Viva Mexico!

By Ted Sares on November 23, 2011
Viva Mexico!
Another who did some bubble bursting in 2011 was active bomber Marco Antonio Rubio

There is much more to the resurgence of Mexican boxing in 2011, but suffice it to say the hombres are back and then some…

“It was great to see. A great finish. I’m so happy with his (Chavez Jr.’s) performance tonight, I’m just overwhelmed.”—Freddie Roach

“If Antonio Margarito defeats Miguel Cotto again on December 3, it’s going to be a big, big deal to close out the year.”—Scott Christ

A couple of years ago, I wrote that Mexican boxers were having an off year and many were losing pivotal fights. But this has now gone full circle. Mexican or boxers of Mexican heritage are having a fantastic year in 20111. Once again, one of the world’s richest boxing cultures has asserted itself in 2011.

Juan Manuel Marquez is now the talk of the boxing world with his scintillating, albeit “losing,” performance against Manny Pacquiao. Marquez was once again Pacquiao’s equal if not more. He now joins the list of all-time Mexican greats. Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. and Saul “Canelo” Álvarez may be the future. With a combined record of 82-0-2, both are already huge stars in Mexico and Canelo has taken on the aura of a phenom. Hopefully, these two won’t fight each other too soon and spoil the fun.

Hard-hitting Mexican Jhonny Gonzalez (50-7 with 42 KOs) has been around since 1999 and currently holds the WBC featherweight title. He has steamrolled 10 tough opponents (all by stoppage) since being stopped by the streaking Toshiaki Nishioka. Jhonny may be the best kept secret in boxing as he seems to fight under the radar and continues to win and win and win.

Antonio DeMarco snatched victory from defeat with a great late round rally to stop the highly skilled Jorge Linares. In fact, the stoppage round could be a candidate for Round of the Year.

Jorge “Travieso” Arce (58-6-2) is now on a seven-fight undefeated streak and holds the WBO super bantamweight title. Most had him figured as done when he lost badly to Simphiwe Nongqayi in 2009. But as he continues to roll, the possibility of a Hall of Fame call down the road becomes quite distinct. Curiously, Arce lost to Hall of Famer Michael Carbajal back in 1999 and blew away Manny Pacquiao conqueror Medgoen Singsurat in 2007. His list of opponents reads like a stroll through boxing history and a Who’s Who in boxing.

After losing three straight in 2008 and 2009, Cristian Mijares (43-6-2) has now won seven in a row and holds the IBF super flyweight crown. Like Arce, he has clawed his way back.

Hernan “Tyson” Marquez has now fully established himself as a force by having an incredible year during which he stopped Luis Conception in April in a Fight of the Year candidate to win the WBA World flyweight title (in Panama no less). After chilling Edrin Dapudong in July, he shocked and stopped Conception in an October rematch in the first round.

Miguel “Titere” Vazquez, the IBF lightweight champ, is another who wins and wins and wins but no one seems to know much about him. However, I do and he is the real deal. Interestingly, two off his early losses were to a young kid by the name of Saul Álvarez.

Like Marquez, Erik “El Terrible” Morales gained great respect in defeat when he surprisingly gave Marcos “EL Chino” Maidana all he could handle over 12 grueling rounds and he did most of it with one eye. Morales then stopped untested but extremely game Pablo Cesar Cano in a bloody encounter.

Brandon “Bam Bam” Rios is often referred to as the new Margarito and that may not be the best thing, but he is one very tough customer who has a similar ferocious style and he also takes a do-or-die approach to his profession. He has yet to lose a fight in 29 outings. Rios is part of the Garcia gang on the West Coast which now includes Vargas (retired), Pavlik, and Margarito. And if the “Tijuana Tornado” beats Miguel Cotto again in December, it just might make this the greatest year in Mexican boxing history. Alfredo “El Perro” Angulo may have lost his bark and bite but Bam Bam has taken center stage.

Unheralded Orlando “Siri” Salido burst Juan Manuel Lopez’s bubble in April as he overwhelmed and TKOd the undefeated Lopez and he did it in Puerto Rico.

Another who did some bubble bursting was active bomber Marco Antonio Rubio (52-5-1) who stopped highly touted David Lemieux in a magnificently paced bout in which he let Lemieux run out of gas and then took him out in David’s home town of Montreal. Rubio, however, is being avoided by the division’s elite and he may have to settle for some step-aside money. He has become that feared.

Victor “Vikingo” Terrazas was KOd in his first fight back in 2003 by someone named Adran Tellez. Since then, he has gone 32-1-1 including a redemptive stoppage over Tellez in 2007. More importantly, he beat Fernando Montiel on November 19.

Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero (29-1-1) is the WBO and WBA lightweight champion and is fast approaching pound-for-pound status. His destruction of Michael Katsidis was painful to watch.

