Velazquez Robbed in Manila

By Ted Sares on March 23, 2014
Velazquez Robbed in Manila
Velazquez is the very essence of a journeyman still capable of pulling off a big surprise.

Grizzled veteran Hector Velazquez (56-21-3) remains competitive in a 21-year career that began in 1993…

“We knew coming to the Philippines we had to win by a knockout, I trained very hard for this fight [against Farenas], I sacrificed so much and then this happens.”—Velazquez

“I am ready for a rematch…The Philippine Boxing Commission needs to be professional and overturn this bad decision and order an immediate rematch, if they don’t order a rematch, then it shows that the Philippines are not practicing sportsmanship and equality.”—Velazquez

Grizzled veteran Hector Velazquez (56-21-3) remains competitive in a 21-year career that began in 1993. In fact, he just “lost” to Michael “Iron Fist” Farenas (38-4) on March 21, 2014 in Manila in a fight that ended in a highly controversial manner. A severe and deep cut was suffered by Velazquez on his right eyelid near the bridge of his nose. Referee Bruce McTavish ruled that the cut was caused by a punch. The respected McTavish said he was out of position and deferred to the ringside judges, two of whom somehow someway ruled the cut to be the product of a punch. Yet TV replays showed that the cut was caused by an accidental and massive headbutt. It was a clear as crystal. This fight was for the WBC Asia Council Continental super featherweight title.

“I don’t know about that. That is bullshit,” said Velazquez’s handler Mike Lopez who was visibly angered by the decision. Fact is, it was bullshit as this video shows:

Over the years, the rugged and likable Velazquez has fought the stiffest opposition imaginable including the likes of Thomas Dulorme, Jorge Linares, Mickey Bey, Edwin Valero, Elio Rojas, Manny and Bobby Pacquiao, Rocky Juarez, Israel Vazquez, Kevin Kelley, Vitali Tajbert, Robbie Peden, Mahoni Montes, Guty Espadas Jr., and the late Oscar Gonzalez, but he has had only limited success when he stepped up in class. In March 2003, he KOd Jesse Magana in Huntington Park, California to win the IBA featherweight title and then engaged in a NC against Argentinian Carlos Alberto Ramon Rios (48-4-2) before stopping (and retiring) Raul “Jbaro” Perez (61-5-3) in Las Vegas in 2000. He also stopped and ruined Columbian Evan Belano (37-2) at the Great Western Forum in 1997. Many of his former opponents have since retired. Last year, the active Velazquez, 39, fought five times.

While the son of Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico, will probably never win a world title, neither should he be underestimated as he is the very essence of a journeyman still capable of pulling off a big surprise. Still, while he dearly loves the sport, perhaps the time has come to tone things down just a bit instead of flying half way around the world only to get shortchanged by two judges who missed a head butt in plain sight and where the replay contradicts what they thought they’ve seen.

But first things first as a rematch with Farenas (if not a No Contest) seems a distinct possibility and is certainly justified. See this excellent summary by Mike Angel Lopez of

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24 Oras: Michael Farenas, wagi via technical knockout kontra kay Hector Velazquez

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  1. kid vegas 11:29pm, 03/24/2014

    FightClubWriter, thanks for that bit of information.

  2. Ted 05:05pm, 03/24/2014

    “I don’t know about that. That is bullshit,” said Velazquez’s handler Mike Lopez who was visibly angered by the decision.

    Fact is, it was bullshit as this video shows:

  3. Mike Angel Lopez 04:57pm, 03/24/2014

    Lopez… I was the cutman for Velasquez in this fight, it was a disgrace that this decision happened….There was a huge video screen in the arena, so everybody saw the replay.. Thanks to GMA TV for not being bias in their show, they showed true sportsmanship…

  4. Ted 04:54pm, 03/24/2014

    Thanks Mike and Tex

  5. MIke Lopez 04:48pm, 03/24/2014

    I was the cutman for VelaSQUEZ for this fight, i was there…Good job Ted Sares for following up..

  6. Tex Hassler 03:59pm, 03/24/2014

    All I can say is at least he did not get robbed in Texas.

  7. dollarbond 05:28am, 03/24/2014

    Ted, the Bull, you must get awfully tired of calling stuff like this out.  I get tired just reading it.

