Veteran Boxing Organizations

By Ted Sares on April 1, 2013
Veteran Boxing Organizations
The mission of these organizations is to help boxers down on their luck. (Robert Ecksel)

“I wasn’t getting $5 million in one lump. They gave me a million here, half a million there. Back then, there was no financial advisors like fighters got now. Back then, they gave you your money, you spent it and then later on you learned about taxes that you had to pay and Uncle Sam was your partner.”—Iran Barkley

“The biggest battles facing some of our former world champions and the brave fighters who entertained us over the years often take place well after their careers are over and promoters have long cast them aside to make room for the next generation of revenue generating superstars.”—Sharon Scrima

Thanks to the research and compilation by noted historian Henry Hascup from New Jersey, here is a list of Ring veteran Boxer Associations through the years. Many of these non-profit Ring Chapters no longer exist, but at one time they did with their associated locale. Ring 4 (Boston), Ring 8 (New York), Ring 10 (New York), Ring 14 (Hudson County, NJ), and Ring 25 (Morris County, NJ) still exist and are very active. The mission of these organizations is to help boxers down on their luck. It’s simply a matter of helping those who cannot help themselves and to do it without passing judgment. Ring 4 was incorporated in 1947 and is the only boxing organization in Massachusetts as it fulfills its mission of assisting former boxers who have fallen on hard times. I am a member of both Ring 4 and Ring 8, which has been in existence since 1954.

Ring 10 in New York City is a new organization and has been quite active since its inception, helping Riddick Bowe get out of foreclosure. Iran Barkley has also received much needed assistance from Ring 10 and other non-profit groups. The once intimidating Barkley was found by a member of Ring 10 with only a bag of clothes and his championship belt, which he has since been forced to sell. The organization helped him find living quarters in the Bronx and assisted with furnishing the apartment. They also provide him with a monthly food credit and help him find work as he strives to become self-supporting.

Perhaps this blog will prompt information and additional vignettes about other Ring Organization’s that are also active.

RING 1 – Philadelphia, PA
RING 2 – Chicago, IL
RING 3 – Pittsburgh, PA
RING 4 – Boston, MA
RING 5 – Shenandoah Valley, PA
RING 6 – Camden, NJ
RING 6 – Watertown, NY
RING 7 – Montevideo, Uruguay
RING 7 – Miami, FL
RING 7 – Southern Massachusetts
RING 8 – New York City, NY
RING 9 – Bergen/Passaic Counties, NJ
RING 10 – Providence, RI
RING 10 – Erie, PA
RING 10 – New York, NY
RING 11 – Hartford, CT
RING 12 – Atlantic City, NJ
RING 14 – Hudson County, NJ
RING 15 – Louisville, KY
RING 16 – Poughkeepsie, NY
RING 19 – Los Angeles, CA (San Francisco)
RING 20 – Los Angeles, CA
RING 20 – Kearny, NJ
RING 21 – Brooklyn, NY
RING 22 – Essex/Union Counties, NJ
RING 23 – Allentown, PA
RING 24 – San Diego, CA
RING 25 – Essex/Morris/Union Counties, NJ
RING 26 – Morris County, NJ
RING 26 – Schenectady, NY
RING 27 – Duncannon, PA
RING 28 – Roanoke, VA
RING 29 – Guerro, Mexico
RING 30 – New Rochelle, NY
RING 31 – Miami Beach, FL
RING 32 – Detroit, MI
RING 33 – Portland, ME
RING 34 – Red Bank, NJ
RING 34 – Vernon, NJ
RING 35 – Texas
RING 36 – Prescott, AZ
RING 37 – South Africa
RING 37 – Omaha, NE
RING 38 – Jamaica, NY

