Toney Outguns Gunn

By Robert Ecksel on April 8, 2012
Toney Outguns Gunn
James Toney out-jabbed, out-flashed, and outsmarted the game but limited Celtic Warrior

He has done it again. Saturday night at the Landers Center in Southaven, Mississippi, James Toney stopped Bobby Gunn to win the IBU heavyweight title…

“He’ll need more than a gun to tame me.”—James Toney

He has done it again. Saturday night at the Landers Center in Southaven, Mississippi, James Toney (73-7-3, 44 KOs) stopped Bobby Gunn (21-4-1, 18 KOs) to win the lightly-regarded IBU heavyweight title.

Despite Toney’s weight (he tipped the scales at 248 pounds, having gained 10 pounds a month since his loss to Denis Lebedev in November), James out-jabbed, out-flashed, and plain old outsmarted the game but limited Celtic Warrior.

Gunn landed a few shots, but Toney’s reflexes and ring savvy were too much for Gunn to contend with.

The fight was stopped after round five, due to Gunn breaking his hand in the prior round.

It’s doubtful that holding the IBU heavyweight title puts Toney back in the mix. But James has a heavyweight title, and of that he can be proud.

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  1. Bk Don 11:03am, 04/09/2012

    For a guy who’s as crazy as Toney winning in such lopsided fashion, even against a never was, might not be a good thing. It’s only going to add fuel to Toney’s fire to continue boxing, even though his best days are in the past. I’m sure he was calling out the Klit’s after this fight and accusing them of ducking him. The worst indictment of him is that even though he’s obviously fighting to support himself and b/c he needs the money, he still can’t get his body into better shape than 248 lbs. Give it up Toney!

  2. Joe 05:56am, 04/09/2012

    “Lights Out” has certainly given fight fans a few thrills over the years.  He is a master of the shoulder roll, bob and weave, a true artist in the ring once upon a time.  Talked a good game too - too bad he’s slurring it up these days.

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