Tony Thompson: Let’s all get dirty!

By Dennis Taylor on August 1, 2015
Tony Thompson: Let’s all get dirty!
"Especially in boxing, the people with money, they're able to cheat and get away with it."

Forcing every young boxer to transform himself into a synthetic superman would be one way to level the playing field…

Heavyweight Tony Thompson, who tested dirty for performance-enhancing drugs after beating David Price in July 2013, told the London Daily Mail on Friday that boxing should just go ahead and legalize doping because ... well, everybody’s doing it.

That is, everybody except Thompson, who considers himself innocent of all charges because (1) he says the dirt snuck into his body via medication he was taking for high blood pressure, and (2) gee, he didn’t know it was banned. (Or, maybe Thompson just forgot it was banned: Turns out he was given a separate 12-month ban in August 2013 after the Austrian Boxing Federation found the same substance in his blood after his fight against Kubrat Pulev.)

But, hey, why quibble about how the drug got there, and whether or not it’s illegal. Apparently that’s all beside the point to Thompson, who believes he has a much better idea.

“Especially in boxing, you have the people with money: the haves, the people with money, are using all the drugs they want,” Thompson told Daily Mail reporter Declan Warrington. “They’re able to cheat and get away with it, so as a way to combat that, everybody can take whatever it is they want and declare it.”

Maybe he’s on to something. Forcing every young boxer to transform himself into a hulking, phony, synthetic superman would certainly be one way to level the playing field. What harm could that possibly do ... except on those occasions when a clean fighter faces a juiced-up Marvel comic book character and gets his head caved in? But, then, graveyards are already full of losers, right?

The other option — probably a silly one, let’s admit — would be to implement better testing procedures that would catch (or discourage) a much-higher percentage of those guys who believe that cheating is OK, long as there’s a pot of gold waiting at the end of the rainbow.

If the sport became more diligent about testing, Thompson’s children (and everybody else’s) might not feel like they need to inject concoctions some bathroom chemist mixed up in his sink, just to avoid getting killed in the ring by a mutant.

Meanwhile, we can all be thankful for wrongly-accused fighters like Tony Thompson, who clearly are doing it the right way. Glad to hear his filthy drug test was all just another silly mistake.

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  1. No10Count 03:01pm, 08/03/2015

    First - boxing isn’t a sport - it’s entertainment.
    And entertainment doesn’t give a shit until it has to.

    Boxing needs a complete overhaul to be made into a sport.
    1- Federal oversight.
    2 - a defined bracket system setup both for sanctioning bodies and also over all.  So it’s “you have to fight” this person next. 
    3 - completely random - year round drug testing.
    4 - specific LIFE time bans. 3 strikes your out thing.
    5 - standardized training/testing for judges and refs.
    6 - All judges see CCTV with no sound. This will align scores. Plus you see a hell allot more on TV than in person.
    7 - Return to 1 point system. 1 for wining round 0 for not.
    8- only 1 point rewarded for knockdowns awarded by Ref - not judges. (refer to 5,6 & 7) (clear and simple - no need for the “pzazz” of 10 point entertainment system)
    9 - Standard wrapping techniques (should allow 2 choices - over scene by the commission.  Who has to be tested on being able to perform those wraps themselves - how else would they know what to look for.
    10 - gloves and wraps to re removed and inspected by commission after fight. No more auto cutting and throwing.
    11- Automatic LOSS for failing to make weight. You can still fight like it is now but it is like 2 fights. IE fighter 1 makes weight #2 doesn’t but pays a fine to the other party & fight continues on. Except it is counted as completely separate fight. Fighter 1 gets a W and #2 gets an L plus whatever the outcome of the actual fight is. (levels the playing field of $ vs no $.)
    12- 3 weight ins - 5 days prior - has to be within 5 pounds of fight weight
          Day before - to make weight.
          Day of - allow only a specific weight gain of 10 lbs. That puts you up to 2 weight class higher than your fighting at depending on weight class.
    13 - Ref can call standing 8 counts (refer 1 & 5 )

    So 1 and 2 can make it so we can have multiple levels of champions BUT
    they are specifically defined. So if you hold 1 belt you are not “World Champion” and are not referred to as such.  That system (belt holders)
    would need to be sorted and cleaned and refined itself.

  2. Dennis Taylor 04:28pm, 08/01/2015

    Plasterhands Margarito had it coming. Hope his eye still hurts on rainy days.

  3. Eric 01:58pm, 08/01/2015

    Didn’t steroids turn a scrawny Steve Rogers into super soldier, Captain America? I can remember kids taking Dianabol back in the late ‘70’s (‘76-‘79.) Of course back then, steroids weren’t considered that harmful. Never took any myself, I was old school to the max, plenty of eggs cooked or raw, abut a gallon of whole milk a day, and all the red meat I could shove down my mouth. My parents couldn’t wait to get rid of me & brother, we probably cost them a fortune on just the milk bill alone.

  4. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 12:50pm, 08/01/2015

    Dennis Taylor-Paulie doing lots of talking about being clean all the times he was tested….not so much about the times he wasn’t tested….or the time that he….yes, Paulie….pulverized the shit out of Senchenko. Kinda’ reminds one of the time Manny almost tore Margarito’s eyeball out of it’s socket.

  5. KB 11:58am, 08/01/2015

    Yes. Fine last paragraph.

  6. andrew 11:26am, 08/01/2015

    Well put.

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