  8. FightClubWriter 08:29pm, 03/23/2014

    Kid Vegas I’ll let you in on a little secret, many “reporters” cover fights by watching illegal internet streams. I know a big guy from ESPN who writes stories by not even watching fights, but just going on what a press release says. Many of these so-called journalists say it themselves on social media.

  9. Ted 06:58pm, 03/23/2014

    And BTWM Phil Boxing calls him Iron Fist—so that big Uke needs to man up.

  10. Ted 06:56pm, 03/23/2014

    Yes, I know all about him and he does have a lot of KOs but no one said he was a “journeyman.” As to his nickname, that depends on what you are reading and who you believe. He probably would have won, but the way he “won” was wrong.

  11. procopy 06:52pm, 03/23/2014

    The “guy” who beat Velasquez is the one who gave Yuriorkis Gamboa a run for his money last 2012 knocking him down once. And also fought Takashi Uchiyama to a draw that same year. So I can say he ‘s a journeyman that you cant underestimate. And his nickname is “Hammer Fist” not “Iron Fist”. You might piss off that “big ukrainian guy” :-)

  12. Ted 06:16pm, 03/23/2014

    No. I watch them on YouTube and read other accounts until I am satisfied that I know exactly what happened. This one was easy as the links indicate. I try never to write about a fight I did not witness either live on TV, ;live in person, or on YouTube. I am not an historian in that sense. I write about what I see and hope that 30 years from now people will say gee that’s what must have happened back in 2014. With today’s electronic assistance and internet, we can preserve history as never before.

  13. kid vegas 06:03pm, 03/23/2014

    How can you do these if they take place in another country? I always wondered about that. I mean hell you were not in Manila were you?

  14. Ted 03:09pm, 03/23/2014

    Yeah, Songalia is the one. Poor little guy is from Manila and when Manny was sent to Pinoy Dreamland by JMM, he damn near had a stroke. Yeah that’s the one all right.

  15. FightClubWriter 01:37pm, 03/23/2014

    Ted are you talking about the BWAA member from Golden Boy Promotions official magazine that cried and hugged it out with Manny Pacquiao’s entourage following his KO loss to Marquez? Yeah no conflict there at all.

  16. Ted 01:09pm, 03/23/2014

    Meanwhile Someone writes in RING TV that Farenas beat Velazquez on a “cut.” This BWAA member termed the referee perhaps “the best in Asia.” But then, this someone hails from the Philippines. No conflict there.

  17. Ted 12:54pm, 03/23/2014

    And then he has the gall to say on TV “it will make for a heck of a rematch.” What an arrogant prick.

  18. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 12:49pm, 03/23/2014

    I say McTavish was just being a good guest who wanted to be invited back again.

  19. Ted 12:35pm, 03/23/2014

    Nah. Never. Christ, it’s like Old Man River. It just keeps coming. and no one is calling it for what it is.

  20. Joe Bruno 12:11pm, 03/23/2014

    A bad call in boxing??

    Nah, could never happen.

  21. Your Name 11:15am, 03/23/2014

    Ha. And nobody witnessed it either.

  22. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 11:06am, 03/23/2014

    Ted Sares-Which reminds me… “Shame on Skip” is the best work of fiction contributed to thus far. First off, you pulled me into one of those diner booths, thankful to be out of the line of sight of that rat bastard Hillbilly at the counter and finally you got me into the car with Skip when we made that “shameful” yet prudent decision to just go on home.

  23. Ted 10:36am, 03/23/2014

    Well, McTavish is one of the best, but that replay says it all. Even Jose Feliciano could get that one. And if they go by the Replay Rules in the Philippines, the fight becomes a NC. This one is a no-brainer but then to expect other than no-brainers in boxing is to expect too much. The sewer is overflowing with whatever it has down there. Guy works his butt off,  takes off 3 pounds in one day and then gets hosed by two inept judges.

  24. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 10:32am, 03/23/2014

    Ted Sares-Thanks for the “heads up” was accidental but it couldn’t have been more obvious….out of position or not, McTavish could have heard that collision of bone on bone clear across the ring….crowd noise or not. One more thing….as far as judging goes….even if a fighter’s back is to a judge he or she should be able to discern when that fighter has receipted for a scoring blow.

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