Vegas Hold ‘Em: Mayweather Decisions Maidana

By Robert Ecksel on September 13, 2014
Vegas Hold ‘Em: Mayweather Decisions Maidana
Compared to their competitive and exciting first fight, Saturday's rematch was neither.

Floyd Mayweather, ably assisted by referee Kenny Bayless, kept his unbeaten streak alive by decisioning Marcos Maidana over 12 one-sided rounds…

“He hugged me even more than my wife.”—Former light heavyweight champion Bob Foster

Saturday night at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada, Floyd “Money” Mayweather (47-0, 26 KOs), ably assisted by referee Kenny Bayless, kept his unbeaten streak alive by decisioning Marcos “El Chino” Maidana (35-5, 31 KOs), over 12 one-sided rounds by scores of 115-112 and 116-111 twice.

Compared to their first fight, which was competitive and exciting, the rematch was neither. It was partly the fault of Maidana. He lacked urgency and failed to duplicate the blueprint that proved so effective four months earlier. Partly it was the fault of Mayweather, who devised a gameplan that was strategically sound but pugilistically inert.

Recognizing what Maidana was able to do in their first meeting, a crude but effective demonstration of how Mayweather might be beaten, this time Floyd stayed off the ropes and clinched every time El Chino tried to mount an offense. It not only brought the action to a halt. It made for a bad fight that the referee, who is no fan of infighting and perhaps biased, could have remedied with a point deduction or three.

Mayweather successfully kept out of range and his right hand, thrown over Maidana’s lazy left jab, is as accurate as ever, but he barely threw a combination and his legs are all but gone. Maidana won a couple rounds on our card, but when the final stats were tallied, he had landed 128 of 572 punches for 22% to Mayweather’s 166 of 326 for 51%.

The crowd at the MGM began booing early and the booing increased as the rounds progressed. One can praise Mayweather’s savvy, his ring IQ, his wealth, his willingness to do what he needed to do to win. This, however, was not a victory to savor; not a fight to watch a second time.

Perhaps the most interesting round of the fight was the eighth. It wasn’t that the action in this round was scintillating. That was another fight altogether. This was the round when Mayweather claimed Maidana, with a mouthpiece in his mouth, bit his hand, which was of course covered with a boxing glove, during one of their countless clinches. 

“He bit my fingers so my hands was numb,” he said after the fight, “my fingers was numb. After the eighth round my hand was numb. I really couldn’t use my left hand, but I got the victory the best way I know how. We was tangled up in the center of the ring, the referee was breaking us and he bit my left hand.”

While talking about the bite, with Mike Tyson sitting stone-faced ringside, Mayweather was wearing the wearisome TBE (The Best Ever) cap. If there was any doubt before tonight, there is no doubt any longer. Mayweather is not the best ever. He may not even be the best fighter fighting today. He needs to continue ducking Manny Pacquiao. He should avoid Keith Thurman like the plague. Even Amir Khan might pose problems which the 37-year-old Mayweather can no longer solve.

Two more fights, or at the most three more fights are all that remains of his career. It will end, as all glorious careers end, with a combination of gratitude and regret. But unless tonight was a total aberration, Mayweather isn’t going out with a bang. He will, of necessity, go out with a whimper.

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Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Marcos Maidana 2 full fight in HD 13.09.2014


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  1. raxman 04:48pm, 09/16/2014

    Darrell - g’day mate. I’m with you. I think Floyd looked good. especially his legs. I was amazed when our fearless editor here Mr Ecksel commented that floyds legs were “all but gone” - I thought this fight proved the opposite and just showed what a biased judge Freddy Roach is when it comes to Floyd. Roach is as good as leader of the pack when it comes to denigrating Floyd. and it always falls into the category that FMJ would call “I can’t win”. In the cotto fight he traded and it was said his legs were gone. in the subsequent Guerrero fight he was called a runner (a claim I cannot accept - he boxes - an example of Floyd running was round 12 of this last fight - he did not do that in fights v guerrero and canelo). Maidana #1 he stays inside and trades again - his legs are gone. no doubt he’s a runner again following maidana #2

  2. Darrell 07:34pm, 09/14/2014

    I thought it was a pretty good, entertaining fight.

    Floyd looked reasonably good, employed a good strategy to chest up to Maidana on occasions to neutralize his fouling arse from having to take all those shots to the back of his head.  I even liked Floyd’s footwork, a whole lot better than the last fight, and the fact that he responded brilliantly after getting bitten by giving back to Maidana some of the dirty tactics that the Argentinian employed against him for round after round…...If anything Floyd may have got on top in the foul count from round 8.  Fight fire with fire, I say!

