Triple G: Habrá sangre

By Robert Ecksel on September 12, 2017
Triple G: Habrá sangre
“This is more than a fight,” the middleweight champion said. “It’s a real Mexican fight.”

“I love fighting Mexican style. I love the Mexican tradition. I am surrounded by it. I have Mexican blood…”

There’s something righteous about the upcoming fight between Gennady Golovkin and Canelo Alvarez. After the ungainly pas de deux of a few weeks ago, Saturday’s fight is the real deal. It’s the best fighting the best, a real fight between real fighters of comparable skill near or at the top of their game. One can’t say enough about Canelo. One can’t say enough about Triple G. Their performances in the ring speak for themselves. And their conduct prior to Saturday’s fight, in stark contrast to the standard issue mouthing off to which we’ve grown accustomed, exemplifies big time boxing at its stoical best.

“This is more than a fight,” said Golovkin, the undefeated reigning and defending middleweight champion of the world. “It’s a real Mexican fight. Abel brings a Mexican style to me. I love fighting Mexican style. I love Mexican food and eat it every day. I love the Mexican tradition. I am surrounded by it. I have many Mexican friends. I have Mexican blood.”

That’s good blood to have. Just ask Canelo. 

“Seriously,” Triple G continued, “just one punch changes a fight…a life. Just one punch. Canelo has power, he has speed. He knows me, I know him. My team has Plan A, B, C, D. And his team has the same. He’s ready for short distance, long distance, decision. I do not know. Who lands the big punch first? It is not a fight. It is a war.”

Touch gloves, gentlemen.

Habrá sangre.

Let’s get it on.

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  1. bikermike 10:04pm, 09/16/2017

    ....Canelo waited two years for this one…and couldn’t do it…..he was very VERY FORTUNATE to come away with a draw.

    Rematch soon…(ten year difference in age )...with smaller ring !!

  2. Koolz 01:01pm, 09/13/2017
    Holy Sh##t
    this guy knows what he is talking about!  Dwyer saying it the right way.

    Golovkin crushing Canelo.

  3. Koolz 10:59am, 09/13/2017

    want to see GGG just destroy Canelo is four or six rounds.
    Can’t believe the amount of so called experts, professional boxers, and trainers that think Canelo is going to win.


    Canelo isn’t even a middle weight.  He has never fought a top middle weight.
    His hooks aren’t going to beat GGG’s jab.

    He is going to be hunted down.  Caught on the ropes and beat to a pulp.

    it’s not going to be Hagler vs Herns GGG throws a piston style jab.
    Can cut off the ring.
    Hits like a mule!
    Canelo fight agianst Cotto is how I measure this fight and I don’t see Canelo having enough pop in his punches to even trouble GGG.

  4. Timothy Agoglia Carey 09:51am, 09/12/2017

    Their last two opponents…..imitating a statue as he did Junior would not have lasted four rounds with GGG or Jacobs for that matter….each in their own way would have teed off on Baby Huey and that as they say would have been that! The six foot plus, 185 pound, sky high Jacobs that was hammer and tong with GGG would have hammered and tonged Canelo out of there by the tenth round! That being said GGG has to get the job done here in a very emphatic manner….forget a trilogy….and for God’s sake don’t leave it up to the three stooges with the score cards and the rabbit ears for the screaming chauvinistic fux in the crowd…..he has to knock Red’s ass spark out!

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