Triple G and The Cobra

By Robert Ecksel on May 26, 2015
Triple G and The Cobra
However talented, Triple G has yet to have the signature fight that will define his legacy.

“Carl doesn’t need this fight. But he says he is intrigued by how he would deal with him. He’s crazy that way…”

Gennady Golovkin (33-0, 30 KOs), the knockout artist from the City of Angels by way of Karaganda, Kazakhstan, has been called “the most avoided man in boxing.” Whether that’s true or not depends in large part on who is or isn’t doing the avoiding. But at 33 years of age, Golovkin’s not getting any younger. He’s been fighting professionally for nine years. And while he has gobs of talent, Triple G has yet to have the signature fight that defines his legacy.

His list of victims is long and getting longer all the time, but he has yet to fight a reigning champion. He has fought former champions. He has fought wannabe champions. He has fought fighters who had no place being in the ring with him. But that special fight against a special fighter has yet to appear on his résumé.

WBC middleweight champion Miguel Cotto, rather than fight Golovkin, is fighting Daniel Geale on May 6 in Brooklyn. Cotto is a small middleweight, if he’s a middleweight at all, and while he’s only a year older than Triple G, in boxing years it might as well be a decade.

WBO middleweight champion Andy Lee, while a legitimate titleholder, is a major minor talent. A fight with Triple G would be a fun while it lasted, but it wouldn’t last long before Golovkin, with his fine footwork and uncanny sense of ring geography, cuts off the ring, traps Lee in a corner or against the ropes, and let his fists finish the job.

The winner of the upcoming fight for the vacant IBF middleweight title, be it David Lemieux or Hassan N’Dam, would be a suitable opponent for Triple G. But they must first get by their opponent on June 20 before even considering a fight with the Kazakh Kid.

Other fighters have faced this dilemma in the past. They either continue to defeat whoever is put in front of them to defeat or they move up in weight to test their mettle against bigger men. That can be a dangerous path, and Triple G seems disinclined to tangle with the super middles. He has said many times that he wants to unify the middleweight titles before taking the plunge. But in the meantime the clock is ticking.

Another fighter for whom the clock is ticking is IBF/WBA super middleweight champion Carl Froch (33-2, 24 KOs). The Cobra, who hails from Nottingham, England, hasn’t fought since he stopped George Groves a second time last May. At the age of 37, retirement is tempting and Froch has hinted that the end is drawing near. But the possibility of fighting Triple G appeals to The Cobra, perhaps because he thinks his standing is underserved, perhaps because he wants to go out with a bang instead of a whimper, perhaps because he’s convinced he can win.

“I need the motivation,” Froch told BBC Radio 5 live. “I need the fear factor and Golovkin brings that. If I decide to fight again—and it’s a very big ‘if’ because one of my options is to retire—Golovkin’s an opponent I’d definitely like. If I fight Golovkin I will back him up, take what he’s got and beat him up.”

But what about Triple G’s power?

“I believe I can take his power better than any of his middleweight opponents,” said Froch via, “and use my extra size and strength to end his unbeaten record.”

Froch’s promoter, Eddie Hearn, confirmed that Froch has his eye on Golovkin.

“I’ve spoken with Carl directly about this and he is interested,” said Hearn. “I only want him to take it if he’s genuinely motivated because it is a high-risk fight. But it would be massive and we can fill Wembley again. Given Carl’s interest, we have already opened negotiations with Golovkin’s people and they are very keen.”

It’s good that Golovkin’s people are very keen about a fight with Froch. The Cobra is a terrific fighter, a future hall of famer, but not free of liabilities. He is slow of hand and foot. His defense is porous. He can be hit. But fortunately for Froch, no less than for the rest of us, he likes nothing better than to hit back.

“Golovkin is the most feared fighter in the world now,” Hearn added, “and Carl doesn’t need this fight. But he says he is intrigued by how he would deal with him. He’s crazy that way.”

That’s exactly the kind of craziness boxing needs.

