TruSparta Blog: Maravilla Madness

By David Matthew on September 14, 2012
TruSparta Blog: Maravilla Madness
It’s clear that a personal grudge has developed between the two fighters. (Top Rank)

In a weekend rich with high-caliber boxing, Canelo Alvarez and Josesito Lopez will headline a quadruple-header card…

*    In a weekend rich with high-caliber boxing, Canelo Alvarez and Josesito Lopez will headline a quadruple-header card at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas tonight, live on Showtime at 9:00 PM/ET. After playing spoiler to a potential Ortiz-Alvarez showdown that was originally set to take place tomorrow night, Josesito Lopez will look to shock the world once again by challenging the rapidly ascending Canelo Alvarez. While Lopez will certainly bring more than his share of heart into the ring, Canelo is an entirely different boxing machine than Victor Ortiz. In what should be an electrifying display of combination punching, look for a war to break out. Interestingly, some around the sport are whispering that Lopez is a live underdog—including champion Andre Ward—fresh off of his dazzling, one-sided thrashing of Chad Dawson last week

*    In what was both a shocking and bizarre interview, 50 Cent confirmed that he is indeed working with Manny Pacquiao on “promotional ventures.” Whether this is legitimate or not is yet to be seen, but this certainly gives credence to reports earlier this week that 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather engaged in a serious feud. Holding nothing back, 50 explained, “Floyd earns so much that he just runs around and spends when he wants to. There’s no urgency to him.” It appears that TMT (The Money Team) has self-destructed before it could even get off the ground. Previously signed boxers (including Billy Dib, Zab Judah, Yuriorkis Gamboa and a host of rumored others) will now reportedly either return to their previous promotional outfits or be loosely managed by Mayweather Promotions until further clarification. Since Mayweather has been released from prison, little buzz has circulated about potential matchups for the pound-for-pound king of boxing.

*    While mystery and unpredictability hover over Floyd Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao will once again face Juan Manuel Marquez in a fourth fight on December 8th that few outside of the Top Rank circle even want to see. After the debacle that was Pacquiao-Bradley, outrage seems to have halted an originally conceived rematch of that one-sided fight in which Pacquiao won, unless you’re blind (or corrupted).  While that rematch was thwarted, fight fans do not get a much better product as Top Rank continues its stubborn trend of matching in-house fighters against each other—or bust. However, fight fans might not be the only ones hurt by the mismanagement of Manny Pacquaio. Indeed, Pacquaio himself may be the most impacted by this tone-deaf management style. When there are a myriad other interesting matchups for Pacquiao that can be made, it’s beginning to significantly wane his legendary aura as he recycles already generated memories in boxing’s consciousness, failing to create new, exciting fights that can further ascend his legend, instead of stagnating him in complacency.

*    Both Maravilla and Chavez Jr. made weight easily Friday. Maravilla weighed in at 159 pounds, while Chavez Jr. weighed in at a remarkably trim 158 pounds. Chavez Jr. almost looked like a different person, as he appeared drained and deflated from the persona that reflected his appearance on HBO’s excellent 24/7 series. While some are saying Chavez Jr. looked emaciated, he tends to come from that Brandon Rios brand of prizefighting, where you look like a skeleton at the weigh-in and then inflate into a monster on fight night.  There was real tension between the two fighters as they faced off to a raucous crowd. Both men began jawing immediately, and as Maravilla raised his hands in a victory salute as he talked trash to Chavez Jr., you could sense a real disdain that he has for the son of Mexico’s most celebrated boxing legend. Marvailla—whose eyes were burning with intensity unlike anything we’ve ever seen from him in previous face-offs—later explained why he was so animated at the weigh-in: “It feeds me knowing that I’m going to punish him when I hit him. I will give my life to win, and for Argentina to win this fight.” 

Whether it’s because of Chavez Jr. repeatedly calling him “old’ or because of what Maravilla feels is a manufactured, privileged career where everything has been given to Jr. too easily, it’s clear that a personal grudge has developed between the two fighters, which started with Chavez Jr. exclaiming that he was going to “knock Martinez out to shut his mouth up” after he knocked out Andy Lee earlier this year. To add even more fuel to the fire, a near brawl broke out between Martinez’s adviser Sampson Lewkowicz and Chavez co-promoter Fernando Beltran after heated moments following today’s weigh-in. War is in the air.

For Maravilla, he has long quested for a high-profile defining fight where the world would be focused on him. After dazzling smaller venues with his patented rhythmic, high-risk application of the science, he will get the opportunity to perform in front of a sold out Thomas & Mack Center, headlining his first ever HBO PPV card as he faces the celebrity-juiced Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. in a fight now being billed as the “biggest middleweight bout in years.” Whether that is true or not is open to debate, but one thing is for sure: Maravilla deserves this limelight after his legendary wars with Pun Williams and Pavlik. Conversely, while some still criticize Chavez Jr. for being coddled, he is courageously stepping up to face one of the best fighters in the world.

In an interesting plot-twist, Naazim Richardson will be working the corner of Maravilla Saturday night. Martinez’s adviser Lewkowicz explained , “We didn’t want to take any chances.  We are taking every precaution. We don’t want another Antonio Margarito [incident] to happen.” Of course, Naazim worked Shane Mosley’s corner when he discovered the loaded wraps on Margarito prior to that fight. While it is interesting that Naazim is seemingly behind hired as an investigator, his boxing philosophy melds with Maravilla’s. Naazim urges his fighters to “swim without getting wet,” and as Maravilla’s training includes him paddle-boarding with poised balance so as to not fall in the water, Maravilla will try to swim through the tumultuous waters of Chavez Jr.  and his waves of Mexican fans and Top Rank muscle—all without getting wet. I reckon there will be waves, and that both fighters will get wet, but that the torrential downpours will be reigned down upon Jr. in the later rounds when Maravilla’s superior technique overwhelms the game Chavez

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  1. the thresher 12:12pm, 09/15/2012

    A classic matador versus bull contest tonight! is spot on. I even used that phrase in my prediction.

    Look for the kill in the 11th or final round.

  2. David Matthew 06:43am, 09/15/2012

    Hadn’t thought of it from that angle Lee - but that’s a very interesting point.  I also think we are in store for a classic performance from Sergio.

  3. Lee J 05:07am, 09/15/2012

    I wonder how much of Martinez’s disdain of Chavez is fueled by his documented hatred of bullies (a champion for battered women)? Given Chavez’s propensity for entering the ring grotesquely inflated and with all the advantages conferred on him by his Godfather and name, could it not be that Maravilla sees him as a bully? Either way, no one can argue that the champ is not up for this and I have a feeling we could see a classic matador versus bull contest tonight!

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