    Maidana won rounds 4, 8 and 12.  Thought round 6 was even but Floyd took the other 8 rounds comfortably.

  3. bmore410 06:24pm, 09/14/2014


  4. bmore410 06:16pm, 09/14/2014

    maidana had 31 wins 4 losses with 31 kos with 2 out of 4 of his lost fights to be rematched and won them, he COULD of LOST but he won them… pacman wasnt always in the same weight class he is southpaw fighter that leads with his right hand like myself it comes naturally yet awkward why…......bc the right hand is powerful yet you learn to throw out the left hand during certain points….this style cannot be figured out ive tried to lead left footed but i cant i feel out of position same with pacman….....where they mess up is in the fine print i knw that as well lol you guys are on the mayweather bandwagon really hard too hard talking about american its boxing man vs man my brother! and pacman fought cotto you wannabe intellectual sidetracking man! GGG said he wants to fight COTTO ! this is amusing however bc i knew what it comes down nope i wont go that way either lol

  5. Nikki Williams 05:57pm, 09/14/2014

    i give u ass a D- bcuz i know u r better then that now get ur ass bck in the gym and train hard so u can fight manny ass and prove to people that u can beat him and u not running from his lil ass ok

  6. raxman 05:30pm, 09/14/2014

    George Thomas Clark - re the two Sugar Rays taking on bigger opponents - firstly isn’t little Floyd already doing that? the guy walks around at his fighting weight. Leonard was a big welter when he started. and robinson was in that era of same day weigh ins and fight monthly so he wasn’t having to deal with opponents rehydrating 10-20pounds by fight time. Floyd fighting at 154 is basically the same thing -even fighting at 147 - by ring time his opponent is close to the 160 pounds that SRR was facing.
    having said that I don’t put Floyd in the same league as either Ray. I think he’s close to leonard but Ray Robinson is clearly TBE

  7. bmore410 04:41pm, 09/14/2014

    Maidana has no brain lol maidana has gotten kod just to get up and ko back the fighter and then do it again

  8. Foreman 03:46pm, 09/14/2014

    FM is   done for boxing, he   won   but he   lacks power,  his punches dont hurt anyone above 140 pounds,  he can not KO anyone.  and he is 90 % defense and only 10 % attack.    Maydana is   only muscle, no brain and no technique,  he will be destroyed by others   with acceptable punch, power.  He barely could beat an old   Erik Morales some years ago, in light weight.

  9. GlennR 03:16pm, 09/14/2014

    Agreed Eric.
    Both guys, particularly Pac, are way too small to take on GGG and i don’t know why there appears to be an almost blood-lust to see either of these fights eventuate.

  10. Eric 03:04pm, 09/14/2014

    Floyd against Triple G is not happening, and Pacquiao against Golovkin would be an official suicide by boxer. Floyd is a small welterweight who started out at 130lbs and Pacquiao started at flyweight. Not to mention that Pacquiao and Floyd are both knocking on the door of the big four-O. Too small, too old, too weak, to even think about a 160lb monster like Golovkin. Both men are far too smart to agree with a bout like that, unless they suddenly develop a death wish.

  11. GlennR 02:28pm, 09/14/2014

    Yes, thanks for the article Robert.
    Funny, i only watched the first fight two days ago and, to be honest, i felt FMW walked it in. Sure Maidana had his moments, but Floyd just got the cleaner stronger shots whilst showing superior defense.
    That’s a win for me.
    TBE??? Not in a million years

    So im just starting to watch fight 2, there is NOTHING wrong with Floyds legs so far ;), but im expecting it to be a total whitewash as per Roberts article.
    Thanks for the link

  12. bmore410 02:18pm, 09/14/2014

    there way go AMERICAN fighter im latino american im up next @ 27 im 22 now

  13. bmore410 02:15pm, 09/14/2014

    you guys kill me lol

  14. real boxing fan 02:14pm, 09/14/2014

    I’m not sure who writes these articles but to say mayweathers legs are gone is ridiculous. He used his legs and ring savy the entire fight. It’s a shame mayweather is not appreciated now because when he retires boxing is going to suffer. From what I’ve seen of Keith Thurman he is a average fighter like all the other welterweight s. Floyd is an American champion that is saving the face of America in the global sport of boxing.

