TMZ Sports: Stormy Mayweather

By Robert Ecksel on March 12, 2014
TMZ Sports: Stormy Mayweather
I hope this is no more accurate than Judith Miller’s reporting for the New York Times.

Only a culture committed to distraction could take something like TMZ seriously. By hounding celebrities, scooping the mainstream media by digging up the most scurrilous items it can find, TMZ has become something of an institution, like Gitmo or the psych ward at Bellevue.

Maybe TMZ is following in the venerable footsteps of old-school gossipmongers like Walter Winchell and Louella Parsons. But TMZ is a product of its time, and moderation has been freed from its shackles.

The latest boxing related tidbit from TMZ Sports concerns Floyd Mayweather. According to that august website, Mayweather “allegedly orchestrated a savage attack on two of his employees he suspected of stealing his jewelry.”

Unnamed sources, a dead giveaway insofar as credibility is concerned, claim they were contacted several weeks ago and instructed to meet Floyd at an off-site location.

Why they followed those instructions if they stole from Mayweather wasn’t revealed, but follow those instructions they did—only to be met by Floyd “along with a number of his ‘people’” who attacked them with “various weapons, including clubs.”

The same unnamed sources claim both men had their arms and legs broken and were hospitalized for several days, adding that the attack was “so brutal the men could have easily died.”

Describing the incident as “some ‘Breaking Bad’ shit,” one of the unnamed sources says the men “never took anything from Floyd and it appears Floyd realizes that now.”

To further fuel the speculation, TMZ Sports writes that “the attack amounts to attempted murder, mayhem and kidnapping.”

Conspicuous consumption has a downside, but I hope this is no more accurate than Judith Miller’s reporting for the New York Times.

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  1. Eric 06:42am, 03/13/2014

    Livin’ la vida loca, dawg!

  2. Pete The Sneak 05:00am, 03/13/2014

    TMZ…aka…The Mierda Zone…Nuff said…Peace.

  3. Jim Crue 09:06pm, 03/12/2014

    Walter Winchell may have been a gossip monger but he was usually right.

  4. Eric 01:11pm, 03/12/2014

    Pimpin’ ain’t easy. Same thang wit thuggin’ cuz. Pretty Boy Floyd jez keepin’ it gangsta. TMZ = zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. You don’t pull on Superman’s cape, you don’t spit into the wind, you don’t pull the mask off the ole lone ranger, and you don’t mess around wit Floyd’s jewelry. WORD.

  5. Robert Ecksel 10:24am, 03/12/2014

    Cute as a button on one hand, dangerous as a zipper on the other.

  6. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 07:59am, 03/12/2014

    Say what you will about Judy….I say she’s as cute as a button.

  7. AKT 07:03am, 03/12/2014

    Lies .. All Lies I tell ya!

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