Vasiliy Lomachenko May Need Gervonta Davis After All

By Paul Magno on April 11, 2019
Vasiliy Lomachenko May Need Gervonta Davis After All
Lomachenko has nobody who can offer him a real fight—except, maybe, Gervonta Davis.

“What to do next” talk is okay this one time. The problem is that Lomachenko pretty much has nothing to do next…

WBA/WBO lightweight champ Vasiliy Lomachenko is fighting this Friday and, normally, it would never be a good idea for any fighter to overlook his upcoming opponent while pondering future career moves.

But the Ukraine’s favorite son is facing game, moderately talented, but woefully overmatched Anthony Crolla of the UK in an 80-to-1 squash. Lomachenko could probably roll around a flat screen on a cart during the fight, playing Fortnite on X-Box while creating a Spotify music playlist…and still pitch a shutout.

“What to do next” talk is okay this one time.

The problem is that Lomachenko pretty much has nothing to do next.

The only real name worth talking about in his weight range is junior lightweight titlist Gervonta Davis, who has the raw physical ability to give Lomachenko some issues, but also an alliance with Al Haymon and Mayweather Promotions that makes putting a fight together a very tough proposition.

Lomachenko seems to welcome the challenge, even going so far as to offer fighting for free.

“Maybe after 135 I go down to 130 one more time and try to organize a fight with Gervonta Davis,” Lomachenko recently told members of the media.

“I can fight with him for free. I don’t need the money. I came for my goal … but [Davis] never stepped in the ring for free. Never.”

Lomachenko’s promoter Bob Arum, on the other hand, is uncharacteristically NOT dangling a media-enticing carrot before his fighter’s less than enthralling title defense on ESPN.

“Forget Gervonta Davis; he is in a different weight class,” Arum told esnews. “We’re not going over and talking to Haymon and getting tied up. We don’t need Gervonta Davis. If he comes to us and says we’ll fight Lomachenko at x amount. Well, okay, we’d listen. But otherwise, I’m not chasing Gervonta Davis.”

But, like it or not, maybe Lomachenko DOES need Davis.

Beating up on a series of no-hopers is unbecoming of a talent like Lomachenko. This Crolla fight, which is a WBA mandatory challenge being played off as something forced on the two-time Olympic gold medalist or, as Arum put it “shoved up our asses,” can’t become a trend. If Team Lomachenko can’t rustle up some talent who, at least on paper, represent a challenge for their guy, fan patience will wear thin. Lomachenko will go from being “must-see TV” to someone whose highlight package is checked out the following day.

With a barren 135 lb. landscape around him and a justified reluctance to jump up to a much-too-heavy junior welterweight division, Lomachenko has nobody who can offer him a real fight—except, maybe, Gervonta Davis.

The business politics of boxing, though, make Lomachenko-Davis even less likely to happen than other cockblocked mega-fights like Errol Spence-Terence Crawford and Anthony Joshua-Deontay Wilder.

Those looking for something to test the prodigious gifts of Vasiliy will come up with the same lame answers his own people are tossing out to the public. Maybe IBF titlist Richard Commey. Maybe WBC junior lightweight champ Miguel Berchelt.

Of course, there’s always Mikey Garcia, whose failed bid to beat welterweight champ Errol Spence, could send him back down to lightweight. But, then again, Garcia, like Davis, is a fighter from the other side of the boxing street, estranged from Arum through his alliance with adviser Al Haymon and from his ugly split with Arum’s Top Rank Promotions a few years back.

Fellow Top Rank fighter, 21-year-old Teofimo Lopez is a unique talent with tremendous charisma who may, eventually, be the one to retire the Ukrainian three-division world champ. But that one’s “down the road” as Arum says and, knowing Arum, that road will be needlessly long.

So, that takes us back to where we started. Lomachenko’s going to crush Crolla this Friday and, after that, there’s nobody but the glimmer of a shiny Gervonta Davis in the distance.

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  1. Thrashem 06:44am, 04/14/2019

    I like Davis, he is the kind of kid that will upset Loma. Yes, his psyche is vulnerable and is not hitting on all cylinders when he gets into the ring. He need a special trainer to handle that mood. Don’t know where his mind is at sometimes, coked-up??? It will take a Duran mentality to break Loma and we have to get back to 15 rounds. If we don’t, Leonard would have never beaten Hearns. And what the hell is this, a lightweight fighting once a year.  Boxing is in a sad state!

  2. ceylon 12:27pm, 04/13/2019

    davis folds. no way he can handle that loma shit. mikey garcia is easy work.

    miguel berchelt is the biggest challenge. and teofilo lopez
    is dangerous and explosive. luke campbell is dam good.

    davis is a novelty fight against a guy, whose clearly scared of lomachenko and begging to be embarrassed.

  3. Koolz 04:11pm, 04/12/2019

    Roach is saying some crazy stuff!

    Screw Loma Legend’s legs just punch the guy, just go after him and punch him. 

    This just made me laugh!
    Screw this guys boxing skills just out box him!  HAHAHA!!

    Don’t you think Garcia would need a few wins or a win to build up his confidence before he took on Loma Legend.

  4. The Tache 10:23am, 04/12/2019

    I know Garcia got a complete undressing against Spence, but for me anyway, losing a fight way above his weight class to an elite fighter doesn’t impact his reputation back at 135, if he can still make it. That doesn’t mean I think he would beat Loma, but I would expect it to be a lot more competitive

  5. Koolz 06:23am, 04/12/2019

    Garcia lost to Spence in a fight that was well just horrible.  Garcia never got by Spence’s Jab.  And when he threw which was really barely ever in the fight Spence acted like he was about to get Knocked out.

    Is Garcia going to fight Loma Legend after that?  No he won’t.  Maybe in a year though if he can still make 135.

    I see Loma Legend unifying then retiring.

  6. The Tache 06:46am, 04/11/2019

    What about Garcia? Has he said he definitely isn’t going back to 135? Obviously 147 is a stretch too far for him and it wasn’t that long ago he won a title at lightweight. Does he still hold it even? Less than a year ago the talk of the superfight was Loma vs Garcia, please don’t tell me that is never going to happen now.

  7. Koolz 06:35am, 04/11/2019

    If Loma Legend fights Tank that would destroy Tank’s Career.
    Why because it would effect his Psych. He would lose confidence in himself and have to build himself back up.  The guy is incredibly thin skinned.

    But Loma Legend is so sick of hearing anything of Tank’s Mouth that he is willing to come down and weight and shut him up for free.

    Mayweather knows best here.
    He said Tank is too young he has plenty of time.
    Hey let the words fly!

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