Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley

By Boxing News on June 8, 2019
Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley
The fight, as controversial as any in recent memory, was scheduled for 12 rounds.

On June 9, 2012 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada, WBO welterweight champion Manny Pacquiao defended his title against Timothy Bradley. Pacquiao was 54-3-2 coming in. Bradley was undefeated at 28-0. The fight, as controversial as any in recent memory, was scheduled for 12 rounds…

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  1. Alex Fleming 10:28am, 10/11/2013

    Manny didn’t have a mark on him, even Max Kellerman said that Bradley didn’t appear to hit Pacquiao in the post fight interview! It was a ridiculous decision. If you can’t see that Manny won that fight then u may as well give up having an opinion on boxing!

  2. Michael Hegan 06:18pm, 06/09/2013

    last one who shudda been the HW CHAMPION…Jimmy Young…..his robbery broke his spirit…he clearly beat Ali…

    Both Young and Bradley stood right front…sort of…angles and ducks..even rolling with some of the puches…..but they’d be right there and tag you…every time .

    and when you weren’t keeping busy trying to hit them…they’d jab and cross and uppercut you ..until you did something…

    Young ..nor Bradley had a KO punch..but that’s why there are judges…to score the landed blows per round

  3. Michael Hegan 06:09pm, 06/09/2013

    You folks disagree ??  Well OK…how ‘bout a rrrreeeeemmmaaattchh…

    Instead…Bradley gets the bum’s rush…and pac goes on to get hit so hard by Marquez….that even the boys in Canada could see piss running down Pac’s legs !!!

    Bradley deserved a rematch….but I s’pose the brain trust wanted to get the most they could out of Pac ....while time allowed.

    Heavens….even a Marquez seventeen ...was a better money deal….than a rematch with Bradley… far as Pacquaio was concerned…

    ...The Champ…..Bradley .....has been sort of ‘pumpin his onion ...’
    ...and somebody told Bradley to change his style..and STAND AND EXCHANGE with his opponents..
    Bradley stands and exchanges with that tuffer’n boiled whale shit ..guy…and damned near gets his bell rung…buncha times.

    Hope Bradley retires soon…or gets back to the ‘dance that got him here’...he ain’t no joe louis…..OK ????

    Bradley is a’ hit and not get hit ‘kind of FIghter that comes along ....only once in a whle….

  4. Michael Hegan 05:59pm, 06/09/2013

    What captured North American attention with Pacquaio…was that he would KO his opponents if he could….
    North Americans love the bulldozer approach….and aren’t much for landscaping…..when it comes to Boxing….

    We’d rather see explosions and large chunks get moved around or just pushed away ....

    ...instead of painting the whole thing…a jab and a cross ..and an uppercut at a time….

  5. Michael Hegan 05:54pm, 06/09/2013

    See…..Pacquiao has been through the car wash ...with some pretty heavy dudes…...Marquez….has had Pacquaio’s number for some time now.

    Bradley did the ‘willie pep thing’ on Pacquaio…and got missed all night long…and kept chipping away on Pac…all night long…Not a bunch of hummingbird flurries at the last ten seconds of each round…...Bradley was laying leather on Pacquaio

    End of the match…..Bradley didn’t have a mark on him….;and Pacquiao was red and swollen….either blame that on Bradley…..or you’ve got a hell of a case that Pacquiao’s corner was mugging the guy ...when he was seated ffs

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