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  1. SweetScience 04:49am, 06/09/2015

    Youre absolutely right… He would try and turn it into a corner/ropes battle, which i could actually see GGG tricking him into doing, just so it turns into a dog fight early, which ends up with froch swinging haymakers, GGG actually landing straight, knockout blows to the center of the face. A lot of people dont realize GGGs ring skills cuz half the time he doesn’t get that far, doesnt need them. He cuts the ring better than most, his vision in the corners of his eyes is better than most fighters vision straight forward, his placement of the lead foot causes full force punching. He is great. I do believe cotto could take him deep, but its a toss up. Cottos experience vs, well, him being aged. GGG/Canelo would be great fight to see. One thing i do know, geale looks like a ghost of a boxer that never really had it in the beginning. He loses the same every fight, he must go.

  2. Koolz 05:58pm, 05/31/2015

    I see what you are saying but it doesn’t pertain to Froch vs GGG.  Froch is not a faded fighter and even year back he wouldn’t beat Golovkin.
    Froch’s fighting GGG goes like this:
    Froch get’s pounded by GGG, takes it and backs GGG to the ropes or corner, where he can then beat him up.
    Well that doesn’t work against GGG ever.  Sanchez would have a plan to KO Froch in six or eight rounds, even though he would tell the media this is fight that will finally take the Golovkin the Distance.
    This fight isn’t happening Froch fighting Golovkin?  Ha he brings up DeGale now and really he just should go out on the amazing KO of Groves in front of 80 thousand people instead of being the one TKO’d in front of 80 thousand people.
    I don’t know of any fighters that can beat Golovkin at this time in the 154, 160, 168 range.

  3. SweetScience 12:50pm, 05/31/2015

    Does anyone agree that, even though froch is a genuinely pure cobra in the ring still, that this reminds us of the way some fighters made their break during the last flock of youngsters making their title runs etc… I.e. Danny garcia over eric morales, mayweather over the aged golden boy, maidana over morales, canelo over an aged sugar shane… All young fighters finding their first true big name win over AGED older greats that arent what they were at one time. Though i would pay and watch GGG vs Froch very excitedly… If GGG really does need/want finally that true big fight to his name… If it is truly urgent, which i believe it is, wouldnt he truly need to get Canelo or Cotto or Khan or Even a Mayweather!? Isnt Froch just another guy that he would be fighting that comes with an * next to the win if he gets it? Froch is a true fighter. But is he the name he once was? Would he catapult GGG like a Canelo or Cotto etc etc? Hope im making sense

  4. Koolz 03:23pm, 05/29/2015

    I see Raxman
    well Froch has pulled out the I might fight Degale Card!!!  Degale has his belt and he is thinking of trying to reclaim it…The GGG fantasy Match is in trouble!
    I have been watching GGG since the Amateur Days and these Super Middle weights that he beat in the Amateurs still fight the same! 

    I am not sure if the Froch fight is going to happen now.  Froch talking about maybe fighting Degale since he has a world title….
    All I can say is Crap!
    Golovkin right Jab to Froch’s face would send him to the canvas.  Of course Froch would get up like the Groves fight.

  5. Old Yank 12:34pm, 05/29/2015

    Froch has been one of my favorites at 168—always saw him belonging in the top 3. But no matter how much experience he has in fighting top talent he remains without a clue on how to bank rounds. He’s a fighter, not a round-by-round winner. In spite of his fan appeal (he has my attention when he’s in the ring), and in spite of his winning record he’s still managed to lose nearly as many rounds as he’s won over his pro career. I see Froch deep in deficit after 8 or 9 and only having a puncher’s chance after 10. GGG is no Taylor—GGG won’t gas out on Froch. I see very few ways for Froch to pull a rabbit out of his hat should he make this bout.

  6. nicolas 12:14pm, 05/29/2015

    AKT: The difference between Golovkin and Chavez Jr. is that since the Chavez loss to Matinez, the only man he fought was Brian Vera, and many felt that Chavez lost that first fight, against a good journeyman fighter. Golvovkin is very active, Froch has not been. Chavez was fighting middleweights for a long time, and when he fought Vera he was fighting a man who had fought at middleweight. I found it kind of incredulous that Chavez was favored over Fonfara, and I had predicted that unless there were some shenanigans, Fofara would win.

  7. AKT 12:54am, 05/29/2015

    I actually agree with Raxman. Froch is grossly underrated in this fight. Look at what happened to Chavez when he fought Fonfara. Going up in weight is a big deal, and Froch does punch hard.

    The big question mark is how well GGG can take Froch’s punch. If he can walk through Froch, then it’ll be a short night for Carl.

