Ward Krushes Kovalev

By Caryn A. Tate on June 17, 2017
Ward Krushes Kovalev
Andre Ward is an all-time great—and there can no longer be any excuses. (Sky Sports)

While sitting ringside watching Andre Ward in a rematch with Sergey Kovalev, the Johnson-Burns fight came to mind…

“I’m not locked in here with you. You’re locked in here with me.”—Alan Moore, Watchmen

Recently, I wrote about race in boxing and referred back to the historic night when Jack Johnson stopped Tommy Burns—the first time an African American fighter won the heavyweight championship of the world. Once in the ring, Johnson made Burns pay for the abhorrent racism heaped upon him outside the ring.

While sitting ringside watching unified light heavyweight champion Andre “S.O.G.” Ward (32-0, 16 KOs) defend his titles in a rematch with the former champion, Sergey “Krusher” Kovalev (30-2-1, 26 KOs), the Johnson-Burns fight came to mind. The reasons for the animosity between the fighters, as well as the way the fight was won, were eerily similar.

Prior to the bout, Ward addressed the racism briefly by saying, “I’m not going to address him through the media. I’m going to address him face to face on June 17th.”

Address him Ward did. From the first bell, the champion, in red and white trunks fighting out of the black corner, took the fight to Kovalev. The Russian, in black and silver trunks and fighting out of the red corner, started well too, though I didn’t have him win a round in the fight.

The contention between the two fighters was apparent from the get go. When referee Tony Weeks gave his instructions at the beginning, the fighters did not touch gloves. This was uncharacteristic for both fighters, as they both typically do offer this traditional sign of sportsmanship.

The bout started pretty much how the first fight ended. There was some give and take, but overall the rounds went to Ward as he landed the cleaner punches, was busier, and was clearly more aggressive. Kovalev occasionally landed a nice jab, and I counted one right hand, but none of it was enough to mount an assault on S.O.G. Many of the Russian’s punches missed, and not just one punch at a time—sometimes combinations he threw missed clearly. Because Ward made him miss.

And he made him pay. Ward was on fire. He threw—and landed—beautiful combinations that were obviously hurting Kovalev. His left hook was particularly effective throughout the bout, but his classic jab to the head and body was a thing of beauty.

As early as round 2, Kovalev complained of a low blow. I didn’t see a low blow—what I saw was a legitimate body shot. But referee Tony Weeks, who actually seemed unsure, took Kovalev’s word and gave him a break until he was ready to continue. As the rounds progressed, though, Ward landed clean punch after clean punch, and one could see the Krusher weakening. His body was breaking down. As early as round 4, I saw Kovalev breathing through his mouth in the ring. In the corner, when his trainer John David Jackson was trying to give him water, he could barely take it between his deep breaths.

Ward, though, looked energized. He was standing up before the start of each round. He looked confident. He moved beautifully on his feet, much more like his old self. He landed devastating body punches, with both hands, that I could hear ringside like a bell. Once, early in the fight, I saw Kovalev’s knees buckle, though he complained to Tony Weeks about the reason (another low blow, maybe, or a clinch?). Kovalev was looking to buy time. Later, Kovalev turned his back during the action. Ward paused, and Tony Weeks stepped in to speak to the Russian challenger, and at that point he turned back to fight. But Kovalev’s body language from fairly early in the fight indicated that he didn’t really want to be in there anymore.

And Ward knew it. He attacked harder, and his body language indicated he felt more comfortable as the fight went on. By the 7th round, when the fighters tied up, Ward worked to Kovalev’s body, while Sergey couldn’t figure out how to get in some work from that distance.

When the 8th round came around, it was clear Ward’s investments to the body as well as Kovalev’s issues that included those of the psychological nature had really been playing into the outcome of the fight. Ward came at his challenger harder, and Kovalev’s body language betrayed him yet again—he no longer looked like the Krusher that people had become used to.

