Tony DeMarco vs. Virgil Akins

By Boxing News on September 7, 2018
Tony DeMarco vs. Virgil Akins
DeMarco, aka the Boston Bomber, met Akins at the Boston Garden on Jan. 21, 1958.

On January 21, 1958 at the Boston Garden in Boston, Massachusetts, Tony DeMarco, aka the Boston Bomber, fought Welterweight Virgil Akins, from St. Louis, Missouri, in defense of the Massachusetts version of the World Welterweight Title. DeMarco, the former welterweight champ, was 54-10-1 at the time. Akins was 45-18-1. The fight was scheduled for the old championship distance of 15 rounds…

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Virgil Akins TKO 14 Tony DeMarco I, Part 1

Virgil Akins TKO 14 Tony DeMarco I, Part 2

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  1. Lindy Lindell 10:13am, 01/21/2017

    Akins was one of my favorites as well.  Had it been today, he would have never won a title because of all those losses.  But he persevered and practically ended the careers of Isaac Logart and Vince Martinez, neither of whom did anything after being kayoed by Akins.
    Akins was one of the few champions that St. Louis produced.  I was able to find him a few years before he died to tell him how much I appreciated him.  He had one eye and was working in a pickle factory in St. Louis.

  2. Robert Ecksel 06:01pm, 01/22/2013

    kiki-Ike didn’t belong there. He was misidentified as Virgil (which was corrected thanks to you). He’s been replaced by the site of the fight. We cleaned up the comments since they served their purpose. We’re grateful. It’s nothing personal. Just keeping a clean house.

  3. kiki 02:28pm, 01/22/2013

    Ike is gone and so are my comments

  4. Chuck H. 07:10am, 01/22/2013

    Between 1954 and 1958 Akins was one of the most dangerous welters ever. He was a crafty, thinking fighter who has been vastly underrated by people who just look at his final record tally. I saw all his TV appearances from late 1955 and saw him in person once at Convention Hall in Philadelphia losing to Candy McFarland but by that time his reflexes were pretty much gone. Virgil Akins was one of my favorite fighters on the Wednesday + Friday night fights.
    And of course, how could a fight fan not love Tony DeMarco. No fighter ever had more guts and fighting spirit than Tony.

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