  15. Walter Wojtowicz 01:55pm, 09/14/2014

    Robert - Great re-cap and insight.  Always looked for and appreciated.  I love the action of the preceding comments.  I have been watching boxing my whole life and I must admit with pleasure since finding this site I have a greater appreciation and insight into the sport I have been following my whole life.  @Mr. Clark - If anything, at least for me, digging up these memories of the past really provides the student or wannabee student of the sport an understanding of how we have arrived at this point.  And, Sir, if that is all you have it is more than most people will ever have.  @Matt McGrain - I liked the fight too. You are not alone.  It is always entertaining to watch Floyd perform and who doesn’t get a kick out of watching the two morbidly, obese Sasasketchwan’s walk Floyd into the ring..

  16. bmore410 12:26pm, 09/14/2014

    whats a “undefeated” champion to people when he himself knows THE TRUTH! Along with the 1in a million eyes that see what i see!

  17. bmore410 11:17am, 09/14/2014

    Holyfield = honorable boxer and person

  18. bmore410 11:16am, 09/14/2014

    Marciano has been the greatest of all time, along with tyson but tyson went wrong with his rage he shouldnt of never let it eat him away along with Holyfield clean fighter best of the best ! Ali was great tho i disliked his fighting stance as running around

  19. bmore410 11:09am, 09/14/2014

    ok i see what you are saying but he has put himself as money mayweather so if its about money then fight pacman last night was a $80 fight on ppv meaning that the pac fight would be the most $$$ floyd has ever seen….greatest of all time no i dont believe that more like greatest liar of the sport of boxing lol and if its about underdog floyd can fight gerald thn pacman pacman and maidana are not amused by his tactics he is a sore loser and petty…...........when he fights hispanics he comes out with sombreros to try to mock us but ........HIS TRAINER IS MEXICAN SO THATs THE TYPE OF BS HE’LL SAY LMAOOOOO TRUE PIECE OF GARBAGE TO ME AT LEAST

  20. George Thomas Clark 11:01am, 09/14/2014

    bmore - I was referring to Manny not standing a chance against GGG.  He’d have a shot against Floyd, though Manny would definitely be the underdog.  Someone had earlier asked why I wasn’t calling for Manny to take on GGG, since I had written that Floyd - “as the greatest of all time” - might want to do what the two Sugar Rays did: take on bigger champions…

  21. bmore410 10:59am, 09/14/2014

    pacman vs maidana= ?

    They would have to box, no premeditated conclusions on that one!

  22. bmore410 10:55am, 09/14/2014


  23. George Thomas Clark 10:47am, 09/14/2014

    ROB - Regarding GGG - Manny wouldn’t stand a chance.  On the other hand, Floyd would be competitive, even at a 160-pound limit.  I know that fight’s not going to happen, and it really shouldn’t.

  24. George Thomas Clark 10:42am, 09/14/2014

    ROB asked why Pacquiao doesn’t fight—- 

    maidana - Manny would win

    canelo - He wouldn’t dominate like Floyd did, and he could lose

    guerrero - Manny would win by wide margin

    khan - Many would win by TKO or unanimous decision

    an undrained cotto - Floyd and Manny, unlike Leonard and Hearns, are not natural welters with an upside to move into heavier divisions.  Welterweight is the heavier division of Manny and Floyd.
    Anyone who can punch and is a true welter - Timothy Bradley is a fine fighter who Manny, in reality, beat twice.  He’s not a KO puncher but is very formidable.

    In recent years, Floyd’s competition has been better than Manny’s…

    Shawn Porter and Kell Brook would also be good opponent for Manny and Floyd.

  25. George Thomas Clark 10:14am, 09/14/2014

    Jimmy Popp - I obviously meant Danny Garcia knocked out Khan.  Don’t get excited over a late-night typo…

  26. bmore410 10:13am, 09/14/2014


  27. bmore410 10:09am, 09/14/2014

    Maidana won he dominated the entire fight he needed to throw the right hook for a ko. second the ref was obviously breaking up the fight when maidana was gaining ups on his goofy ass. When did they start judging fights on % landed lol Its who landed the most meaning if maidana threw 100 jabs and only land 50 the 50 count its all set up by mayweather .he was nervous and wanted to sucker punch him 3xs first when they went to the corners second when he said he got bit and third at then of the fight when he came to him close maidana patted him on the shoulder and kept it moving mayweather is sleezy piece of shit! Along with his and agents they have it coming!  But maidana KNEW this it was more thn a physical fight!!!!!!!!! THEY CAN ALL ROT MAIDANA WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND ITS OBVIOUS LIKE I SAID WHEN DID THEY START %s only in VIDEO GAMES!!!!!!! IM GOING TO BE THE WORLD CHAMPION @27 !!!!