The end came when, at 2:29 of round 8, referee Tony Weeks called a halt to the bout. Kovalev had been complaining of more low blows which, even in real time, didn’t look at all like low blows—they were simply body shots that landed at or near the belt line. He had backed into the corner, and Andre landed a beautiful, clean right hand upstairs that shook Sergey. His legs looked unsteady. More work to the body from Ward, and with no answers and practically no defense showing from Kovalev, Weeks stepped in and waved it off.

Prior to the fight, Kovalev was widely quoted in the media regarding the power of Ward’s punches by comparing his shots to those of a “25-year-old girl I was slapped by once in Russia.” That quote seemed even more absurd in light of the result of this bout.

After the fight, Team Kovalev attended the post-fight press conference. Kathy Duva told some non-media attendees to “shut up” if they weren’t media, as several attendees were saying negative comments toward Kovalev and his team. This was because, from the beginning of their time on the dais, Duva began making more excuses about Ward’s “low blows,” and that the end of the contest was unjust. Kovalev added his voice to this excuse when he got on the microphone by stating, “He’s really lucky. Son of judges.”

Team Ward was, obviously, ecstatic about the result when they took to the podium. When some members of the media asked negative questions about the so-called “low blows,” Ward cut them off, saying, “We’re not talking about any of that tonight.”

Ward was right. He moved up to light heavyweight, took on the Big Bad in that division, beat him once by close decision which was derided by some. So he took him on again, and did the seemingly impossible by stopping the man. But there are still some in the media who refuse to acknowledge what he’s accomplished, and strive to find more excuses as to why he’s not as great as he seems.

But he is that great. Andre Ward is an all-time great, like it or not—and there can no longer be any excuses.

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  1. nicolas 11:20pm, 06/22/2017

    It was actually Parkinson, and no he did not get Ali to shut up. But he called Ali’s thinking the Philosophy of Despair. There are also pro Nazi groups today who play this video, calling Parkinson Anti-White. Ali was still a man in his 20’s. While we like to think that this is a mature man at this time, because he is a great boxer, let us not also forget who his influence was. As I said, I think his feeling later in life started to change. It is sad for all of us, that Ali could not speak to us as he got older, to express his feelings later in life. I can’t help but feel we would have heard a different Ali. At least I would hope so. Yes, when i was walking down the street with my wife and son, I had no shame. Also his comment about Chinese and Puerto Ricans was silly.

  2. Nicolas 10:57pm, 06/22/2017

    don’t even think about it: First Ward’s biggest problem is that not that he is a black man in America, is that he called himself SOG (Son of God). Floyd Mayweather even called him out on that. The claims that you make about his father may have only t ruth in that his father died a very young person. I should really be wanting Andre Ward to win since he is just like my son. But my ex wife was not a crack whore, and I am not a junkie daddy. As stated, I think that Ward at least behaves better than Kovalev. but somehow he does not come across as a nice person.  There was another talk with Ali about this, and I did not watch this Ali clip, but he stresses the same points. The British commentator comes up I think with one of the best lines ever with Ali, paraphrasing (what a sad pessimistic int of view you have). I don’t think Ali had a response to this. Maybe I can find it on Youtube. Another guy who matched Ali pretty well when he was talking to him is William F Buckley. Ali really concedes how difficult it is to debate Buckley. They seem to get along very well though. This during the time when Ali was not boxing because of his license taken away. Ali also was quoted as saying, If you think the same way when you are 60 as you were when you are 30, you have not grown as a man. Something of that sort. Ali from what I have seen also had a white son in law. Remember his grandson ;playing HS football in Las Vegas. Also his last tour to Europe, he visited his Irish roots. He is reported to have been very fond of the British, even if John Lennon came back with the classic line to Ali, when he told the Beatles “your not as dumb as you look”, and Lennon said, You are as dumb as you look.

