Rocky Graziano vs. Tony Zale

By Boxing News on September 26, 2018
Rocky Graziano vs. Tony Zale
Ring Magazine awarded Graziano-Zale Fight of the Year for 1946, and deservedly so.

On September 27, 1946 at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, Rocky Graziano and Tony Zale fought the first fight of their unforgettable trilogy. Graziano hailed from New York’s Lower East Side and his record was 43-6-5 coming in. Zale, the Man of Steel from from Gary, Indiana, was sporting a 57-16-2 record. The two warriors were fighting for the middleweight title. The bout was a classic. Ring Magazine awarded Graziano-Zale Fight of the Year for 1946, and deservedly so…

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Rocky Graziano vs Tony Zale - Documentary ("The Final Chapter")

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  1. Angelo Martino 11:49am, 07/23/2015

    Rocky would have beat Jake.

  2. Bill Mountjoy 06:43am, 06/21/2015

    Graziano vs. Zale a great “trilogy”.  Too bad Zale never fought Sugar Ray Robinson OR Jake LaMotta.  Too bad La Motta never fought Graziano, ETC.

  3. Val Belfiglio 11:21am, 10/02/2014

    I am old enough to remember the Graziano vs. Zale trilogy. Is it possible to purchase the radio broadcast of their second bout in Chicago in 1947?
    If so, who do I contact?
    Valentine J. Belfiglio
    .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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