Tyson Fury vs. Steve Cunningham

By Boxing News on April 21, 2013
Tyson Fury vs. Steve Cunningham
We avoid mooning over gaslights, listening to Glenn Miller, and dreaming about Mata Hari.

Tyson Fury, the big Irish lad with the big punch and big potty mouth, made his American debut Saturday afternoon at The Theater at New York’s Madison Square Garden. Because of his 21-0 record, because of his 15 knockouts, because of his towering size, Fury has been earmarked as the future of the heavyweight division. Well, if that’s so, I have seen the future and am yearning for the past. It’s not nostalgia, per se. We don’t moon over gaslights, listen to Glenn Miller, and dream about Mata Hari. But having seen Fury in action against Cunningham, fouling, lumbering, telegraphing punches, one can’t help but long for the days of Wladimir Klitschko (who will eat Fury alive), and perhaps even Primo Carnera. The former cruiserweight champion did exceptionally well under the circumstances. He didn’t, alas, do well enough…

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Tyson Fury vs Steve Cunningham FULL FIGHT KO HIGH QUALITY 20.04.2013 VERDICT

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  1. Jim Crue 05:05am, 04/22/2013

    OH Boy,
    I can hardly wait for this a..hole Fury to get his clock cleaned. Big mouth ,big jerk

  2. Robert Ecksel 06:40pm, 04/21/2013

    That was me Marty, hiding beneath the guise of Boxing News. Glad you like it.

  3. Marty 01:14pm, 04/21/2013

    Who the   author   of these some words ? -  I like   this !!!

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