Vargas Scales The Wall

By Johnathan Lee Iverson on April 13, 2018
Vargas Scales The Wall
Story after story from our various news outlets play out like an endless pasquinade.

It’s all fun and games, until you realize, in politics, unlike an SNL skit, language and leadership have consequences…

Today’s hotly divisive and many might say, derisive political climate of the United States of America has had a contagiously contentious influence on the public at large. No one with the slightest intellectual integrity can deny this. Tales of school children to evangelists to, of course, politicians themselves othering their neighbors, while professing a newfound liberty to exercise the base recesses of their nature seem to abound with a frequency rarely seen since the legal evisceration of Jim Crow. Story after story from our various news outlets literally play out like an endless pasquinade. The modern American press is to the likes of the Onion, what Reality Television and its “stars” are to the porn industry. It’s all fun and games, until you realize, in politics, unlike an SNL skit, language and leadership have consequences.

Nothing is sacred, not even sports. Athletes have always used their respective field to express their respective views; and in America’s current political culture, it’s come to be expected, unfortunately. So, it was when America’s Rod Salka took on Mexico’s Francisco Vargas this past Thursday. Salka, a native of Pennsylvania is best known for the thrashing he endured at the hands of Puerto Rican star by way of Philadelphia, Danny Garcia. Thursday versus the mighty Francisco Vargas would be no different. Perhaps, in an attempt to raise his rather mediocre profile or engage in some kind of vile gamesmanship, Salka ventured into the ring decked out in Anti-Immigrant garb, with a brick wall design and “America 1st” emblazoned on his belt line. Unfortunately for him, he didn’t have the aid of border patrol, the National Guard or much skill to contend with Vargas, who successfully and viciously, dominated the zealous American, causing his “wall” to collapse for good in the sixth round.

A “source” told me advocates for the construction of the wall were deeply distressed at the ease to which the Mexican fighter pummeled “the structure.” One such advocate, a Southern Baptist, exclaimed, “It was as in the days of Jericho!”

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  1. Crash 06:30pm, 04/19/2018

    I am one man, and you may address me as such. I don’t need alts to state my opinion. As far as not knowing what a strawman is, I’m sure you don’t, considering the quantity of them you posit. The fact that Muslims, white or otherwise, are coming here in record numbers is alarming and unwelcome. Muslims didn’t build this country or Western Civilization, and to think that this land will be as free when the majority of the population is black, Mexican, and Muslim is to live in a total dream world. Western Civilization ends when the creators of it are pushed out. The fact that you’re so happy to end modern civilization just to spite whitey is a sign of your low IQ.

  2. The Barker 05:46pm, 04/19/2018

    Crash or Your Name or tonyd,

    You don’t even know what a straw man argument is:) Interesting you assume these Russian anchor babies are Muslim. You love trigger words don’t you? I guess they help your weak arguments. Fact is, them being Muslim or any other faith has nothing to do with preserving and perfecting immigration laws. If you feel threatened by terrorism, maybe you should look in the mirror, as white men are in fact, according to the US Gov’t a greater threat than radical Islam.

  3. Crash 05:02pm, 04/19/2018

    You fool, immigration laws ARE fair. It’s just that dirty crooks can’t help but take advantage of America’s generosity. Russian anchor babies are illegal as well as undesirable, especially since so many of them are Muslims from the Caucasus. Anchor babies of any color are wack as fuck. Any more strawmen, Barker, or is that the best you can do?

  4. The Barker 04:47am, 04/19/2018

    Your Name or tonyd or Crash or whatever other aliás you’re using, you don’t care about law & order. You only care about white preservation. Russians meddle in US elections you stay quiet. Russians are literally coming to the US to have children to automatically qualify themselves, you stay quiet. I don’t expect intellectual honorary from your likes because that would require moral integrity, which you clearly lack. Targeting only groups of color be it in the US, Europe or Israel makes it clear that it’s not about immigration, but White fear.

    I wish immigration laws were just. Then the US would manage their resources affectively for its citizens first. Yet, that’s not the motivation and that’s the problem.

  5. Your Name 12:52pm, 04/18/2018

    awww boo hoo the barker is triggered life isn’t fair waaaaaaaaa stick your theories pal Salka had every right to wear and think what he wants I applaud him for that you typical lefty’s are all for freedom of speech as long as you agree with it if not your a racist you fools need some new material!

  6. tonyd 12:47pm, 04/18/2018

    right again Crash Iverson is just another race baiting lefty enjoying all of the spoils of living in this great country all the while bashing anyone who stands up for our laws and for our borders typical lefty keep up the good work Crash love reading your stuff!!!

  7. Your Name 05:11pm, 04/17/2018

    You’re triggered by the most basic patriotism. That shows that you’re not really interested in being an American. And now you feel singled out, because brown. Do you not have a basic grip on understanding cause and effect? “Aw dey jus pickin on de brown fokes again, dem ebil huwite debbils.”

  8. The Barker 04:52pm, 04/17/2018

    I was waiting for you alls likes. Your Name, your intellectual ineptitude never ceases to amuse me. I bet you’re moonlighting as Crash, because I fail to comprehend how two idiots can be on the same message board at the same time, virtually high giving one another:)
    Iverson didn’t say anything about laws on immigration. Salka made a clear racist jab at his Mexican opponent and people like him. Personally, I’m all for stricter laws and not wasting American resources on strangers, but it’s clear this sudden love for law and order only applies to brown people.

  9. Crash 02:40pm, 04/15/2018

    This clown Iverson tagged Jim Crow on this just for more hits to his race-baiting piece., your standards are really slipping. Do you just let anyone write for you now?

  10. Your Name 09:45am, 04/15/2018

    Oh one more thing Crash Iverson is a clown like the rest…..

  11. Your Name 09:42am, 04/15/2018

    well said Crash 100% correct!!!

  12. Crash 01:52pm, 04/14/2018

    There’s nothing “Anti-Immigrant” about a wall designed to keep out illegal invaders. Nobody is against LEGAL immigration. Your attempt to conflate legal and illegal immigration is both noted and incredibly dishonest. Stop being a clown like the rest.

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