  3. donteventhinkaboutit 09:03pm, 06/22/2017

    I’ll bet most of you dumb-asses couldn’t even define racism.  Do you know what racism really is?  Do you know how to define it?  Also, for the record, I was a Ward fan going into the first fight.  The comments I made about his mother and father were made public on the HBO special about that fight.  I didn’t make that shit up.  Why would I do that?  I’m just saying that he has come from a difficult background and then he wins two fights that a lot of people don’t think he should have won.  I think that can be hard on a man.  He has the belts, but he is losing in the public eye of the boxing fans, at least a good portion of them.  Anyway, I threw the Ali video in just for fun.  Did anyone watch and understand Ali’s argument against race mixing?  I can’t say that I agree entirely with his position, but he maintains an internal logic that would require one to reject a number of assumptions that we all consider true in order to reject his argument overall.  Just for fun, I’ll post it again.  Enjoy! 


  4. Your Name 07:46am, 06/22/2017

    Right on Nonprohet, right on,  my man. It’s time Alt Bannon and Irish Duke left this site. Their abhorrent racism is ruining it and chasing aficionados away. SAD

  5. nonprophet 06:59am, 06/22/2017


    Don’t you “even think about” the shyte you write?

    TIP:  Ignorant savages like you should probably get all of your commenting out of the way BEFORE you join Kov on the vodka-benders.

  6. Your Name 06:27am, 06/22/2017

    donteventhinkaboutit, you are one very sick puppy.

  7. donteventhinkaboutit 11:40pm, 06/21/2017

    I feel bad for Ward.  He is a mulatto born to the union of a black crack whore and a white junkie daddy.  Ali had it right!  See below.


  8. nicolas 06:38pm, 06/20/2017

    Just read Mrs. Tate’s article about race in boxing. She makes some good points, especially about the idea that some how Joe Louis had endeared himself to white America. In her defense on that, yes, I think the idea that fans went to the ring to root for Joe Louis over a white fighter is a bit much. They may have had some respect for him, but don’t think they had not wished that Billy Conn would have defeated Louis. I don’t think though they hated him. Is it hot ironic though, in a ‘racist country’ it was Louis who got the shot at the title of Braddock, after losing to Scheming? Also why was there fear in 1948 or somewhere around that time, that the Louis-Walcott match would be a financial disaster, two black fighters.

    She mentions though that Daniel Jacobs, a New Yorker, was not the favorite of the crowd in New York at the night of the fight. True, but the same happened to Davy Moore, a New Yorker, when he fought Roberto Duran. Or if your a black fighter from Los Angeles, and you are fighting a Mexican fighter, with the fan base there, who do you think most of the crowd will favor? Even American fighters of Mexican descent have the same problem, think Michael Carbahal when he fought Humberto Gonzalez. So is that racism also? Think what she seems not to be aware of, for years, there was really no great white fighters that we could think of. Ray Mancini, please. I would suggest that from 1970’2 to 90, the best was Jeff Fenech. Then came the Eastern European fighters, mostly from the former Soviet Union. European Americans got to see boxers who looked just like them. There are no longer the great white fighters, and I would suggest they were great from the 1920’s like Benny Leonard, Harry Greb, and Mickey Walker, American born men. Some of the other white champions are of course questionable.

    Finally her assertion that black fighters did not get the dignity of a title shot because of a coward label is ludicrous. It was simply and sadly due to the box office. In Germany, before the first Louis-Schmeling fight, there was this idea that Schmeling had no chance, because really Joe Louis, was not really a human being, but something stronger, something really not human. Also earlier, in the late 1800’s when the idea of watching sports came into our national fabric, I remember reading in a book, that someone wrote that blacks would most likely take over sports if allowed, especially boxing.

    This knock on Thurman to me is a stretch to call it racism, or any thing resembling that. As for Ward and Stevenson, let us not forget Stevenson’s past record, and also Ward, while I think conducts himself better than Stevenson, I think if he would have dropped the SOG label, he might be better liked. I also mentioned his mixed race heritage. I should really be wanting Ward to win, as my son is of the same mixture. Finally when I watch Tennis, I really only was watching it to Serena Williams, and even her sister Venus. They are my favorite tennis players. I guess you can guess why.