Others in Testosterone Valley

Giovani Segura beat Ivan Calderon twice in 2011 and fights Brian Viloria for the WBO flyweight title in December. Victor Ortiz created another bad scene against Floyd Mayweather Jr., and Abner Mares had that weird one with “King Kong “Agbeko in August where Referee Mora had some issues calling low blows. However, big Chris Arreola has worked himself back into shape and back into contention. Carlos Molina beat Kermit Cintron and is now in the mix, but like Rubio, is a hard guy to match up.

And who can forget Mike Alvarado’s incredible come-from-behind win over game Breidis Prescott? Juan Carlos Salgado,  Edgar Sosa, Julio Cesar Miranda , Jorge Solis, Juan Carlos Burgos, Adrian Hernandez, Ulises Solis, Ramon Hirales, Raul Hirales, Jose Alfredo Rodriguez, Moises Fuentes, Raul Garcia, Hugo Cazares, Tomas Rojas, Daniel Ponce De Leon, Cristobal Cruz, Rafael Marquez, and Mikey Garcia are all ranked by The Ring.
Alejandro Sanabria (29-1-1) fights John Molina (23-1) on December 3 in Mexico City. Meanwhile, Roberto “Massa” Ortiz has won five times in 2011 and is now 22-0-1, and streaking but suspect Cesar Chavez (17-0) puts it all on the line when steps way up and confronts rugged Antonio Lozada Jr. (24-1) in December. Even Cosme Rivera got into the act with a nice win over Colombian bomber Antonio Pitalua in November. Finally, Gilberto Ramirez Sanchez (alias Zurdo) is now at 19-0 and looks to be the real McCoy, as does highly promising Jose Benavidez (14-0).

As an aside, on May 30, 2011, Raul Garcia defended the title for the first time by third round TKO against Rommel Asenjo. He and his brother Ramon made history that night when they became the first set of twin brothers to win world title fights on the same venue.

One disappointing result to report is that Luis Ramon Campas (aka Yori Boy) failed in his most recent effort to win 100 fights as he was stopped by Jorge “Demonio” Cota who is now 10-0 with all wins coming by stoppage. But don’t give up on Yori Boy. He will get that 100th win. Bet on it. Meanwhile, keep your eyes on the aptly named “Demonio.”

There is much more to the resurgence of Mexican boxing in 2011, but suffice it to say the hombres are back and then some.

Viva 2011! Viva Mexico!

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  1. the thresher 08:16am, 11/28/2011

    Bill, Arce has won 8 in a row. He is steamrolling and making a great case for Hall of Fame induction down the road.

  2. SR.BILL-HARDPORN XXX 01:04pm, 11/27/2011

    Arce has won a couple of fights since he got his ass kicked by Vic Darch….. I like Jorge Arce…. A blue collar boy of the farm…. Ted, I wouldn’t bet Tony Margo this time in 2011….. I just don’t think Tony M. has anything left after getting his ass kicked by Mosley in ‘09 and Pacman last Nov…. At least a slipping Cotto has a fresh TKO over a game Rico Mayo…. Just sayin’......

  3. the thresher 11:43am, 11/27/2011

    Arce and Soto also won last night. One more big win by Margo and Mexico rules.

  4. SR.BILL-HARDPORN XXX 10:02am, 11/27/2011

    Ted, but Alvarez is a shooting star with his style….. He’s only 21…. By the time he’s 26, he’s done…. The goose will be cooked…... He has 3 to 5 years at the top at best…. No way he can last till 30 with his approach…... He will not be able to linger around like J.C. Chavez did…... If Alvarez maintains a good / active fight schedule, he’ll be used up by 26….. I see it right now….. WORD!

  5. SR.BILL-HARDPORN XXX 09:57am, 11/27/2011

    I’ll catch ‘Hoover’ with DiCaprio when it hits Cable TV or DVD… I watched Philip Seymour Hoffman as ‘Capote’ off Cable yesterday… Good stuff…. Capote was a smart man, despite being a flamer… The boys who killed that Kansas family (Dick Hickcock & Perry Smith) swung for their crimes… “In Cold Blood.”

  6. the thresher 09:38am, 11/27/2011

    Nice to see you drop by MRBILL. Have you seen J. Edgar yet? Another very good one on DVD is The Whistleblower. Very edgy.

    Yes Alvarez is avery large framed guy. Don’t know where he will end up but it could be super middleweight before he is through.

  7. SR.BILL-HARDPORN XXX 09:31am, 11/27/2011

    Alvarez is green, yet hungry and young… Plus, he’s still growing…. Alvarez is too strong for Fraud Mayrunner at 154+ pounds….... And, at age 34, Mayrunner is too old for a young lion like Alvarez….... Alvarez ain’t no hyped up Vic Ortiz who apologizes more than he punches…... WORD!!


