Usyk Outclasses Gassiev

By Robert Ecksel on July 21, 2018
Usyk Outclasses Gassiev
The final scores after 12 lopsided rounds were 120-108 and 119-109 twice. (Getty)

Fighting behind an educated right hand lead, Oleksandr Usyk schooled Murat Gassiev in the sweet science of bruising…

Saturday afternoon at Olimpiyskiy in Moscow, Russia, WBC/WBO cruiserweight champion Oleksandr Usyk (15-0, 11 KOs), the classy southpaw from Kiev, Ukraine, dominated WBA/IBF cruiserweight champion Murat Gassiev (26-0, 19 KOs), from Vladikavkaz, Russia, to unify all four titles in the World Boxing Super Series final.

The final scores after 12 lopsided rounds were 120-108 (Robin Taylor) and 119-109 twice (Mauro Di Fiore and Philippe Verbeke).

Fighting behind an educated right hand lead, Usyk schooled Gassiev in the sweet science of bruising. He threw punches in bunches and got stronger as the fight progressed.

Gassiev had his moments but they were few and far between.

According to CompuBox, it was a romp. Usyk landed 252 of 939 total punches to 91 of 313 for Gassiev. Usyk landed 99 jabs to 9 for Gassiev. He also landed 153 of 420 power punches to Gassiev’s 82 of 239.

After the fight Usyk called out British heavyweight Tony Bellew.

“At this moment I heard that Tony Bellew is looking for winner of the World Boxing Super Series and I hope he will see me talking. Tony Bellew, are you ready? If he doesn’t want to go down I will go up for him. I will take extra spaghetti for dinner for him.”

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  1. Koolz 11:40am, 07/23/2018

    your an idiot “Crimea has always been part of Russia” and never “EVER” was part of Ukraine.
    Ukraine the whole all the Rest were part of the Greater Russia called Tartaria(hence Tarters from Crimea)
    Do some research on history that is real Russian History.

    don’t make me post ton of Crap teaching you guys History and Politics.

  2. nicolas 10:36am, 07/23/2018

    What many thought would be a great fight turned out to be very one sided. The one problem with the super tournaments so far is that mystery is taken away when we find out how dominant one boxer is. It might even now appear that prervious opponent Glowiki and Breis were better than Gassier, though styles do make fights. Usyk says he next wants to fight Tony Bellew, but I would suggest that he goes up to heavyweight. He has really cleaned out the Cruiser weight division. or perhaps this tournament has. the one problem that I see for his is that before winning the title, he had all knockouts, since then only two out of six.

  3. Dave 03:57am, 07/23/2018

    Usyk is not from Kiev, Ukraine. He is from Crimea, Ukraine. But Crimea has been illegally occupied and annexed by Russia, so, Usyk “fights” out of Kiev, Ukraine. It was strange that when they announced Usyk before the fight, they didn’t state where he is really from. This is an example of the promoters sucking up to the Russians and their many crimes around the world.

  4. Koolz 05:54pm, 07/21/2018

    Koolz 05:04pm, 07/21/2018

    “Don’t miss out.  And don’t think Gassiev is bad boxer either.”

    One World Boxing Super Series ends and another Begins!
    God I can’t help the drool!!!
    probably the greatest thing happening in boxing in a long long time!
    Koolz 04:39pm, 07/21/2018

    was this supposed to be a big deal?

    Srisaket Sor Rungvisai vs Young Gil Bae
    Koolz 04:35pm, 07/21/2018

    Better Version with out the Amazing Intro!
    Uysk vs Gassiev
    Koolz 04:30pm, 07/21/2018

    Chudinov vs Mahammedi
    Koolz 04:28pm, 07/21/2018

    Briedis vs Deslaurier
    why is he fighting a walking punching bag?
    Koolz 04:27pm, 07/21/2018

    need to find better version since it’s not that steady little jerky in areas.
    I watched the whole card live!
    Uysk vs Gassiev

    ah the foot work….

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