Victor Ortiz Busted

By Robert Ecksel on July 27, 2015
Victor Ortiz Busted
I’d pretty much forgotten Victor Ortiz. He rarely fights, and these days he rarely wins.

The former welterweight champion was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon after kicking a man when he was down…

I’d pretty much forgotten about Victor Ortiz. He rarely fights, and these days he rarely wins. I have no interest in his film career, but when I saw his cameo in “Southpaw,” I recalled that he existed. Ortiz didn’t have any lines. He was onscreen to box. He wasn’t there to talk.

The talking, such as it was, was done by Jake Gyllenhal.

For an inactive former champion, his career must seem sweet from the inside looking out. TV appearances, movie roles, commercial opportunities have pushed boxing to the back burner. But life is good. He has friends. He has money. He parties. He goes to concerts.

Ortiz went to a Kenny Chesney concert in Pasadena the other day. The music was soft-core country rambling, not the optimal soundtrack to a fistfight.

TMZ Sports reports, “Law enforcement sources tell us ... witnesses say Oritz and his brother were at the Rose Bowl on Saturday night to see Chesney and Jason Aldean when they got into a verbal altercation with another man. We’re told things escalated and it turned physical.

“We’re told ... the alleged victim was on the ground at one point and Victor allegedly kicked him when he was down.

“Cops arrested Ortiz and his brother during the concert for felony assault with a deadly weapon—the weapon being Victor’s foot.”

I didn’t know feet were a deadly weapon. If Ortiz was an MMA fighter, it might make sense. But he’s a boxer, or was a boxer, and the Marquis of Queensberry frowns on such behavior.

“Ortiz was booked and was later released on $30,000 bail. According to the booking sheet, Ortiz is 5’9” and weighs 160 lbs ... about 15 pounds heavier than he was for his last fight.

“Ortiz is also an actor who appears in ‘Southpaw’ ... which premiered in theaters on Friday.

“We’ve reached out to Ortiz for comment—so far, no word back.

“Story developing ...”

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  1. kb 07:38am, 07/29/2015

    “I feel sorry for Ortiz. At this point he seems to be a lost soul after losing so one-sidedly to Luis Collazo. Ortiz seems to have no self-respect or confidence and this truly saddens me. He needs to be more disciplined and more acutely focused on a specific goal. He also requires better people around him. He should avoid going out in public if there is even a remote chance of him getting into a fight. It looked as if he was taking out his myriad of career setbacks and frustrations on this poor soul whom his brother had already beaten up. Ortiz is lucky the victim didn’t die.  I hope Ortiz gets some good people that care and love him around him soon or he will go down the same hole that is sucking the remaining life out of James Kirkland?—From Lou Eisen

  2. Eric 07:56am, 07/28/2015

    I can’t wait until someone beats Ronda Rousey. So sick of hearing her talk caca.

  3. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 08:52pm, 07/27/2015

    When he was on Dancing With The Stars he complained about how tough the dancing rehearsals were on his legs…..though he didn’t complain about the makeup, glitter, or the costumes.

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