Top Rank: The Fall Season Tells Why!

By Michael Schmidt on August 27, 2012
Top Rank: The Fall Season Tells Why!
No “negative Nancy pansy types” thank you very much. This is just what boxing needs.

When I mentioned that Bob Arum during a recent press conference for Chavez vs. Martinez spoke of Carlos Monzon—that was all I needed…

“And you’re still the same, I caught up with you yesterday, moving game to game, no one standing in your way, turning on the charm, long enough to get you by, you’re still the same, you still aim high…”—Bob Seger

The other day, as I am apt to do, I sauntered down the hall to my brother Steve’s law office and we got into another one of our friendly trips down nostalgia lane. We covered everything from the Jonny Quest cartoon show, TV shows, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Outer Limits, and The Twilight Zone thru to Charlie Chan movies and Frank Sinatra kicking ass as Tony Rome.  When I mentioned that Bob Arum during a recent press conference for Chavez vs. Martinez spoke of Carlos Monzon, that was all I needed to get brother Steve rambling on about the good old days of Boxing. You see Steve was a huge fan of Monzon. Our conversation ended on a note that this fight, this Chavez vs. Martinez, has that old time feel of a BIG BIG MIDDLEWEIGHT FIGHT in all the right ways. Adding extra icing to the boxing birthday cake, the following month, comes the battle of Rios vs. Alvarado. 


If you care to go to it is all there in short concise factual display; over 9,000 fights promoted in 22 countries, 183 title fights in Nevada alone since 1986, an average of 36 major events annually and a working book of over 50 great fighters and 12 champions. As a shameless P.S. if you go to the video section for Jessie Magdaleno and his brother (and you should because these kids can really scrap and are a perfect example of the young talent that Top Rank nurtures from the beginning up and more on that in a moment) there is a nice sparring session with my young protégé Steve Wilcox. Nobody does it better and the next two months once again highlight that fact.


On September 15th in Las Vegas two major fight cards will take place a mere two miles apart, geographically speaking at any rate. The comparison can stop at that point. In my hand a birthday card tells all: “Dear Schmidtdisturber, Sorry we will not get together as I will not be in town for your Sept 15th birthday. I understand two of your young clients are in town for a wedding and with a wedding group of twenty and that old Chris is enjoying his condo out Henderson way. Let the young lads enjoy the time and you two old farts take in THE FIGHT. NO LITTLE GUY GETTING POUNDED BY A BIG GUY AND NO YOUNG WOLF BEATING ON AN OLD NO LONGER OMEGA WOLF. TWO TICKETS RINGSIDE—ENJOY. Yours truly Jensen Strauss.”

This is just a bigger better fight than has come around in some time and is mixed with a great undercard and another card on the Thursday night, before the big show, at the Hard Rock. Add to the mix the sponsorship of casino mogul Steve Wynn and the smell of premium players, whales and movie stars is in the air. My good friend Dr. Aubrey Zidenberg, casino expert and junketeer dating back to the Vegas late ‘60s glory days and still going strong, would tell you that one would be hard-pressed to find anybody better, much like Top Rank in the boxing world, than Steve Wynn as it relates to Vegas and gaming. It’s going to be a good night…




It would be one of the great boxing understatements to say that Messrs. Trampler, Goodman and Fernando Beltran have not done one of the all-time great jobs at bringing Chavez to the boxing Promised Land. Head to head with Sergio he is the younger, bigger, stronger fighter. Both fighters have an extensive match record against quality opponents and both fighters have great whiskers. If one goes back and looks at the beating Sergio took at the hands of Margo one gets the full appreciation of just how tough Sergio is.