  28. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 09:14am, 09/14/2014

    Lest we forget…. Floyd is the only game in town….sports game that is….the UNLV Rebels are still runnin’ but not quite as fast as when “Tark the Shark’ was wheelin’ and dealin’ don’t even think for a minute that Bayless wasn’t there as an insurance policy (whether he was needed last night or not) to make sure that Maidana behaved i.e. didn’t do anything to prevent Floyd from fighting his fight….there’s a photo on another site where the fighters are separated by at least six feet yet Bayless’ eyes are firmly fixed on Marcos.

  29. Eric 08:54am, 09/14/2014

    Floyd never even took a sip of that Coke.

  30. Jack 08:29am, 09/14/2014

    Pete and Irish, thanks for weighing in, your opinions are always much appreciated. You tube works great at 3 a.m. Las Vegas time, great HD picture, unfortunately, the quality of the fight didn’t match the picture resolution!!!! Can’t wait for the next victim, I mean opponent!!! LOL A lot of you guys will be transitioning to MMA, like myself. I have watched boxing for 59 years and been training for 54 years, but have just about had it with the crap we are feed as fans!!!!

  31. FrankinDallas 08:06am, 09/14/2014

    Glad I saved $75 last night and watched (for free) Greatest Show on Earth,
    1952 Cecil B. De Mille spectacle. Once I heard Bayless was going to be
    the ref, I understood that his method of handling clinches plus the fact that Floyd was not going to have his back to the ropes I knew the outcome was
    not in doubt.

    “Pugilistically inert”. Classic line…I will steal it unashamedly.

  32. Galvar 07:53am, 09/14/2014

    Snooze fight but it was expected.  Floyd tried to duke it out last time (or so he says) to give us “fans” the fight we want to see but it blew up in his face hence the rematch.  The last one was too close so he sticks to his old tactics of clinching and elbowing.  If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.  As for being TBE… Only if TBE is determined by having zero losses which it’s not.  Fighting Pac now would be meaningless.  Should’ve fought him 5 years ago regardless of the PED accusations.  Only way I think Floyd can close with a bang is if he fights another undefeated in their prime i.e. GGG and Thurman.  Beat those 2 guys at this point of your career Floyd then start wearing that TBE hat cause right now it’s like you’re wearing one of those Father’s Day “#1 Dad in the World” t-shirt.

  33. Pete The Sneak 07:49am, 09/14/2014

    Yawn…Is it over already? I didn’t see and/or pay for the fight (never, ever will I pay for an FMJ ‘fight’) so thanks for the write up Robert. From your well written report, sounds like the fight went pretty much as everyone had thought and predicted….So let’s move on…Now, will everyone please put all this PAC/FMJ fight crap to bed already? That ship sailed many years ago and there is no way in the world that 1) The fight will happen and 2) That it would be competitive…I love Pac, however the Pac fighting today would not come close to beating FMJ, as it would be another snooze fest as FMJ would just box circles around Pac…Sorry Pac Nuts, but it’s true…5-6 Years ago, I would have definitely picked Pac to beat FMJ, but not today…Heck, Pac may very well get his ears boxed off by Algieri in his upcoming fight, which by the way is another PPV ‘event’ I won’t be shelling out for…Peace.

  34. Ally 07:21am, 09/14/2014

    GGG for Floyd I need to turn auto correct off!

  35. Ally 07:20am, 09/14/2014

    I’m new to this site but have been reading for a few years. I was very shocked people were still giving maidana a chance at all! I knew this fight was going one way floyd was never going to touch the ropes and pick maidana off and spoil him to bits. High for floyd is so stupid to even say you have a guy that was a featherweight to my recollection fighting a natural middle weight who could punch holes in steel. Give money a break..

  36. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 07:17am, 09/14/2014

    Robert Ecksel-Great report! From the comments it appears that some did not see the same fight that you did and when I say that I mean just that…..I didn’t see the fight but I know this much….the only real chance Maidana had with Floyd was to work overtime inside….. with incessant grabbing by Floyd and Bayless on high alert to break up any action in close….Maidana’s chances were 800 to 1…. not 8 to 1. The night when quick twitch Floyd won’t be able to land that sneak pot shot right is the night he will lose that “0” on his record that figures so mightily in his $550,000,000 career earnings.

