Tyson Fury: The Silent Treatment

By Robert Ecksel on September 22, 2014
Tyson Fury: The Silent Treatment
"We've got a BBB of C dummy, and Bill and Ben the flower pot men sat next to him."

Using sign language of a sort, Fury let everyone present know that the silent treatment isn’t an aberration…

If Tyson Fury were to take a vow of silence, would his career suffer?

That hypothetical question was answered earlier today at the press conference in England announcing the Nov. 29 fight between Fury and Dereck Chisora.

At their last press conference in June, Fury let it all hang out and was fined £15,000 by the British Board of Control. Rather than risk another fine, Fury covered his mouth with duct tape, which was as amusing as some of things he has said in the past.

Fury is a promoter’s dream, but promoter Mick Hennessy wasn’t dreaming when he said, “Sometimes you’re going to get a gentleman with Tyson and sometimes, if he’s rubbed up the wrong way, you’ll get another side of him. At the end of the day surely he should be allowed to be himself.”

I couldn’t agree more, but I’m not the BBBofC, so whether I agree or not is beside the point.

“We could be in jeopardy of this fight not happening,” continued Hennessey. “We all want the fight to happen so that’s what this is about. Neither of us were allowed in the [meeting [with BBBofC officials] and we had to sit outside in the corridor.”

The indignity of having to sit outside in the corridor was almost too much to bear, but it was nothing compared to what happened at the prior presser.

“Me and Mick were disrespected,” said Tyson’s trainer, his uncle Peter Fury, “and that’s another matter entirely and we don’t agree with that. Tyson was there to be reprimanded and he takes it on the chin.

“We’ve got a BBB of C dummy, which is what the board wanted, and we’ve got Bill and Ben the flower pot men sat next to him.”

I’m not sure what that means, but since I’m not the BBBofC, my lack of understanding means next to nothing.

Using sign language of a sort, Fury let everyone present know that the silent treatment isn’t an aberration. He intends to stay silent from now until the opening bell. If Fury is as good as his unspoken word, it will markedly different than the buildup to any of his fights.

Fortunately for those with a taste for trash talk, Chisora has no intention of keeping silent.

“I’m going to knock him out,” Del Boy said. “It’s a simple fact I don’t know what round but I’m going to knock him out.

“This is a fight game. When you’re in the gym and it comes to the crunch time your focus is not to go in the ring and be a chess player, you’re looking to kill the guy on the other side.

“He wants to take something that’s yours, it’s boxing, it is one of those sports. I don’t blame him [for taking a vow of silence]. He can keep the tape on for all the interviews but I think we could make a wager that he won’t keep it on for the next eight weeks.”

C’mon, Del Boy, stop making sense.

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  1. Mike Casey 07:09am, 09/23/2014

    Is there any chance he can keep it on - like forever?

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