Conventional wisdom—which in the boxing world is as illusory as the concept of picking a grain of salt out of a draining bathtub—has Chavez cutting off the ring and pounding Sergio’s body to eventually use his size and strength to impose a late round surge and beating. Conversely Sergio will use his attacking in and out mobility to land and land often to bust Chavez up. Chavez, although he does not get hit as often as Sergio, likes to throw his shots wide and hard and he must be careful of Martinez coming down the middle. Sergio likes to cover his body to the extent of giving shots or offering shots upstairs which is the usual sign of a fighter who does not like shots downstairs. We shall see! Neither fighter has been accused of lacking the will to engage although they get to the target in altogether different fashions. Simply put, and as the early book odds show, this is as tough a pick ‘em fight to come along in some time and a full round of applause to the promoters. Perhaps it is fitting to go back to that Top Rank website, under “fighters” to see a picture of not only Chavez but Martinez as well!!!!!


Hail Caesar, maybe, but certainly Hail Top Rank for on October 13, the fall season, and somebody bound to fall, two undefeated immovable objects are going to chisel away at each other as undefeated Mike Alvarado takes on Brandon Rios. A combined sixty-four fights and no losses. I have had the pleasure of watching both fighters ringside on two separate occasions, and neither will give ground mentally or physically in attempting to simply destroy what is in front of them. Like deep woods lumberjacks they will chop away at what is in front of them until the object falls. The poster for this one should read “The Indestructibles” and the fight itself should be shown in black and white and a Gillette razorblade add thrown in for brother Steve nostalgia sake. This is going to be a great brawl.


For the past few years fight fans have been clamoring for Chavez vs. Martinez. The promoters have made the fight and as son Jordan says, in terms of those higher up the totem pole who are often criticized, “actions speak louder than words old man and I don’t want to listen to any ‘negative Nancy’ pansy types.” This is THE FIGHT boxing needed, this Chavez vs. Martinez. In Rios vs. Alvarado we have another great fan friendly fight. No “negative Nancy pansy types” need complain thank you very much. This is what boxing needs and is going to get, TOP RANK STYLE.

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  1. mschmidt 06:09am, 08/30/2012

    I have a large Steak with your name on it waiting to be devoured quicker than Bronson coyote/shep dog ate a chipmunk last weekend.

  2. the thresher 05:03am, 08/30/2012

    Since my great friend Russ Anber will be in Martinez’s corner, I must also be there.

  3. the thresher 04:52pm, 08/28/2012

    Rios vs. Alvarado will be blood sport.

  4. the thresher 04:51pm, 08/28/2012

    Co-sign with Bob. The best should fight the best and that’s what this is.

  5. mike schmidt 05:00am, 08/28/2012

    Sneak you never cease to amaze and I welcome your thoughts—I think Race Bannon would have made one hell of a Super Middle- The Robot Spy one of my fav episode ( the one with the giant robot spider on the military base) I digress!!!!!!!

  6. Pete The Sneak 04:45am, 08/28/2012

    Should be fun..Looking forward to it. Agree with Bob however, this should not be on PPV. Will be following the Chavez/Sergio fight but will be watching Dawson/Ward. As it is, Chavez has come a long way from the Plodder that use to just come in and try to beat you down and is now a more thinking man’s type fighter who (like his dad) has developed much improved body punching ability. But aside from Floyd Mayweather, Sergio Martinez is the ultimate thinking man’s fighter and he will find someway to frustrate Chavez and win this fight IMHO. By the way Schmiddy, I was a huge Johnny Quest Fan. Haji was my main man, Sim Sim, Salabim (or something like that). Peace.

  7. Darrell 03:15am, 08/28/2012

    For sure, both these fights are good.  Ward vs Dawson should also be another quality match up.  I feel Ward will find a way to win, he always seems to.

    Martinez for mine, clever boxer, even if he gets hit too much.

  8. Bob 07:14pm, 08/27/2012

    This is a sensational matchup. My only complaint is that it is PPV. This is the type of fight we subscribe to HBO for and it deserves to be on the “free” network. Other than that, I can’t think of a more appealing fan friendly fight out there. My guess is that Chavez shows the world that he is not just the son of a fabled champion, but a great fighter in his own right. I can’t wait.  This is boxing as it ought to be, a matchup that is looked upon with eagerness, excitement and anticipation. That doesn’t happen very much anymore.

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