Vitali Klitschko Thinks

By George Thomas Clark on July 14, 2013
Vitali Klitschko Thinks
I also want Lennox Lewis. I’ll toughen my skin with some of Jack Dempsey’s brine. (Ecksel)

What’s the matter, USA, don’t you have any big guys who can fight? I’ve heard the response: sure we do, but most are in the NFL…

I’m my brother’s most ardent supporter and he’s mine, otherwise we’d have long ago determined the king of the Klitschkos.  Really, we view ourselves as what we in fact are: the two unchallenged monarchs of the still-renowned heavyweight division. Americans are missing our great long-running show, and I must respectfully ask: what’s the matter, USA, don’t you have any big guys who can fight? I’ve heard the response: sure we do, but most are in the NFL. That’s a convenient analysis. I’ll confine myself to reality.

I must start with Corrie Sanders, a fine fellow who died trying to save loved ones from bandits at a wedding in South Africa. Corrie was a hell of a hard puncher, had a terrific overhand left. I was angry and hurt when he repeatedly bounced Wladimir off the canvas. Thankfully, I faced Sanders his next fight, ate the same shots Wladimir did, withstood them well, and over eight rounds battered Sanders, launching long jabs and right crosses leading to more head-rattling rights until the referee saved him. My victory was for Wladimir, whose chin has improved.

A number of fistic legends have challenged me. And I graciously accept. Contrary to what many Americans charge, I’m not hiding in Europe. I’m the champ awaiting qualified challengers. Are they willing to come? If they do, I’ll handle Jack Dempsey and Rocky Marciano like two tough but very little boys. They’ll absorb five or ten punches for every one they land, and please don’t tell me guys scores of pounds lighter are stronger. If they beef up, as threatened, I will have to hit them a few more times and am prepared to do so.

A 220-pound Joe Louis, I confess, worries me. I’ve studied his combinations, and they’re perhaps the best in boxing history: fast, accurate, and powerful. I’ll defuse him by using the Max Schmeling guideline and bombing the Brown Bomber with right hands. And my long left, which Der Max did not possess, will prevent Louis from regularly penetrating my defense. I’m so fine I’ll stop him in nine. Muhammad Ali sent me that one on Twitter.

I know I’m not knocking out Ali, and neither are you. He takes a punch better and recuperates and counterattacks more effectively than anyone in the annals of this sport. He survived some bombs from George Foreman before knocking him out. He could’ve fallen many times in his first and third Joe Frazier fights but persevered and stopped Joe late in their finale. Against Earnie Shavers he caught some frightful right hands yet recovered and was staggering Shavers at final bell. Those who say Ali can’t punch need to dine on a few of his rights preceded by cutting left jabs. Having thus praised him, I can forthrightly say Ali isn’t going to stop me, either. We’re going to jab each other, and I’ll be first more often, and we’ll trade rights, mine being more frequent and powerful. To those who say Ali’s a more fluid and resourceful fighter, I respond: we’ll see. 

For my last ring skirmish I want Lennox Lewis. The first time I was beating him until he busted me over the eye. Admittedly, this was the 37-year-old’s last fight and I was in my physical prime. Maybe I’ll toughen my skin with some of Dempsey’s brine. I’ll have to. Lennox Lewis and Muhammad Ali are two of the four best ever. Wladimir and I plan to complete the quartet.

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  1. Darrell 11:27pm, 07/16/2013

    As much as I admire Wlad, I much prefer Vitali’s fighting style.  Wlad has real one-punch ko power. Vitali, even more so than Wlad, keeps the hurtful punches coming & coming over the course of a fight…

    I agree with Eric’s summation, in fact Vitali could be simply lethal against those shorter fighters Frazier, Marciano, Tyson whose quickness early would spell trouble but of either brother Vitali could withstand the onslaught…if it goes past 6, it’s an easy win for the big guy.  He’d go through Dempsey in a similar fashion to how he beat Sanders.

    It’s my opinion that Holmes could outbox & decision Vitali though…could.  Fantastic jab, quick, accurate hands & durability along with good lateral movement make Larry a top chance for mine.  Ali too, though he wasn’t as good as Larry imho….the myth was, not the reality. Vitali takes him late.

    Lennox could & should beat Vitali though.

  2. George Thomas Clark 03:28pm, 07/16/2013

    Zack David Berlin - Thanks for your observations.  None of us can be sure how various fighters throughout history would do against each other, but we can speculate and have a good time and learn from reading other opinions.  I had already watched a fair amount of Klitschko brothers footage before I began reading, but have watched much more since and been influenced their many admirers on this site.

  3. GodHelpsKlitschko 02:24pm, 07/16/2013

    Both Russia and Africa were victims of racist/bias USA and today they have beaten them in sports(boxing) and in Syria(politics)
    The USA no longer produces people like Muhammad Ali and 2pac! These brothers will be produced in Africa by the influence and help of China!
    The racist empires have collapsed!
    China, India, Africa and Russia are the future!

  4. zack dickson 11:43pm, 07/15/2013

    did everyone forget about mike Tyson in his prime he would knock the klitskos out I don’t care what they say its a fact and don’t worrie the next American champ is coming soon

  5. Zack David Berlin: 11:36pm, 07/15/2013

    @George Thomas Clark. I’ve followed both Klitschko’s careers, and I have to say it’s the smartest, fairest, assessment I’ve come across.  A clever way to present it as well. And if your implication is that the Klitschko brothers are two of the four best heavyweights ever, it’s about time someone has come out with it.

  6. Eric 02:07pm, 07/15/2013

    Sorry, but Dempsey, Louis, Marciano, Frazier, and other greats would all lose to the Klit brothers. As Broadway Joe said, I guarantee it. It would take someone like a Liston or Foreman to have a shot at the Klitschko, and if they don’t catch the brothers early, either by cuts, stoppage, or knockout, both Liston and Foreman would be battered into submission in the later rounds. Tyson would look like a midget next to the Klits but a prime Tyson would have a shot also, but like Liston and Foreman, he has to make his move early or face a beating later on. Of course I could also see the Klits taking out Tyson early on, but they could win on points or stoppage. No way Tyson decisions either brother, it’s kill or be killed for Sonny, George, and Iron Mike. Larry Holmes? Please, the Klit brothers would take an easy decision or even a late round stoppage over “peanut head.”

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