  37. ROB 07:07am, 09/14/2014

    Why do people call for Floyd to fight GGG and Thurman but give Pacman a pass for fighting lightweight nobodies like algeri and rios? let’s see what pac can do against maidana, canelo, guerrero, khan, an undrained cotto or Anyone who can punch and is a true welter? that bastard can refuse drug testing while negotiations are on then “agree” when the fight is off, can turn down 40 million then claim he will fight for charity and he still gets a pass! where are the calls for him to take on ggg? talk about bias!

  38. andrew 06:54am, 09/14/2014

    Well put, Eric. Also, when one fighter gets 30 million and the other 4, how can so many fans be conned into paying for such a mismatch?

  39. Eric 06:41am, 09/14/2014

    I haven’t shelled out money for a PPV fight since the ‘90’s and will continue to do so. I can’t believe people keep paying to see this kind of crap especially given the state and uncertainty of the economy. Even ex-fighters like Hagler and Holyfield have criticized Floyd’s cherry picking opponents. Hagler and Holyfield are certainly not “haters” and both were warriors who never avoided any fighter.

  40. Ted Spoon 06:24am, 09/14/2014

    There were those moments when Mayweather’s laser cross brought a gasp, but the dance we’re all well acquainted with is losing its shine. It would have been interesting had Maidana buzzed Floyd earlier in round three. Somehow Mayweather won by a bigger margin yet looked more beatable. The clinching was rather obvious, and Marcos was on the wrong end of a slight bias in trying to brawl himself free. The running that took place in the final round was awful. Refusing to engage should be punished by the referee. The interview that followed was characteristically vague. The greatest fighters want to leave no stone unturned. Floyd wants us to believe those are his intentions as he hit n’ runs his way into slippers.

  41. Matt McGrain 05:37am, 09/14/2014

    I really enjoyed the fight.  It’s lonely out here.

  42. carlos 04:54am, 09/14/2014

    The Same way Lara won Canelo Alvarez

  43. cruz 04:29am, 09/14/2014

    No I don’t care who wins. I just want it done to shut everybody.  Then all the what ifs will be over.

  44. Jack 04:16am, 09/14/2014

    The best chance Pacquiao had to beat Floyd was 5 years ago, there is a reason it didn’t happen then. You are not being realistic if you think the fight will get made and Pacquiao has any chance of winning!!!! Pete, where are you, I know, you are completely disgusted with this????

  45. cruz 04:00am, 09/14/2014

    Stop talking about being the best, Fight Pac…and that will put everything to rest. I will stop watching Floyd and Pac. Sure it will be a big money night. That is what the people want. Come on lets make it happen. They are both aging, so the sooner the better for both.

  46. Jack 03:52am, 09/14/2014

    What an exciting and competitive fight, I really feel the money I spent to view it was very well spent. Mayweather’s fights are reminiscent of the all time greats in the welterweight division. NOT!!!!!!!!!!!! No wonder I watch more MMA than boxing these days. Just a note here: The first fight I saw was Sugar Ray Robinson’s 2nd comeback fight against Ralph “Tiger” Jones, which he lost by the way. Can’t wait to see 50-0, seriously!!!?????

  47. Clarence George 03:42am, 09/14/2014

    Unless and until they find a way to resurrect a prime Dempsey to take on an equally resurrected and prime Louis, I won’t pay to watch a fight on television.  Even then, I might require a screen more or less the size of King Kong’s backside.  In short, I didn’t see Mayweather-Maidana II.  But Robert’s synopsis and analysis (excellent, per uje) is pretty much echoed everywhere else—the fight was a boofest.

    Mayweather’s in a pickle.  He’ll be eight months older at the time of his next fight.  Desperate to preserve and protect that increasingly ridiculous and meaningless 0, he’ll be loath to take on anyone who has a chance of beating his progressively geriatric self.  That’s on the one hand.  On the other, the hype machine will no longer be effective in pumping up opponents no one takes seriously or promoting fights no one wants to see.

    As for Mayweather’s claim to be TBE—it was always laughable…now it’s embarrassing.

  48. raxman 01:59am, 09/14/2014

    GTC - golovkin is a middleweight. i don’t why people keep throwing him up as an opponent. golovkin is not going to be able to get done to 154. before finishing his amateur career he couldn’t make that weight.

