Marquez showed nothing to earn him a rematch.

  11. Don from Prov 06:50am, 10/14/2013

    Never liked the whining of Marquez—and good call on

    Chavez Sr. who was quick to whine when things didn’t go his way.

  12. Dr. YouTube 06:37am, 10/14/2013


  13. Ted 06:15am, 10/14/2013

    Some laugh out loud posts on this thread. Man, I’m laughing out loud at Dranreb Datsboygym’s. 

    CG’s is a good one as well.

  14. dollarbond 05:41am, 10/14/2013

    You got this guy’s number

  15. Boxer 03:19am, 10/14/2013

    The stringent drug testing Marquez went through, deterred him from taking performance enhancing drugs. The result was a slower and not as powerful version of the super Marquez that faced Pacquiao in their third and fourth encounters, and thus the defeat.

    Had Marquez took his Memo prescribed dosage of PEDs, he would have had even slight improvements in speed, reflex and power which could have translated to him gaining the extra split second needed to avoid Bradley’s punches and land his own power shots, as what had happened in the third and fourth matches with Pacquiao.

    With the stringent drug-testing and the failure of Memo Heredia to administer his magic pills to Marquez, the slight dip in performance and even physique were evident, which now leads us to conclude that Marquez’s competitiveness against Pacquiao at welterweight was courtesy of the improvements produced by PEDs.

  16. volti 01:48am, 10/14/2013

    It’s time to give credit to Tim Bradley. I see good future ahead of him.

    For JMM, be matured enough to accept your defeat & do not be OVERCONFIDENT.  Nacho Beristain pls be man enough as well.

    Praise to TB!

  17. kid vegas 10:01pm, 10/13/2013

    Hey Ted, you just hit 90 (or 360) pieces on Boxing.com. That’s very impressive. How can you come up with so many story lines. I could never do that.

  18. coolwaterjinx 09:21pm, 10/13/2013

    no rematch also!

  19. Dranreb Datsboygym 08:06pm, 10/13/2013

    the whole world saw it that MARQROID PEE drinker PEDs master was on verge of getting KOED by the greatest fighter of all time the PAC of POWER!!! but of course? Boxing is Boxing…and the great PAC is also a human being just like us…he got almost dead meat by the wonder effect of the genuiosity of being a MEMO HEREDIA one of few worlds greatest STEROIDs maker that cannot be detected…but last night we also witnessed the real old faggot wannabe star faded MARQroid without thw effect of wonder PED on his body and he git almost kissing again his assss in the very final round…to think that he doesnt like to gived the great PAC for a fith fight seems that its only a super LUCKY PUNCH!!! that absorbed by the real wonders of price fighting the only 8TH DIVISIONs world champ that cannot match by the sour looser last night….MARQROID is the greatest CRYING BABY of all time so as FLOYDIOT GAYWEATHER JR as the greatest cherry picker and DUCKER fighter of all time…

  20. Aldawg 07:31pm, 10/13/2013

    He refuses to give Pacquiao a fifth fight because he wants the lasting memory of the KO victory over Pacquiao. But after last night, the only thing the fans will remember is his whining ass poor loser. The fans will remember that he looked slow and old because he had to go through a stricter drug test.

  21. Clarence George 07:09pm, 10/13/2013

    Your title reminded me of:


  22. Dan Adams 06:59pm, 10/13/2013

    Ted, I watched the fight and the impression I was left with, more than anything else, was of Marquez’s whining rant.  Same old Marquez, and what a shame.  Rafael, his brother, used to whine in the very same fashion.  JMM is one excellent boxer, but he’s not a fighter who endears himself to many outside Mexico.  Certainly Juan Manuel is no Manny Pacquiao when it comes to being beloved by fight fans around the world.  Especially after last night’s loathsome display of unsportsman like conduct.

  23. Napoleon Nalcot 06:53pm, 10/13/2013

    One mark of a true warrior is his ability to accept a failure or defeat and make sure he has learned a lot from that failure and defeat so he could improve the things that need to be. That’s called “moral courage.”

    Bradley made him look slower and ordinary in their last encounter, something the Dinamita should be able to accept the reality of the fact that he was indeed beaten in that fight.

    Marquez’s attitude is one thing that will one day fire back upon him. For though he was able to knock Pacquiao out cold in their last outing, not giving him a rematch will only make him a sore winner.

  24. Ted 04:38pm, 10/13/2013

    Also on Bob Ryan’s fat and ugly face.

  25. FrankinDallas 04:33pm, 10/13/2013

    Expression on Rob Johnson’s fat face…Priceless.

  26. Ted 04:16pm, 10/13/2013

    Brady is the MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 04:15pm, 10/13/2013

    Ted Sares-There he goes again….justa pissin’ anda moanin’....he really felt he was owed that fifth title for some damn reason!....which reminds me….Good Christ Almighty!....has there ever been a quarterback in the history of the NFL like Tom Brady?....oh heck!....don’t even bother to answer that…. Peyton just won’t do nor any of the others for that matter….they broke the mold!

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