Unchartered Waters

By Ted Sares on November 27, 2011
Unchartered Waters
What his coaches need to do is find an opponent who can take Deontay into the late rounds

Deontay “The Bronze Bomber” Wilder had a distinguished amateur career in which he won the National Golden Gloves and US Championships at 201 lbs. He was the only American boxer to win a medal at the 2008 Olympics. He defeated Abdelaziz Toulbini of Algeria and Mohamed Arjaoui of Moroco, but then lost to Clemente Russo. He also beat Krzysztof Zimnoch of Poland in the World Amateur Championships.

The affable 6’7” Wilder made his professional debut on the undercard of the Jeff Lacy vs. Jermain Taylor fight. He fought Ethan Cox and won by KO in the first round. He is now 20-0 with all of his wins coming by way of KO—13 in the first round. His most recent win was a first round stoppage (what else?) of David Long (10-1 coming in) this past Saturday night—his sixth fight of 2011. He knocked out Long with a perfect straight right reminiscent of Thomas Hearns. David was unconscious before he hit the canvas. Wilder has the same strong upper body and skinny legs as Hearns.

Harold Sconiers (17-23-2) extended him in 2010 until Harold was TKOd in the fourth stanza. Maybe his best win came against Damon “Dangerous” Reed who went 10 rounds with James Toney, but if Damon is anything, he is not dangerous and the Toney he fought was shot.

What this means for the former Olympian is that he has an astounding KO percentage of 100% but an equally eyebrow raising 31rounds of boxing or 1.6 rounds per fight.

He is currently trained by longtime coach Jay Deas and former welterweight champion/ Olympic Gold Medalist Mark Breland. What coaches Deas and Breland need to do is find an opponent who can take Deontay into the late rounds. Maybe his activity makes up for it some, but if he is taken deep (or as Teddy Atlas says, into “uncharted waters”), bad things can happen.

Then again the lack of rounds didn’t do much to hinder the late great Edwin Valero who averaged one round per fight during his first 18 outings.

I am beginning to really like what I see in Wilder. Stay tuned.

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  1. TEX HASSLER 04:27pm, 11/28/2011

    It is just too soon to make a judgement on Deontay’s ability. He is being brought along slowly and that is the way it should be.

  2. the thresher 08:40am, 11/28/2011

    Joe, you are right.  Those legs are like twigs.Maybe Canelo can lend him some beef from his because his legs are way too big and even fat for HIS frame.

  3. Joe 08:15am, 11/28/2011

    That “foundation” concerns me, meaning those super small calves for such a big guy.  Whoever he’s with HAS to work on that or “Twiggy” (much more appropriate than “Bronze Bomber,” although cool) isn’t going to make it.  Just sayin’.

  4. the thresher 07:17am, 11/28/2011

    Check this out:


  5. the thresher 07:12am, 11/28/2011

    I am begining to think that 75% of the guys at the top cherry pick. It makes business sense and boxing is a business.

  6. Don From Prov 06:35am, 11/28/2011

    Well, I won’t get a chance to watch the kid any time soon as I’m buried but the combination of Ted seeing a bit of Hearns in the punching and the fact that they don’t seem to want him to fight anyone makes him a bit of an enigma.  Might be worth seeing what develops there.  JC!! Hello friend, you may be more cynical than even I am about the sport right now!  I liked what you had to say the other day about our duo of cherry-picking great fighters of the decade.  Keep swinging!

  7. the thresher 06:10am, 11/28/2011

    Pug, I’m a streak writer. It comes and goes, but thanks for the props. If I get into a back and forth on another site, an idea usually pops out of it and that’s when I often come up with something

  8. the thresher 06:08am, 11/28/2011

    JC45, I hear you loud and clear.

  9. pugknows 07:28pm, 11/27/2011

    Jesus Ted, how many do you write in a day? I’m amazed at your level of productivity. Incredible and you still maintain a high level of quality to boot. Amazing.

  10. JC45 06:56pm, 11/27/2011

    GDay Ted , i just watched a few vids of Deontay on youtube and he does have nice speed, reach and looks to have some power. My problem is the kid has had 20 fights and not one of his opponents offered any threat whatsoever. Are they going to step up his standard of opposition soon?  Foreman fought Chuck Wepner in his fourth fight , Chuvalo in his 22nd. Ali fought Liston for the title in his 20th fight. Mike Tyson stepped up in class and fought James Tillis in his 20th fight. Lennox Lewis knocked out Razor Ruddock in his 21st? fight. Deontay needs to up his competition soon. You learn more from a reasonably hard fight with an old vet than you do from 20 fights knocking out near bums. Wilder looks pretty skinny as well, 6’7”, 220 is a pretty skinny kind of bloke . Cheers mate, my cynicism and current lack of enthusiasm for the sport might make me sound like a bitter old whinger but it’s the way I see it . Take care mate.

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