RING 38 – Dover, NH
RING 39 – Durban, South Africa
RING 40 – Philadelphia, PA
RING 41 – Bucks County, PA
RING 42 – Cold Springs, NY
RING 43 – Utica, NY (Mohawk Valley)
RING 44 – Buffalo, NY
RING 46 – Watertown, NY
RING 47 – Southbridge, NY
RING 48 – Jacksonville, FL
RING 49 – Hollywood, CA
RING 49 – Hartford, CT
RING 50 – Honolulu, HI
RING 51 – Niagara Falls, NY
RING 52 – Worcester, MA
RING 53 – Niagara Falls, NY
RING 54 – Auburn, NY
RING 56 – Syracuse, NY*
RING 57 – Lockport, NY
RING 58 – New Orleans, LA
RING 60 – Syracuse, NY**
RING 68 – Tri-County, PA
RING 72 – Northern, CA
RING 76 – Syracuse, NY*
RING 87 – Pensacola, FL
RING 88 – Pennsylvania
RING 93 –Baltimore, MD
RING 99 – Dorchester Center, MA
RING 101 – Baltimore, MD.
RING 102 – Paterson, NJ
RING 103 – South River, NJ
RING 104 – Rome, NY
RING 105 – Harrisburg, PA
RING 106 – Portland, OR
RING 107 – Esmond, RI
RING 108 – Andhra Pradelh, India
RING 109 – Newcastle, England
RING 110 – Bend, OR
RING 111 – Orangeburg, SC
RING 112 – Atlantic City, NJ
RING 114 – Seattle, WA
RING 115 – Tyneside, England
RING 711 – Las Vegas, NV

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  1. KB 05:14pm, 11/02/2015

    Joe, Dan Cucuo of IBRO would be your best bet.

  2. Joe Siegman 04:54pm, 11/02/2015

    Abe Goldstein has been elected to the International Jewish Sports Hall of Fame in Netanya, Israel.  We wish to notify his family of the honor.  Any assistance you can provide is appreciated.

  3. oldschool 06:53am, 04/03/2013

    Belfast, New York – Scott Burt, Coordinator of the Bare Knuckle Boxing Hall of Fame announced today that the fifth Annual Bare Knuckle Boxing Hall of Fame Induction Weekend will take place Saturday, July 13 and Sunday July 14, 2013.  This year’s 2013 Honorary Inductees, honored because they brought a positive spotlight to upstate New York during their career, and who will be in attendance are 1986 World Heavyweight Champion James “Bonecrusher” Smith, three-time 1950-60s World Junior Welterweight and Lightweight Champion Carlos Ortiz, and 1960-70s Light Heavyweight Contender Tommy Hicks out of Lockport, New York.  Joining these three as Honorary Inductees will be early 1900s boxers Hite Peckham and George “Elbows” McFadden whose great grandsons will be in attendance to receive their awards.  “It’s been a lot of hard work to restore and save these historic barns and turn them into the World’s only Bare Knuckle Boxing Hall of Fame,” stated Burt, “but the phone call I make to the inductees and in Hite and George’s situation, to their ancestors, is all worth it.  The joy on the other end of the phone is wonderful to hear and makes all the work worthwhile.  Saving a piece of history, promoting the town of Belfast, and honoring individuals for their accomplishments is unmatched in importance as far as I am concerned.”

    There will be three Original Bare Knuckle Inductees this year.  They will be Mike Cleary who actually fought the Great John L. Sullivan in Belfast in 1889, died and was buried there; Bob Fitzsimmons who was the first to win World Championship titles in three different weight classes, and Australia’s Peter Jackson who was the World’s Heavyweight Colored Champion of the time.  Historians widely believe that if there had not been racial prejudice as represented by separate titles back then, Jackson would have been World Champion.

  4. Dan Cuoco 06:46am, 04/03/2013

    The Florida Boxing Hall of Fame announced the newest class of inductees to enter the FBHOF. The inductees include: Fighters: Howard Davis Jr., Vince Phillips, Petey Sarron, Ezra Sellers, James Warring, David Santos;Trainers: Dave Clark, Lou Duva, Roberto Quesada, Luis Sarria; Promoters: Henry Rivalta; Media: Sharon Robb, Mort Sharnik; Officials: Cy Gottfried, Michael Pernick, Frank Skillbred; Participants: Ben Finkle, Brad Jacobs, Bernie LaFratta, Bruce Trampler. Also, boxing achievement awards will go to IBO President Ed Levine and promoter Aaron Jacobs. The formal induction is scheduled for June 21-23 at the Wyndham Hotel, 700 N. West Shore Blvd, Tampa, Florida.  LINK:

  5. dollarbond 06:20am, 04/03/2013

    Ted, enjoy the Ring 4 banquet on Sunday.  Unfortunately I cannot be there.

