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By David Matthew on July 13, 2012
TruSparta Boxing Blog V
“I know Danny didn’t train as hard as me,” explained Khan. “I promise I will knock him out."

Amir “King” Khan was poised to avenge his controversial loss to Lamont Peterson this summer. But after Peterson was bitten…

•    Originally, Amir “King” Khan was poised to avenge his controversial loss to Lamont Peterson this summer. But after Peterson was bitten by the PED bug, Khan was forced to take a fight with competent puncher Danny Garcia, who is fresh off an impressive and commanding victory over living legend Erik Morales. While some many feel this is a letdown, this fight could prove to be a very exciting, highly charged bout filled with dynamic flurries and exchanges. Both Khan and Garcia are prideful fighters not afraid to run their mouths and let their hands go. While Garcia will bring giant-sized heart and determination into his fight with Khan tomorrow night, I see Khan’s superior speed carrying the night. Further, with a newfound chip on his shoulder, Khan doesn’t just want to win, he wants to win demonstrably. “I know Danny didn’t train as hard as me,” explained Khan. “I promise I will knock him out. That is the only way.”

•    As Wladimir Klitschko mowed down Tony Thompson in Europe over the past weekend, it once again is abundantly clear that Dr. Steelhammer is the most dominant champion in the sport. Consider this: in recent years opponents have landed a whopping six punches against Wlad per round. That’s defensive mastery that would even impress the greatest defensive tactician of this era—Floyd Mayweather. Reeling back the past eight years, I can barely remember Wladimir taking a flush shot. That speaks to his much improved footwork, his under-regarded reflexes, and his ability to command the pace set in the ring via superior ring generalship. What’s interesting, however, is the fact that Wladimir boasts a blistering KO percentage ratio to match his defensive brilliance. It took one flush right hand to Thompson’s grill last weekend to render the native Washingtonian dusted on the canvas, where he barely climbed to his feet only to be destroyed minutes later. Enjoy Wladimir Klitschko while he’s here, because there will never be another champion quite like him.

•    When David Haye and Dereck Chisora meet at Upton Park tomorrow, some will be disgusted that this fight was even made. Others (particularly Americans) won’t even know who these two fighters are. But those in the know will be excited for what should be a highly entertaining brawl. Of course, Haye and Chisora have already fought—via live cameras—in the aftermath of Klitschko-Chisora in Germany. There, Chisora trash talked Haye to his face. As Chisora approached The Haymaker, Haye landed a straight right hand that sent Chisora sprawling to the ground, broke Chisora’s trainer’s jaw in the process, and thus we have a true grudge match that has sold itself. With 30,000 tickets having already been sold, some are predicting that this fight could be the biggest fight on British soil this year. There is already more interest for this fight than Froch-Bute-—and rightfully so. No matter how you feel about Haye and Chisora, both guys are gifted inside the ring, and both possess dynamic personalities that arouse interest from fight fans. How quickly people forget that Haye dominated the cruiserweight ranks, and produced some exciting fights as a heavyweight en route to capturing a title against Valuev. For Chisora, he has rarely been in a dull fight himself, fighting the best the division has to offer in subsequent fights with Tyson Fury, Robert Helenius, Vitali Klitschko, and now David Haye. Regardless of how you may feel about the politics surrounding this clash, if you’re a fan of high-level intensity and natural conflict, this is a fight you won’t want to miss. Haye-Chisora can be seen live on tomorrow at 4:30 pm EST.

•    For Kelly Pavlik, the road back to prominence is paved with hard work, mediocre competition, and many who doubt him based upon his recent battles with alcoholism, bad attitude, and a string of canceled fights (including turning down a $1.5 million payday to fight Lucian Bute) that understandably has left many wary of Pavlik’s comeback campaign. That said, The Ghost has really confronted the situation head-on, admitted his mistakes, and seems psychologically healthy and prepared to do whatever it takes to get back on top. Whether he will physically be able to produce a style and fight output that mirrors his dazzling style when he first captured fans’ attention by knocking out Jermain Taylor years ago remains to be seen, but it’s a beautiful thing to see a man admit his mistakes—and to work extremely hard to get back on top. Pavlik has fought every other month recently to get his wind back and has looked confident in the process. While his natural KO power doesn’t seem to be quite where it once was, he seems to be a smarter fighter, and most importantly—a more mature man. For his efforts, TruSparta salutes The Ghost and acknowledges his work ethic and determination to get back atop the elite class in his division. We will be watching with great interest.

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    Nice take on Pavlik, David. Fair and balanced.

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