  9. Your name 04:32pm, 06/20/2017

    nonprophet just ate Alt’s lunch

  10. nicolas 11:54am, 06/20/2017

    Finally to Caryn: You meant Johnson-Burns. Part of Johnson’s problem was that he did not come across as a very nice guy. Had he been a bit more humble, which he portrayed himself in later years, there might have not been such a problem. I also would mention that it is reported that when Joe Gans beat Battling Nelson the first time in Nevada, Nelson who would lose by foul was actually booed. In the 1920’s, when Tiger Flowers would win the world middleweight title from Harry Greb, and successful defend it against Greb, some felt that Greb was the better man both times, but his behavior alienated even the white judges.

  11. nicolas 11:45am, 06/20/2017

    Whoops, I meant Caryn. As far as rooting for a particular fighter because of race, well I don’t think any black fans would have a problem when you root for a white fighter. They understand that you might be able to identify more with that person. Some did bring that up when Kovalev fought Hopkins, Hopkins of course being American. Hopkins, not always that nice a guy what I heard from a boxer himself, and the way he could be very alienating to anyone, it is no wonder that people would not be a fan favorite. I remember a black guy telling me that he hoped Andrew Golata would beat Lenox Lewis. Possibly Lewis be a foreigner also, and sometimes what I perceive as African Americans not minding rooting for an odd ball. Heck mostly as a little white boy, who might have been odd to, black kids were often more friendlier to me that white kids, this back ill the 60’s. I remember a black guy telling me before the Holmes-Cooney encounter that he knew a black girl who wanted Cooney to win because she felt he was better looking. I will admit I mostly root for the white guy. However, I think a lot of people are going to be influenced by personality as well. So I did not care for Butterbean, or Vinny Pazienza.

  12. nicolas 11:24am, 06/20/2017

    One of the things that was not mentioned by the person who wrote the article, Catlyn, and her comparison to the Johnson-Jeffries match, is that from what I under stand, Wards father, who first trained him in boxing was a white guy, who died fairly young, late 40’s or early 50’s. On youtube they do have a short documentary about this. With all that has sadly happened these last years, at least in a more visible way, I felt that Ward could have gotten h himself better known had he gotten more involved. Perhaps he could have educated others, mostly those on his fathers side regarding racial issues. Sadly, he decided to call himself more SOG. I think this is somewhat what makes people dislike him. Even Floyd Mayweather Jr. commented on this correctly.

  13. nonprophet 10:33am, 06/20/2017

    Struck a nerve, eh, Alt? 

    Musta, since you spent all morning scribbling gibberish, scarfing down “sammiches” (watched a couple of episodes of the old “Martin” sit-coms, eh?) and drinking ya mum’s breast milk (STILL?).

    “Playa.” Ooooo, you so down with the vernacular eh?  You done gone and watched a couple of Ice Cube videos and now you running around flashing gang-signs and calling all the brothers, “Playas.”

    You “playin’ yourself, son.  Better check ya self before you wreck ya self…..ring a bell?

    Black redneck?  Think you got me confused with Sheriff David Clarke.
    International shit-stirrer? 

    I want to be offended by that.  Truly do.  But here’s my problem, Alty: Having been called far worse by people who have big beautiful blue eyes and who are WAY smarter and WAY more important than you, has made it just too difficult for me to do anything but chuckle.
    But I’ll at least TRY to try to get upset.

    Oh, and thanks for the tip about us folks being all lactose intolerant and all.  That’s the real “teachable moment” here.  I now realize that I must take that valuable information and do two important things with it:

    1. Start drinking MORE milk since the pint or so I drink daily obviously ain’t doing to me what you say it’s supposed to be doing to me.  And…
    2. Call up all Sharpton to organize a protest against the racist milk producers (cows, right?)

