Total Eclipse

By Johnathan Lee Iverson on August 30, 2017
Total Eclipse
What can be more vexing than to know you most certainly mattered, but were eclipsed?

It’s another cold reminder of just how painful and exacting evolution can be. It leaves a man feeling forgotten…

Oscar De La Hoya is not a happy man. Strange when you consider all that he’s accomplished. He’s the Golden Boy for Christ’s sake. Gold medalist, champion many times over, box office sensation, hall of famer, successful businessman and promoter—so one has to wonder what’s eating him these days? Why exactly would someone of his stature spend any time spewing vitriol via the worldwide web? No one seriously believes it is in “defense of…” or “for the love [or honor] of boxing.” That’s a PR answer or should I say, a BS answer. As we all well know Oscar hasn’t always exhibited the most “honorable” behavior as one of boxing’s most notable figures himself.

However, it appears there’s an ugliness of sorts that leaps out of him when it comes to his former stable mate under Bob Arum. A kind of venom that traditionally subsides when combatants have encountered each other in the ring, in this case at least, seems to have lingered. Yet, in many respects it makes complete sense, as they weren’t mere pugilistic combatants, they are now business and promotional foes as well.

A man looks at his life and legacy and needs to know he mattered. What can be more vexing than to know you most certainly did, but were eclipsed? That venom and vitriol displayed by the Golden Boy is masking a cool reality. The era that should be defined by him was completely overtaken in and out of the ring by another. Be it as a fighter and pay-per-view star or now as a businessman and promoter. Everywhere he’s ventured in the last decade or so it has been in the shadows of a brand with far more depth and reach than he could have ever imagined for himself, but not exactly for his former stable mate whom he once took under his wing. The student would become more than the teacher, he’s now the new standard, an evolutionary leap even.

It’s rather habitual at this point. On the cusp of his greatest promotion yet, with his star pupil bracing for a contest, that by right, should be enjoying the zealous anticipation a fight of such magnitude is due, his finest work as a promoter is eclipsed even before it began. That’s what I suspect conjured that vile Tweet—another cold reminder of just how painful and exacting evolution can be. It leaves a man feeling forgotten.

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  1. George Raft 01:13pm, 08/30/2017

    Hell yea he’s pissed!.....he knows that he beat Mayweather and that zero in Floyd’s loss column should have become a one and therein lies the rub! That zero in Floyd’s loss column in large part was what fueled the Pacman and Notorious scams! That zero is the primary reason for all the zeros in Floyd’s paychecks! That zero is why carny barker/perfect foil McGregor will make more money for a phony fight than GGG and Canelo for a genuine fight!

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