  49. Gadafi 01:32am, 09/14/2014

    floyd z atrue champ who can adjust fo any opponent. canero crushed the oppenents tht gave floyd tuff tym tho won them the world was convinced tht canero wud dethrone floyd the fight appeared the Mexican was dominated the entire fight n scored him self aloss..we need to credit flod

  50. Jimmy pop 12:27am, 09/14/2014

    khan would be way more competive than maidana.. khan beat maidana better than floyd did twice.. george who the hell is danny lopez ? he never knocked khan out.. stop talking shit..

  51. George Thomas Clark 11:13pm, 09/13/2014

    Despite his undeniable boxing talent, and considerable personal charm, Floyd has developed the reputation of a carnival barker.  Not true?  Okay, Floyd, forget about Amir Khan, who we all know can’t come close to beating you, and take on - as noted above - Keith Thurman, a great young undefeated fighter who’s knocked out 21 of 23 opponents.  Amir Khan was knocked out by fine junior welter Danny Lopez.  That means Khan should not be the next opponent of the self-proclaimed greatest welterweight and pound for pound fighter of all time.  The next opponent should be Thurman or Pacquiao or Golovkin.  Do you think that will happen?  Asking that question isn’t hating.  It’s getting real…

  52. raxman 11:09pm, 09/13/2014

    I’d have to disagree re the legs thing. I think last fight it appeared he fought the way he did because he had lost his legs but I thought he moved better than he has in years in this fight.

  53. George Thomas Clark 11:07pm, 09/13/2014

    Leslie - Criticizing someone who incessantly calls himself the greatest of all time is not being a hater.  I like Floyd personally, from the vibes I get through the media, and I admire his ring generalship, which has made him one of the finest ever.  However, you’re comparing Floyd to the great Ali is preposterous.  Ali, more than anyone in history, fought the greatest fighters he could and, indeed, some were among the best fighters in history: Sonny Liston, Joe Frazier, George Foreman, Kenny Norton, and - when it was far too late - Larry Holmes.  Do you really believe that Floyd would fight the welterweight equivalent of those guys?  Get real…He’d accuse them of using PEDs or find some other reason to avoid them…

  54. Leslie 10:58pm, 09/13/2014

    Mayweather is not worried about your criticism about the fight, he knows that you’ll pay dearly if there is even a slim chance he’ll be defeated. Ali perfected that money making paradigm years ago, with people just like the haters here. He’s been milking his critics for years, and it has been very profitable

  55. Leslie 10:49pm, 09/13/2014

    Mayweather did what he had to do to win, if you did not complain about the fouling of the last fight don’t complain about how it was neutralized in the second fight.

  56. Robert Ecksel 10:48pm, 09/13/2014

    So we should never mention Shakespeare because we have Stephen King. We should never think of Rembrandt when Jeff Koons walks among us.

  57. George Thomas Clark 10:47pm, 09/13/2014

    Leslie - last I checked, Pacquiao and Golovkin are alive and thriving in the ring.  Perhaps you hadn’t heard…

  58. Leslie 10:43pm, 09/13/2014

    It’s remarkable how digging up the dead in an attempt at comparison, when there is no comparison that can be made. Marciano do or die boxing would find him as dead as he is now, in today’s class of fighters. Babe Ruth would not cause a ripple against today’s pitchers. Let the heroes of yesterday rest in the era they ruled. Digging them up only shows you refuse to accept reality of what the world is today, and are clinging to the past, because it’s all you have.

  59. George Thomas Clark 10:28pm, 09/13/2014

    I was at a rock concert tonight - an offshoot of Jefferson Airplane - because I wanted to see some action.  I think most of knew there wouldn’t be much action in the second fight between Mayweather and Maidana.  Why should Floyd test himself and endanger his health?  People lap up these less-than-rousing performances and pay the guy 30 million bucks each time so he can claim he’s the greatest ever.  And now the public is supposed to get excited about Amir Khan, a fine fighter but not a great one.  If Floyd’s really believes he’s the greatest ever he needs to do what the great ones do, challenge himself and, in his case, fight Pacquiao and Golovkin…The former could conceivably happen next September, if Floyd thinks Manny has aged enough, the latter is a dream.  Leonard fought Hagler.  Floyd will look for a grabbing and holding partner.  I’m not really knocking Floyd.  How can anyone object?  He’s protecting his health and determined not to be on either end of an Ali v. Frazier.  I must commend him for that…

  60. sam1969 08:48pm, 09/13/2014

    One thing, Mayweather please retire, I’m tired of watching these kinds of fights, tired of the referees, tired of your elbows, tired of your clinch, please stop now leave the real boxing come back to us and see some clean action some clean fight some clean shots, thanks for everything go back to your garage and wax your Bugattis.

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