    Finally, as for the N-word.  From an intellectual standpoint, your creator seems to been a bit “niggardly” with you when the brains were being doled out.

    Have another “sammich” while trying to figure out what “niggardly” means.

    Chreerio, chum(p)....

  14. nicolas 08:00am, 06/20/2017

    I remember that match, though while not in anyway racially motivated, I think the decision was based being more home town than anything else. I for example thought Alan Minter beat Musapha Hamsho,but Hamsho was the home fighter. As stated earlier, I am no fan about how great Jack Dempsey was, and this is usually due to his inactivity against black fighters when heavyweight champ. He had a hell of a time with a black fighter whose name escapes me earlier in his career, and I think really did not want anything to do with them, only spar. While I don’t want judges to favor a white fighter in the ring, the fact remains I think that many potential white fans may become alienated from watching boxing. People can admire all boxers from all races, and this is a good thing when a sport has a mixed racial background, but when people may not see people who more resemble them, they may feel that they not only do not belong to participate in the sport, they may not belong in watching it as well. I believe that the movie Rocky in 1o976, may have accually brought a lot of white guys into the sport, who may not have gotten in, a movie of fiction. It can of course truly be argued, that lets say a Dave Tiberri would not have been champion for long, but at least it would put more of a spotlight on the sport. I think that what has happened to boxing is strangely going to start happening to American Football. Yes for so long it has been the premier sport. But with the recent political views of some black athletes, views they are of course free to express, I think mostly about what some of the St Louis Rams football players did, and of course Kapernick, I think that many in the US feel alienated from the players on the field, more so than before.

  15. Alt Knight 06:22pm, 06/19/2017

    @Nicolas…Check out Gerrie Coetzee vs Renaldo Snipes on YT. You probably already saw the bout, you seem to be about the same age as me. ONE OF THE ABSOLUTE WORST DECISIONS I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE. There are people on this site who probably would have scored a shutout victory for Snipes.

  16. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 05:55pm, 06/19/2017

    @nicholas-Nice observation….that fighter was Irish Joey Archer who defeated Sugar Ray Robinson, Dick Tiger, Holly Mims and Rubin Carter in addition to many others. You can bet your ass that there many sukass whites in the crowd rooting against him!

  17. nicolas 02:44pm, 06/19/2017

    While I think it is fare to say that blacks even in the last 50 years have faced far more prejudice and racism in the last 50 years, and perhaps people of Mexican descent, I would suggest that a curious thing has happened in boxing. Starting from when Emile Griffith fought this one white guy twice, his name escapes me at this time, white fighters, especially in close fights, have always mostly in title fights gotten the short end of the stick, when it could really be argued they were the correct winners. The only one that I can think of, was when the ref stopped the Johnny Bumphis Gene Hatcher fight back in 84. yes Bumphis had been in big trouble in that round, but he seemed to me to be on the way too recovery when the ref intervened, in a fight that Bumphis was leading in.

  18. Your Name 12:53pm, 06/19/2017

    I’m confused. We have motor-mouth keyboard warriors commenting on a fight they did not even see. WTF. This is like the morons in Congress who passed a cruel piece of legislation that they did not even read much less understand.

    I’m beginning to see a correlation between Freedom Caucus a-holes and certain kinds of a-hole boxing fans. Hmm. I bet Paul Ryan likes boxing. Maybe Rush and Sean and Knute and other such strange humanoids.

  19. Anonymous 09:07am, 06/19/2017

    Man, this kind of racist exchange has no business on a boxing site (except perhaps EBS).

    Give it a rest and talk boxing. Did Tony make a good stoppage? Did Ward star the end with that head shot? Were those shots really low given where Tony pointed to during the instructions? Where does Ward go from jere? The Russian?