  8. raxman 06:23pm, 05/28/2015

    eric - but hagler was the true middleweight in that fight. its the combination of height, reach and moving up in weight that clearly is an advantage to Froch

    Koolz - all i was saying is GGG aint been fighting the full distance - thats a fact, the poor quality of opponents has meant he has rarely fought beyond 6 or 7 rounds. and no matter what you do in the gym nothing compares to going 12 rounds in a fight - . and froch is the king of 12 rounders. the longer the fight goes the stronger he gets

  9. Don from Prov 09:04am, 05/28/2015

    i think that the fight is VERY dangerous for GGG

  10. Eric 08:28am, 05/28/2015

    Hagler gave away 4-5” in height and plenty of reach to Tommy Hearns and we all saw what happened there.

  11. Koolz 08:23am, 05/28/2015

    I can quite easy write Froch off as not winning.
    I would bet money that Golovkin knocks him down in the fight.
    Actually I don’t see Froch being able to stand GGG’s Body shots for 12 rounds.
    now you make some stupid arguments that Golovkin has been fighting
    9 rounders just stop already.
    Wait till the fight is announced in first week of June and see what Froch says about GGG.

  12. raxman 01:56am, 05/28/2015

    how can any of you write the cobra off so easily? golovkin gives away nearly 3inches in height and 5 inches in reach. he’s never fought at 168 and he’d be in with a guy who is not only awkward, but his two greatest attributes are his chin and his endurance. let me say the last bit again - endurance. froch is renowned for getting stronger, the longer the fight goes. GGG has been basically fighting 3- 6 rounders for most of his career.
    and lets look at another comparison - GGG 9 years as a pro and who’s he fought? Murray? Geale? Macklin??? oh and bunch of blown up 154pounders and C grader middleweights
    froch by comparison? in his 9th year as a pro fought andre ward. before that Johnson, Abraham, Kessler, Dirrell, Taylor and Pascal
    the only true on paper advantage GGG has is the combination of his age and the damage froch has taken fighting such high level opposition may have finally caught up to him

  13. Koolz 03:39pm, 05/27/2015

    I want this fight to happen!!!!!!

    I can see Froch getting knocked down quite a few times in this fight.

    But Froch fighting GGG just shows how amazing he really is!

    I don’t see him winning but who cares as long as he takes the fight!

    Now I hear it’s close to being finished?  That must be a rumor, Froch said it’s a coin toss?

    Come on man just do it!!!  Wembley will Explode!

  14. Eric 06:40am, 05/27/2015

    Aside from Rodigo Valdez, most of Monzon’s big name opposition came from naturally smaller men like Benvenuti, Griffith and Napoles. You could even make that case for Hagler, while his Philly run was impressive, his big fights came against Duran, Hearns, Mugabi, and Leonard, all naturally smaller men. Monzon didn’t have the option of fighting a super middleweight and I sure couldn’t see him taking on a Bob Foster or a Victor Galindez. Hagler, not being a particular big middleweight wasn’t about to step into the ring with a 6’2” Michael Spinks or a fireplug named Dwight Qawi. I could see GGG easily handling the move to 168 and maybe even attempting something that Monzon and Hagler weren’t about to attempt, going for the 175lb crown. Kovalev is another big light heavy like Spinks & Foster, and probably hits every bit as hard. However, if GGG is reluctant to make a move up, he could always go the route of Monzon & Hagler, and fight Canelo.

  15. Eric 06:19am, 05/27/2015

    teehee. Irish, I don’t know if you ever did stand-up, but you should have. The Garfunkel post had me laughing out loud.

  16. Don from Prov 03:54am, 05/27/2015

    one can only hope for this fight to take place

    good article, Mr. Ecksel

  17. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 09:34pm, 05/26/2015

    Friggin’ Stallone is 5’2” even with lifts, Manny Pacquiao is taller than him for Christ’s sake and this guy was playing the Heavyweight Champion of the World?!

  18. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 09:26pm, 05/26/2015

    Art Garfunkel has more nerve than a bad tooth….if he combs his hair he’s all of 5’3” yet he says Paul Simon is a short shit with a Napolean complex no less.

  19. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 09:08pm, 05/26/2015

    Let me get this straight….Carl is going to gobble up GGG’s punches by the bunches because that’s how they’re delivered, walk him down and beat him up….this fight plan is so damn simple….it’s pure genius….now all he has to do is execute it….what could possibly go wrong?

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