  8. SR.BILL-HARDPORN XXX 06:47am, 11/27/2011

    Been watching my two “Wall Street” flicks that stars Michael Douglas….... Money Never Sleeps…... TRUTH!

  9. SR.BILL-HARDPORN XXX 06:46am, 11/27/2011

    Bring on “Cotto-Margo 2.” I’ll tape the HBO replay a week later when Khan battles Peterson…... WORD!

  10. SR.BILL-HARDPORN XXX 06:44am, 11/27/2011

    Saw Alvarez take apart a game but faded Cintron….. YAWN! No surprise…..

  11. TEX HASSLER 06:49pm, 11/26/2011

    Great write up on the Mexican fighters. Robert Guerrero is an up coming fighter who is at his peak right now. Thanks for writing about him and the other fine Mexican fighters.

  12. JC45 02:24pm, 11/26/2011

    Marquez and Segura are my current favourite Mexican fighters Ted. Although as Mexico becomes a more urbanised , richer , more ” civilised ” country the supply line of great fighters may well dry up . Marquez is 38 , Segura is no kid. Arce is an old man as is Mijares. With boxing’s popularity in Mexico and the abundance of titles and divisions around its fairly easy to make it look like a fighter is ” back” . I think Arce and Mijares are WAY past their best. I still don’t think Mexican boxing is as strong as it once was, Ted. I don’t see any young Chavez, Olivares, Sanchez, Zarate, Cuevas or Ricardo Lopez types among the new crop. I dont even think Canelo can fight. He’s as slow as a wet week, defensively limited and doesn’t even seem to be much of a banger. Chavez’s kid has improved but I’m still pretty dubious about his actual ability. I don’t think anyone will compare him to Carlos Monzon, Hopkins or Hagler. Cheers mate

  13. FrankinDallas 09:08am, 11/26/2011

    I think Canelo will have an easy time tonight with Citron; don’t know if that’s considered a step up or not but it is what it is.

    Also: watched the replay of Pacman-Marquez last Sat night. Borderline robbery IMO. Had JMM up 6-2 after 8 rounds.

  14. the thresher 07:52am, 11/26/2011

    jofre, well said

  15. the thresher 05:52pm, 11/25/2011

    pugknows, right now I like Jhonny Gonzalez, Canelo, Miguel Vazquez, and Rios who is my favorite of the bunch.

    Rios is like a prime Margarito and a prime Margo was fearsome to the max.. No one closes off the ring faster and better than “Bam Bam.”

  16. mikecasey 04:42pm, 11/25/2011

    Quite possibly the same as yours, Pug. The answers are always there if you do your reseach carefully.

  17. pugknows 03:04pm, 11/25/2011

    Great deal of detail in this one and I like that. Who are your favorite Mexican fighters, Ted.

  18. mikecasey 01:46pm, 11/25/2011

    They are wonderful fighters - always have been. Skill, hard hitting and cleverness. These guys are bone hard - they have to be.

  19. Jofre 01:45pm, 11/25/2011

    The excitement is back! But, Alvarez and Chavez have to step up and start fighting “A” class fighters. I’d like to see Alvarez-Chavez, but they are under contract to opposing promoters so that won’t happen too soon. Also, shouldn’t James Kirkland being in line for a match with Alvarez; and Rubio is Chavez’s mandatory. Although with the alphabets that doesn’t mean anything. The top dog at middle is still Martinez.

  20. "Old Yank" Schneider 06:52am, 11/24/2011

    Caught Mikey in my second reading.

  21. The Thresher 05:18pm, 11/23/2011

    Agreed rax

  22. raxman 04:10pm, 11/23/2011

    the best thing about these guys ted is that you truly can never tell what will happen - a lot of the fights you have mentioned have seen the mexican underdog blitz his opponent to such a degree that it beggars belief as to why they were underdogs in the first place. for mine guys like juan ma and lemieux were totally exposed and what i like to call de-hyped. i think rios is totally underestimated - people see him as a banger because as a pro he hasn’t needed to do much else but his amateur pedigree suggests there are many more layers to this kid. my favourite of the lot though and the one i think could be #1 p4p contender if he can ever get his body right is the ghost. i’m certain guerrero was about to de-hype maidana and prove him to be nothing more than a banger with a chin

  23. The Thresher 01:56pm, 11/23/2011

    Garcia was mentioned. Reread the article.

  24. The Thresher 01:02pm, 11/23/2011

    There is great action in Mexico on Saturday night. Canelo Alvarez, Jorge Arce, and Humberto Soto will all get into the ring

  25. "Old Yank" Schneider 11:31am, 11/23/2011

    Exciting article!  Exciting year!  And don’t forget Mikey Garcia—this 23-year-old featherweight out of Oxnard with a 27-0-0 (with 23 by way of KO) record is one to watch as well.  This is a poised and patient young fighter with fine power.  We should expect to see him stepping up in 2012.

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