  20. Alt Knight 06:55am, 06/19/2017

    nonprophet aka the Black redneck…I was merely stating a fact in regards to another poster comments.Not only do Blacks always root for black fighters only because they are black, but they vote on skin color as well. They are no different than Asians, Jews, Mexicans, etc., they all play identity politics or exhibit extreme bias.  I still haven’t seen the fight but I heard there might have been a premature stoppage. Won’t say one way or the other until I see with my own two beautiful blue eyes. Come to think of it, you might not be a black redneck, you could be one of those international sh*t stirrers. haha. Hey, nonprohet, only in your world does losing a boxing match hold that much weight in the first place. I guess when you have no other major accomplishments to brag about, you take what you get, right, little feller. Well, I will thank you for the peanut butter sammich I just ate. Helluva an invention. Sergey dindu nuffin. He did say the N-word but he only used it calling his wife a nagger, and said if she wouldn’t stop nagging him, he wasn’t taking her to Niagara Falls. Gotz to go get some racist milk to wash down that p-nut butter sammich, playa. We know how many nonwhites are lactose intolerant, so milk has got to be as racist as the “KKK.” BTW, as for Russia,  and as well as America, Great Britian, and others, they all owe Germany reparations for the attrocities and war crimes they committed against German civilians and POWs in WWII.

  21. nonprophet 05:46am, 06/19/2017

    HA HA HA…. All the KKK losers are bitching about black fans never rooting for white fighters instead of focusing on the ass-whupping that the Son of God put on that Russian punk thug.  Like I said here before, whether black or white, I’m ALWAYS going for the American! 

    Chew on this KKK fanboys, your “fearsome” KO artist gets KOd by a SMALLER man with CONSIDERABLY LESS PUNCHING POWER. 

    But here’s the best part….while the brother heads home with MILLIONS in his account along with ALL OF HIS BELTS, the dumb Russky settles for an empty can of whup-ass and a PPV percentage that probably won’t cover his training expenses.

    Must be a hell of a let down, whine about getting robbed for weeks, throw around the N-word, and talk about ending Ward’s career, right?  Yet, instead of backing up all that nonsense, the little bitch ends up going home beaten, whining all the way like a little cuck, and (best of all) going home virtually penniless.  HA!

    KKK’s claims his problem last fight was an alleged empty tank.  So what does he do? Goes out and hires a triathlon guru.  Yet he STILL gassed out by round 4.

    I’m thinking KKK’s problem was too much vodka and too little cardio.

    So here’s the thing:  KKK knocked out by light-punching Andre Ward? 

    KKK was smart to stay the fuck away from Adonis Stevenson.


  22. Jeff Spicoli 06:27pm, 06/18/2017

    All I need is some tasty waves, a cool buzz and I am fine. “Refried confusion is making itself clear. Wonder which way do I go to get on out of here. I been to the right place. But it must have been the wrong time.”

  23. Koolz 05:51pm, 06/18/2017

    Pretty wild psychology from masses online, some people even wish to meet up and fight each other!  Which gives me an awesome new idea for a Fight Club!

    Alright they can create this new show called The Fight Club where the average loser that calls out someone to fight them over a different opinion gets three rounds in a ring.  No rules!  No training!  Just go at it!

    That would be amazing!  weight doesn’t matter, size doesn’t matter….
    just let it all go!

    Seriously even Caryn is mouthing off like crazy on the net.  and the Boxing forums…  Just amazing the energy wasted on people you shall never meet.

    Never waste your energy on strangers, even consciousness is energy.
    You have unlimited potentiality and getting caught up in a maelstrom of thoughtless anger is a waste of that potential.

    Bivol got some easy rounds in there.  I love how he can explode when he sees an opening.  He is looking good.  I wonder where he thinks he is at now.  Ready for The Superman?


  24. Anonymous 01:07pm, 06/18/2017

    Caryn Tate is very fine looking, very.

  25. Alt Knight 12:53pm, 06/18/2017

    Come on guys, if Ward was arrested he would be booked in as a “white guy.” It’s called the Zimmerman process under present day crime stats. This isn’t to be confused with the Zimmerman telegram btw..  I’ve seen hispanics, Asians etc., listed as “white” on their mugshots. And I taint joking there. Lighten up, it is only a friggin’ boxing match. Time to go eat some fajitas, drink some Negra Modelo and watch my color television set. See, I taint racist one bit.

