Timothy Bradley’s Meat and Greet

By Robert Ecksel on March 16, 2016
Timothy Bradley’s Meat and Greet
“How do I look now, baby? Like a supermodel. Not no Abercrombie. More like a Jet model.”

“I’m eating meat now,” said Timothy Bradley to the delight of butchers nationwide. “I’m back on that meat…”

“I don’t think I’ll have to kill her. Just slap that pretty face into hamburger meat, that’s all.”—Sterling Hayden in “The Killing” (1956)

No fighter fusses with his diet more than Timothy Bradley. He goes from carnivore to herbivore in the blink of an eye, with results that only he seems aware.

Bradley is fighting Manny Pacquiao on April 9. It will be their third fight. Bradley “won” their first contest in June 2012 by split decision, and even appeared at their post-fight press conference in a wheelchair, for those who still harbor doubts about the victory. Their second fight was more clear-cut. Manny won that fight by UD, which perhaps explains why they’re fighting a third time.

But Bradley knows better than most fighters that you are what you eat. He has tried going the vegan route more than once, with presumably mixed results. To get the results he wants in the rubber match with Pacquiao, Bradley is cutting back on vegetables to make room for red meat.

“I’m eating meat now,” said Bradley to the delight of butchers nationwide. “I’m back on that meat.”

Bradley believes the leg cramps he suffered in the first two Pacquiao fights were because of his diet.

“I’m eating fish and chicken and steak once a week,” he said, according to FightNews, “so I think that has a lot to do with it. I just want to be able to fight this guy, Manny Pacquiao, with a great game plan without being injured at all and see what happens.”

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. That’s my motto. But Bradley seems determined to get it right and believes toying with his diet is the way to go.

But we’ve been down this road before. In 2014, in advance of his fight with Diego Chaves, Bradley ditched the vegan diet he’d been on since “I fought Junior Witter” in 2008.

While training for Chaves, Bradley told Luis Sandoval of FightHype, “Don’t look so fat no more. How do I look now, baby? Like a supermodel. Not no Abercrombie. More like a Jet model, baby. I switched it off for this camp. I’m experimenting. I started off doing this thing. I started off I was going to do the whole thing. I started off eating a little meat and stuff and I started to feel better. I still like my vegan. I have more energy when I’m a vegan. But I think like healing, like healing up from the training, I feel better. Sometime when I train, I have energy all day. And then I feel like a decrease in my stamina, so I’m just experimenting now.”

Bradley won the Chavez fight by the skin of his teeth. I’m not sure eating meat was much help.

But Manny Pacquiao is a different kettle of fish.

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  1. Galvar 06:00am, 03/20/2016

    “My ankles were hurting because I ate a burger today and today was my chicken day.  So you know, I couldn’t fight at my best cause you know my ankles were expecting red meat but I gave them chicken.”  That’s what Bradley is going to say if he loses again to Pacquiao.  Who knows though, Marquez was able to figure out a way to beat Pac after fighting him 3 times (roids), maybe Bradley will be able to do the same (“meat”).

  2. Pete The Sneak 06:43am, 03/18/2016

    ...Not the very best picture there of Bradley…He looks like the Red Skull of Captain America fame….lol…Peace…

  3. Eric 12:51pm, 03/17/2016

    The human stomach is very similar to a pig’s stomach, with that in mind, I think humans were meant to be omnivores just like good ole Porky. Muscles need protein and eating nuts and beans doesn’t quite pack the same punch of a huge steak or even a can of tuna. As an animal lover, I respect vegans and vegetarians, but I can’t give up my burgers or steaks. Long ago I quit eating veal, couldn’t get past the cruelty issue on that one.

  4. no10Count 12:30pm, 03/17/2016

    This is the stupidest shit to date.
    Your body doesn’t care in what form nutrition comes in. That is part of the greatness of humans. We are omnivores.

    Lack of energy in a fight would be the fact your body fat % is to low.
    Having that extreme cut body is a negative. No energy reserves. (ask NASA)

    Healing - uh that makes even less since.
    Less your diet is missing something. And with the money you have made. You should have a specialist telling you what it is need more/less of.

  5. Eric 09:22am, 03/17/2016

    I think red meat started getting a bad name back in the early ‘80’s if I remember right. Before the early 80’s, steak was a staple in the majority of pro athletes diets. Steak and eggs were the preferred breakfast of champions back in the day before the bland preference for oatmeal and egg-whites. Eggs are nature’s most perfect source of protein and eschewing the yolks makes no sense whatsoever and red meat is one of nature’s best sources of boosting testosterone. Perhaps only oysters pack more testosterone than a big juicy steak. There have been some successful vegan and/or vegetarian athletes, but they are the exception rather than the rule. Those porterhouse and T-bone steaks will give the light punching Bradley his first REAL victory over Manny. Manny needs to retire.

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