  6. the thresher 03:56pm, 04/02/2013

    “PLUS Essay Winner Awards!!!!!! ”  Hmmm

  7. Dan Cuoco 03:06pm, 04/02/2013

    NJBHOF - courtesy of Henry Hascup. Link

  8. peter 02:26pm, 04/02/2013

    Thanks for the info—I had no idea there were so many organizations like these. I knew about Ring 8 and Ring 10 in NY, and another out West, but none of the others. Thanks, again.

  9. Henry Hscup 01:15pm, 04/02/2013

    Yes she was voted in last night and will be inducted in November.

  10. the thresher 12:37pm, 04/02/2013

    Rumor has it that Julie Lederman was just inducted into the New Jersey Boxing Hall of Fame. Now if her father could just get into the IBHOF, the loop would be closed.

  11. the thresher 12:33pm, 04/02/2013

    Hmm, I don’t recall saying NYC has its own Hall of Fame, but if I did it was a subconscious mistake because NYC seems to control just about everything when it comes to boxing. BWAA, IBHOF, and lots of of other things. At least in my opinion it does. I’m not saying this is good or bad—just the way it is.

    I have long believed that the BWAA’s relationship with the IBHOF is not necessarily the best thing for boxing, but that’s a story for another day. And I also acknowledge some sour grapes.

  12. Henry Hascup 10:28am, 04/02/2013

    Yes, the NYBHOF is for the state of New York, not just the city of New York. We have 6 or 7 people on the voting committee that goes over all the names.

  13. cn 10:22am, 04/02/2013

    thresher-I want to make a small clarification to one of your comments below. Agreed that Vegas and California have a HOF of their own. It should be noted that The New York HOF is a State HOF, not just NYC.
    Though its induction dinner and its board meets in NYC, it should be noted that its a NEW YORK STATE BOXING HOF, not just NYC.

  14. Ted Sares 09:37am, 04/02/2013


  15. ted sares 06:21am, 04/02/2013

    Mike, and also to help ex-boxers who have hit hard times. Sometimes this is done through anonymous donations; sometimes it is done through actively assisting the person to become self-supporting. There are a variety of ways to raise funds as well.

    It’s just a wondeful way to stay in the mix.

  16. the thresher 05:47am, 04/02/2013

    Pug, so am I

  17. Mike Casey 12:24am, 04/02/2013

    Fantastic that these associations are kept going by so many enthusiasts who do it for the love of the game.

  18. pugknows 08:36pm, 04/01/2013

    I’m shocked Chicago is not active.

  19. the thresher 02:54pm, 04/01/2013

    Man that sounds great, Rick. All in one makes a lot of sense. I know from Facebook that the West Coast guys are fanatical about boxing.

  20. Rick Farris 02:42pm, 04/01/2013

    Our new West Coast organization will begin with the screening of filmmaker Alan Swyer’s “El Boxeo” a definitive look at Latinos in boxing. Proceeds will benefit the Retired Boxer’s Foundation.  Next year our first event.  A combination Hall of Fame with an annual induction event, and a Boxer’s Association holding smaller events held during the year, focus on boxers and boxing people getting together, working together, something historically correct, which other West Coast groups have not been.

  21. the thresher 11:28am, 04/01/2013

    Keep the info coming, men

  22. Tex Hassler 10:58am, 04/01/2013

    These type organizations can be of great help to a fighter down on his luck.  I belong to Ring 10 and as far as I know there is no veteran boxing organization of such nature in Texas. I have asked some one who should know and he says there is none. I do know there are plenty of boxing people in our state.

  23. Henry Hascup 10:24am, 04/01/2013

    Also, Ring 22 and 26 merged early in 1964 to form Ring 25. Charley Fusari was their 1st President.

