Trumping Floyd Mayweather

By Robert Ecksel on August 19, 2015
Trumping Floyd Mayweather
It’s as Lenin said, in a rare sane moment, “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.”

One of them shaves his head while the other has a comb-over. One of them is black. One of them is orange…

“Money is our madness, our vast collective madness.”—D.H. Lawrence

Comparisons are inevitable. Both are monomaniacal. Both are the best at what they do. They are loved by some and reviled by others. Their wealth sets them apart from mere mortals.

But there are differences as well. One pulled himself up by the bootstraps while the other was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. One shaves his head while the other has a comb-over. One of them is black. One of them is orange.

That’s about all the analysis I’m up for. But thanks to Matthew Dowd, writing on, an examination of the two titans took place after he spent the weekend in Iowa, “as well as talking to folks in Texas, where I live, and with voters in Detroit area, where I was born.” After logging that mileage and having thought long and hard about the candidacy of the real estate magnate, Dowd has concluded that “Donald Trump is the Floyd Mayweather of politics.”

Those who think Trump is the man to save America, as well as those who think Mayweather is “The Best Ever,” might as well stop reading now. But those who have nothing better to do, or aren’t enthralled by glitz, read on my brothers, read on.

“If you look at all the interest and excitement surrounding Trump’s entrance in this race,” writes Dowd, “the coverage dealing with his daily utterances, the forgiveness of his fans for mess ups, and the way he manages his brand, it is eerily familiar to the prize fighter Floyd Mayweather. From the brandishing of their logos on everything, Mayweather having the ubiquitous caps emblazoned with the Money Team to Trump’s Making America Great Again, they each have an ability to capture part of our culture and market themselves exquisitely.”

Marketing is everything. Well, not everything, there’s also opulence to consider. But it’s as Lenin once said, in a rare sane moment, “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.”

“Many react to their bravado and the ‘in your face’ attitude by saying ‘isn’t that over the top’ or too much, but folks run to be around them or near them or buy their expensive tickets to fight night. Both Mayweather and Trump are essentially some of the best salesman and showmen on the planet. And their extreme wealth isn’t off-putting to regular folks, but an attraction. They both have an intuitive understanding of the entertainment world that many respond to in America today. Would we want Mayweather to be our father or our spouse? Most would say definitely not. But we watch his fights and talk about him when he does something outlandish.”

It’s true that Mayweather and Trump are, as Dowd writes, “some of the best salesman and showmen on the planet.” But does that qualify them for anything other than salesmanship and showmanship, which has no obvious inherent value?

After invoking Nelson Mandela, while failing to mention his connection to boxing (an unforgiveable oversight in my opinion), Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Ronald Reagan, and John F. Kennedy, who “understood popular culture, political strategy and the art of entertainment,” Dowd asks, “Can Donald Trump become this type of leader? I don’t know and have some serious doubts. Right now he is much more akin to Mayweather than MLK.”

Considering the alternatives, Huey Long, Father Coughlin, and Pat Robertson, there are worse people to be compared to.

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  1. bikermike 06:46am, 09/13/2015

    When USA elected dubya… showed USA doesn’t need a President…just lots of money to finance a campaign…

  2. hatecrusher 04:15pm, 08/20/2015

    Trump and Floyd have something in common….American assholes! fakes! gays etc.

  3. Eric 10:23am, 08/20/2015

    Irish…Those critters have made it as far north as Tampa. I don’t know if they can survive in central Florida, it does drop below freezing on occasion. You also have other invasive species like iguanas, snakeheads, etc., wreaking havoc in south Florida. Love critters, but never took a liking to snakes. Used to try and kill every snake I saw, now I leave them alone, but still don’t want them around.

  4. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 08:41am, 08/20/2015

    Eric-Speaking of illegal immigrants…only a matter of time before a python kills and devours a human in Florida and more than likely it will be a child. They need to put a hefty bounty on these monsters and get them the hell out of there…..they don’t belong there.

  5. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 07:52am, 08/20/2015

    Eric & Aztec-You guys in the front row really got it going on….nicolas is absent tonight I see….I’m here in the back row watching the clock and I’m all about the burrito I’m gonna get off the roach coach at breaktime and hoping that none of you guys got outed on Ashley Madison.

  6. Eric 07:20am, 08/20/2015

    Aztec Warrior…. Don’t ever apologize for voicing your opinion. We still have freedom of speech in this country, at least for now. I think loyalty to your own kind is completely natural and to be admired. As a white man, I find it disheartening that many of my “kin” have no racial loyalty to their “brothers” and “sisters” at all. A few years back, I worked with a mostly Mexican crew in a factory that manufactured rims for cars. I have never seen a more hardworking group of workers. We had one guy from Chile who was illegal, that I know for sure. People need to realize that many of these illegals are coming from other countries as well. I admire the Mexican culture and their spirit as well.

