Top 100 Boxing Rankings; Deontay Wilder at #15

By Johnny B on September 5, 2013

Yesterday, the IBO (International Boxing Organization) released its updated top 100 rankings.  These rankings are unique, in that, they are based purely on a computer program.  No subjectivity goes into the rankings whatsoever.  In the latest rankings, Deontay Wilder sits at #15.  This is a reflection of Wilder’s lack of credible competition to date.  So far, the highest rated opponent he has defeated is #23.  Answer our poll question: Does Deontay Wilder deserve to be rated higher than #15?


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  1. Stephen Gould 09:53am, 09/07/2013

    It’s not true that the IBO’s program is objective.  The calculations may be - that is to say, given the algorithm everyone would agree on the outcome for a given input.  But that doesn’t make the program itself objective. 

    For example, suppose we have a program which simply assigned points thus: +3 for a KO/TKO, +2 for a UD, +2 for a DQ, +1 for a MD (and negative for the other side), considered only a boxer’s last 10 fights, and the ranking tie-break at equal points is whose last 3 opponents had the highest points.  The program is “objective” in that given this scoring system, we’ll all give every boxer the same points and hence the same ranking, and there are no matters of opinion.  But the *rules* for assigning points are clearly subjective.

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