Tyson Fury Comeback

By Robert Ecksel on May 21, 2018
Tyson Fury Comeback
Fifteen of Seferi’s opponents had losing records. Five of them had more wins than losses.

Tyson Fury will return to the ring for the first time in two and a half years when he gets it on with unheralded Sefer Seferi…

On Saturday, June 9, at Manchester Arena in Manchester, Lancashire, United Kingdom, undefeated former heavyweight champion Tyson Fury (25-0, 18 KOs) will return to the ring for the first time in two and a half years when he gets it on with unheralded Sefer Seferi, a 39-year-old Albanian cruiserweight with a 23-1(21 KOs) record.

“Tyson is back, in fantastic shape and full of beans, ready to take the first step on the road back towards world domination once again,” his new promoter, Frank Warren, told the Telegraph. “He needs comeback fights in order to shake off the ring rust after such a lengthy absence and I am sure the fans will once again enjoy the ride back to the top.”

But why pick Seferi, about whom nobody knows nothing?

“Seferi is no pushover,” Warren said. “He’s gone the distance with a world-class fighter in Manuel Charr. He has spent the majority of his career at cruiserweight, but so had Tony Bellew and David Haye before stepping up to the heavyweight division.”

Comparing Seferi to Haye and Bellew may be unfair, to Haye and Bellew, but fair has nothing to do with it, as we’ll see when Fury and Seferi fight.

“I can’t wait to get in there and prove that I’m a better fighter than I’ve ever been,” said Fury. “I’m coming into the prime of my career now and I’ve never felt better. I’m fitter, stronger and faster than the Fury of 2015.

“We’re just three weeks away from what is going to be a huge night for the city of Manchester. I’m delighted to be fighting at the iconic Manchester Arena for the first time in my career and I’m promising the fans a special performance to thank them for their loyal support.”

Seferi is a journeyman. Despite his impressive record, 15 of men he faced had losing records. Only five of his opponents had more wins than losses.

Seferi’s single defeat came in 2016, between victories over Laszlo Hubert and Marcelo Ferreira dos Santos, against Manuel Charr to whom he lost a lopsided 10-round decision.

“This is going to be a hard fight for Fury,” said Seferi. “I’m very disciplined and always ready to take on everyone and anyone. This will not be an easy night for him. I’m coming to Manchester to beat one of the boxing legends of the 21st century.

“He is tall and strong but he won’t be ready for the pressure that I will bring on June 9. Two-and-a-half years out of the ring is a long time and nobody knows if he is still the same fighter that dethroned Wladimir Klitschko. I am going to seize this opportunity with both hands.”

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  1. nicolas 04:44pm, 05/28/2018

    After nearly four years out of the ring, Vitali Klitschko came back and fought Sam Peter, then the WBC heavyweight champ. After some three years out of the ring Muhammed Ali fought Jerry Quarry. With this opponent I can’t take Fury seriously yet.

  2. My Name Is Nobody 11:35am, 05/22/2018

    Don’t follow the yellow brick road, follow the FURY ROAD instead, troop.
    Gypsy King is back !!!

  3. Koolz 10:19am, 05/22/2018

    Current Heavy Weight division has foot work of lead in mud!

    Fury glides around the ring.  I can’t to see this guy back in motion!
    He would make Wilder miss all night.

  4. thrashem 08:26am, 05/22/2018

    In a heavyweight fight and only 180 punches thrown with <20% land ratio hardly constitutes a fight. It was a joke. By default, Klitch should have retained title.
    We agree, Fury is a piece off crap. Won’t be watching any event with his name attached. Always WWF for him.

  5. My Name Is Nobody 08:24am, 05/22/2018

    Fury Road Lives !!!

  6. Your Name 08:16am, 05/22/2018

    Fury. Don’t make me laugh. The ONLY fight of any magnitude was Klitch who didn’t give any f*cks and therefore lost. His size is his only virtue and in terms of even matched size wise the Russian Valuev would have killed him. Fury. What a rotten fighter and even worse human being.

  7. thrashem 07:17am, 05/22/2018

    Fury is a poor excuse for a boxer/fighter. The Klitshko heavyweight match was the worst event I ever witnessed outside of the McCall-Lewis mental breakdown. Who gives a shit if he ever returns to the ring.
    As for anti-semitic remarks, does Fury have a clue in that Neanderthal brain of his. Give the moron a break. Looks like the WWF is his calling card.

  8. Koolz 11:11am, 05/21/2018

    Fury said one thing that is Protocols of Zion he didn’t just say it he actually went out and explained it.  And he is in the entertainment business that is big big no no….then you have all the BS you are talking about afterwards.

    Melgibson said he hated to Jews and he lost his acting career and all of the sudden was said to be beating his wife etc.

    just another example.

    Fury has been punished and it’s time to get Fury Road back on the Road!! FURY!!!

  9. Ollie Downtown Brown 06:28am, 05/21/2018

    I find the allegations of Fury’s bouts with “depression,” and “drug use” that allegedly led to his taking time off, somewhat suspect, and can’t help but think there was something far more sinister behind his 2 year plus hiatus from the ring. The Gypsy King didn’t just get a little heavy, he became OBESE, and according to reports he was using drugs heavily and not just having a snort or two on weekends. Hard to abuse your body to that extent while being absent from the ring for nearly 3 years and expect to comeback better than before. Time is on Fury’s side, 30 is young in today’s boxing world, especially among the heavyweights, whereas it used to signal the end is nigh. I’m rooting for the big guy to take back the title that was unjustly taken away from him.

  10. nonprophet 06:14am, 05/21/2018

    Who knows…maybe Fury will turn out to be at least a “decent” fighter the second time around…..

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