  7. Aztec Warrior 06:47am, 08/20/2015

    I agree with you 100%. Immigration is a serious issue that we have to deal with immediately. We should and must secure our borders. In no way would I suggest we take any and all immigrants. My father, his parents and his siblings all came here legally through a lengthy process that separated them until all documents were formalized.
    Maybe I’m being overly sensitive but reading comments posted in on line news articles and even some of the narrow minded comments from callers I hear on talk radio is disheartening. And it was The Donald who started it with the “They’re rapists, killers, murderers” vitriol. Seriously, are we going to be kicking in doors, dragging away immigrants and shipping them off in buses? It’d be similar to the Elian Gonzalez scene….times 11 million.
    Again, my apologies for venting.

  8. Eric 05:55am, 08/20/2015

    Not all of the illegals crossing our border are from Mexico, a good deal of them are from El Salvador, Guatemala, etc. Trump has stated he admires the spirit of the Mexican people, but you can’t have a nation without protecting its borders. The same thing is happening in places like Italy & France, these countries are being swamped with immigrants from the Middle East & Africa. Germany is about the same size as Montana and they took on 500,000 immigrants last year, a country that size is literally committing suicide by flooding their country with that many non-Germans year after year. People who don’t learn history are doomed to repeat it. In 1829, an alarmed Mexico tried to cut off immigration by outlawing slavery in Texas, most of the Americans immigrating there were Southerners. Yet, Americans kept pouring into Texas. Mexico’s error was encouraging migration from a neighboring people who were as different from the Mexican people as Protestant Britian and Catholic Spain. The mostly Southern Americans who migrated to Texas were drawn by the lure of the land and they had no intention of assimilating into Mexican culture by becoming Catholic or obeying the prohibition of slavery.

  9. Aztec Warrior 01:18am, 08/20/2015

    Non-US citizens also have and continue to serve in all branches of our military. Will Trump deport them as well as part of his immigration plan?
    Sorry for venting but as a Mexican American I know first hand the sacrifices my parents, family members and Hispanic neighbors have made to provide a better life for their loved ones.
    Ironically, I’m currently reading a book titled “Mexican American Boxing In Los Angeles” by Gene Aguilera. In it, he quotes George Parnassus, the legendary matchmaker at the historic Olympic Auditorium during the 1950’s and 60’s. “They [Mexicans] are brave, gentle people who deeply love their families and children. They are proud and they understand friendship. They are the best friends in the world.”

  10. Aztec Warrior 12:07am, 08/20/2015

    Trump keeps beating the illegal immigration drum and while I agree that we must have secure borders I still feel he’s hating a bit on Mexicans. Yes, there is the recent murder of a young, innocent woman in San Francisco by an illegal immigrant but immigrants (Mexicans) aren’t blowing up federal buildings, shooting up high school cafeterias, movie theaters, or worst of all elementary schools.

  11. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 04:09pm, 08/19/2015

    Pat Robertson?! The country has turned into one giant screamin’ meemy of an O J Jury under the the Malfeasant in Chief in the White House and it’s Pat Friggin’ Roberts is it?! Forrest Trump was spot on when he said in an interview that “there’s something wrong with Obama and Kerry”....they’re both batshit crazy that’s what’s wrong with them and so are the pair of the Clintons. They’re all Looney Tunes….Harry Reid,  John Boehner, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Joe Biden and Soros is the crazy ass Devil Incarnate ...they’re all sick fux!....and they have Goddamned near total power over us one and all….what does that make us?

  12. Matt Podgorski 12:39pm, 08/19/2015

    Trump 2016! Make America great again! I actually like Dr. Ben Carson the most, then Dr. Rand Paul, then Donald Trump.

  13. Eric 07:34am, 08/19/2015

    You don’t tug on Superman’s cape
    You don’t spit into the wind
    You don’t pull the mask of the ole Lone Ranger
    And you don’t mess around with Trump

    All aboard the Trump Express. Woo-Woo. Ya gotta admit, Trump’s wife would be the hottest FLOTUS ever. hehe.

  14. KB 07:17am, 08/19/2015

    Dowd plays directly into Trump’s hands by giving him that much more publicity. It’s called momentum. Might be awful and scary, but it has become tractionable. Same for Mayweather. The more criticism he receives, the more money he makes.

  15. Robert Ecksel 07:11am, 08/19/2015

    If I didn’t know you were serious, I’d think you were kidding. If Trump gets elected, the joke won’t only be on Mexicans, it will be on us all. Mistaking him for Viagra is unforgivable. History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce.

  16. Eric 07:02am, 08/19/2015

    If you think Donald Trump’s stance on illegal immigration is bad for the GOP image, you might be a cuckservative. teehee. Trump won’t even need Air Force One if he becomes POTUS.  TRUMP 2016!

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