  24. Dan Cuoco 10:20am, 04/01/2013

    The Oregon Veterans Boxers Association have meetings the first Monday of each month and a picnic in July or August of each year.  Picnics have been held at Jarvis’s former estate, at a tree farm above Estacada, OR. Austin Killeen attended their last two picnics. They started having the picnics in 1994.

  25. Henry Hascup 09:56am, 04/01/2013

    California also has a State Boxing Hall of Fame and another new one soon to be, the West Coast Boxing Hall of Fame.

  26. Henry Hascup 09:46am, 04/01/2013

    Yes, several State Boxing Hall of Fames are still very active including the New Jersey Boxing Hall of Fame where I have been the President since the mid-1980’s. In fact were having the vote tonight for the 2013 class. We have monthly meeting at the Faith Reformed Church in Lodi, N.J. every 4th Thursday.

    I am also on the nominating committee for the New York Boxing Hall Fame which will have their 2nd Annual affair on Sunday, April 28th at Russo’s on the Bay.

  27. Dan Cuoco 09:45am, 04/01/2013

    Ted, you’re correct. PA, CT also have active BHOFs.

  28. the thresher 09:39am, 04/01/2013

    Thanks for the Kid Gavilan info Henry.

    I should note that you are very active in NJ’s Hall of Fame and are a member if I am not mistaken.

  29. the thresher 09:37am, 04/01/2013

    Dan, Las Vegas and Florida also have very active Hall of Fame as does NYC.

  30. Henry Hascup 09:36am, 04/01/2013

    Ring 8 has also helped out Bowe to get out of foreclosure and they have helped out Barkley many many times throughout the years, as well as countless other fighters, including Kid Gavilan.

    Kid Gavilan was buried with an unmarked grave stone and Ring 8 came to the rescue. You can read about in right here:

  31. the thresher 09:36am, 04/01/2013

    I put this up on Facebook as well to see what kind of reaction we get. I plan to join Ring 10 also to round out my activities in the Northeast, membership is a great way to help boxers down on their luck to help themselves.

    It is money well donated.

  32. the thresher 09:32am, 04/01/2013

    Thanks Henry. You have done a great job ofd research on this and I’m hoping that after it has been seen by the boxing people out there, we will get even more info.

  33. Dan Cuoco 09:31am, 04/01/2013

    cnorkusjr, you are correct. In the LA area a group of VBA members, up until a few years ago, met once a month for an informal lunch, much like the Pugs Lunch in Dorchester, Mass. The California Boxing Hall of Fame and the Rochester Boxing Hall of Fame are both very active. Rochester draws VBA members from Syracuse.

  34. Henry Hascup 09:23am, 04/01/2013

    Ring 14 no longer is active, But RING 101 – Baltimore, MD. is!

    Where trying to find out which is still active. We do know of at least 7 and maybe up to 10 that are still active.

    Ring 1
    Ring 4
    Ring 8
    Ring 10
    Ring 25
    Ring 44
    Ring 72 ?
    Ring 76 ?
    Ring 101
    Ring 711 ?

    Harold is active in both Ring 8 and Ring 10.

  35. the thresher 08:59am, 04/01/2013

    In some instances, local Halls of Fame have become the order of the day.

  36. cnorkusjr 08:57am, 04/01/2013

    My friends in Hollywood. CA say that Rings are not active in So. Cal anymore, but they have a group call Golden State Boxers Assn that meets.

    Hopefully that might change in the near future as plans are in the works for a regeneration of boxing activity is taking place.

  37. the thresher 08:49am, 04/01/2013

    Dan, that’s what I was hoping to cull out with this blog. That way, we will have the one correct list.

  38. Dan Cuoco 08:48am, 04/01/2013

    I forgot to add that Ring 7 Southeastern Mass and Ring 99 Lowell, Mass. merged with Ring 4.

  39. the thresher 08:47am, 04/01/2013

    I believe Harold Lederman is very active with Ring 10.

  40. Dan Cuoco 08:45am, 04/01/2013

    Ring 44 Buffalo and Ring 101 Baltimore are active and thriving.

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