  26. Koolz 12:50pm, 06/18/2017

    What about Kovalev’s intentional rabbit punches and head butts ?

    An Eye for an Eye
    Tooth for a Tooth.

  27. Koolz 12:45pm, 06/18/2017

    The barker (nice nick?
    He who barks loudest bites less.

    No one is questioning Ward’s Talent.  Before the Low blows were made that made Kovalev double over and put his chin out to get smashed I had him only up by two rounds.  The fight could have went either way.  It was pretty good chess match between them both.

  28. Alt Knight 12:42pm, 06/18/2017

    Caryn Tate…Checked out your twitter page and that is one handsome dog you have there, girl.

  29. The Barker 12:40pm, 06/18/2017

    What about Kovalev’s intentional rabbit punches and head butts ?

  30. Koolz 12:38pm, 06/18/2017

    and Tony Weeks says:

    “I am being criticised a lot unjustly. I have watched the replay and have to admit I was wrong I missed the lowblows from Ward #WardKovalev2”

    Ward is rather clever at being able to fight as a dirty fighter but make it look like he is actually trying to fight.  That takes some experience there.

  31. Alt Knight 12:15pm, 06/18/2017

    I don’t think either one of these guys would have been more than top 10 fighters in the 1975-1983 era of light heavyweights. Neither can lay claim to being great. Talk about hyperbole.

  32. Koolz 12:12pm, 06/18/2017

    Hahah Rigo! very impressive….and really impressive…hmmm review of a punch after the bell?

    and I need to say that Fedor is fighting at Beltor don’t miss it!

  33. Koolz 11:59am, 06/18/2017

    Tyron Zeuge vs Paul Smith


  34. Koolz 11:57am, 06/18/2017

    Arif Magomedov vs Luis Arias


  35. The Barker 11:57am, 06/18/2017

    What a sorry pathetic bunch! Excellence is an anethema to some of y’all. You whine and discredit like Kovalevand his crass and classless team, led by Kathy Duva. Ward had this loser at the opening bell. His skill level was tremendous and he did what not a single one of you thought he’d do.

  36. Koolz 11:43am, 06/18/2017

    Dmitry Bivol vs Cedric Agnew


  37. Koolz 11:39am, 06/18/2017

    Guillermo Rigondeaux vs Moises Flores


  38. Koolz 11:38am, 06/18/2017

    Edgar Sosa vs Julio Cesar Martinez


  39. Koolz 11:35am, 06/18/2017


    Great it’s Caryn again when read the title Ward Krushes Kovalev i knew you were the writer!  I didn’t even have to look to see who the writer was I already knew.
    you expose yourself and your psychology by being Bias.

    Every post you have ever written has been anti Kovalev Pro Ward…Bias much??

    This fight was another travesty.  It was close fight either guy winning more of a round then the other then….that happened.

    but something happened to make that happen…Low Blows one of which took the fight out of Kovelv and Ward took advantage of that getting in a really nice shot.

    I think this is over now.  And Ward will be called P4P and I will hear how weak Russia is and how Great America is….etc.

    time to post more fights.

  40. nicolas 11:29am, 06/18/2017

    I did not see the fight. But from reading the article by Ms. Catlyn Tate, I first assumed that she was black, and was perhaps racist herself. But after further investigation, seeing her picture onTwitter, I realize that she is not. Perhaps she does not like Kovalev because he is Russian. But to here her that she did not give Kovalev a round, and that two of the judges had Ward bone, and one had Kovalev by three, I would say she may be biased. Please not, that in the past I took some of the boxing historians writing here to take on there adulation of what a great fighter Jack Dempsey was, due to his not defending against black fighters, Harry Wills in particular.  I have the feeling that both Wartd and Kovalev are really not the most pleasant of people. But I will give props to Ward, he usually acts more the gentlemen than does Kovalev. Kovalev comes across as a very unlikable person. His behavior after the second Jean Pascal fight was really horrendous.

  41. Plywood Hoods 11:27am, 06/18/2017

    I recently started watching boxing.  I can tell from this article I should never pay your website any attention, because your narratives don’t coincide with reality.

  42. Pete The Sneak 10:40am, 06/18/2017

    Anonymous/ Irish Frankie, you guys are dead on. I saw the fight and yes, Krusher was already winded by the end of the 4th round. His punches didn’t really have a lot of steam on them and you got the impression he may not make it to 10 rounds due to his stamina. I actually thought his conditioning was much better in the first fight. So yes, Irish, what the F—k was that conditioning coach brought in for? Vodka sessions?...Peace.

  43. Rob Chambers 10:20am, 06/18/2017

    If you look at the pre fight instructions Weeks indicated that middle of Kovalev’s waistband was the cut off for legal body blows making Ward’s shots seem at worse borderline and less likely to hit the groin area.

  44. fan 09:58am, 06/18/2017

    Boxer should wear JockStrap for lowblow protection.

  45. Alt Knight 09:47am, 06/18/2017

    Well, one good thing about the article was the quote from the Watchmen, character, “Rorschach.” Be nice to see them make a movie just with that character. The movie, “Watchmen,” was blah, but the character, “Rorschach” needs to have his own movie. @Mr. Sam Young, the word “liberal” was hijacked, there is nothing “liberal” at all about anti-White racists. I consider myself a classical liberal and I hate it when the word, “liberal” is used to describe some of these people. They are the antithesis of “liberal,” and tolerant.

  46. Anonymous 08:23am, 06/18/2017

    It’s now clear (to me) that Kov has serious stamina issues. Suspected it after the first fight but never really knew because most of his fights were relatively short. In this one, his mouth was open after the fourth round even though he kept coming at Ward. Kov is highly susceptible to body work.

  47. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 08:06am, 06/18/2017

    Didn’t see the fight but reports were that Kovalev was breathing very hard in the corner after the fifth round! What the hell is going on here…..did he bring in that Russian conditioning coach to be his drinking buddy?! Russians sip their Russky Standart straight up and chilled and guess what….they love to smooth it out with one of those really strong ass Belomorkanals! There’s more than one way of scamming in this sport! Christ! It completely slipped my mind that in addition to head butting, elbowing, and holding that Ward is a world class nutcracker too!.

  48. Your Name 08:03am, 06/18/2017

    Sam Young has just been nominated for induction into the Boxing Posters Hall of Shame located here in Beautiful downtown Flint, Michigan.

  49. Sam Young 07:30am, 06/18/2017

    Whoever wrote this article is a Total Leftist Liberal Idiot. I had Sergey winning the fight before the Fake Premature Stoppage. Obviously, you shouldn’t be commenting on Boxing. You could be commenting on Knitting or How to be a Lying Leftisr Libersl Wimpy Hypocrite. Andre hit Sergey with at least 6 Low Blows, I Low Blow before Andre Ward stunned Sergey Kovalev with the Right Hand. Then Andre hit Sergey with 3 Hard Shots below the belt. About Sergey’s so called racist actions. Do you cover when White Children, White Men are Victims of Black Racism ? Do you cover when White Woman are Raped and Killed by Black men. Of course not. Why ? Because obviously you’re a Leftist Liberal Hypocrite.

  50. Alt Knight 05:39am, 06/18/2017

    In all honesty and God as my witness, I have never seen a black fan root for white fighter fighting against a black fighter. I’m sure it has happened, but I have never witnessed it. I have seen plenty of whites root for black fighters against white fighters. Specifically, I can remember that I was one of the few “white guys” where I worked that rooted for Tommy Morrison against Big George. I liked both fighters. By contrast, I always admired Floyd Patterson and I was rooting for Floyd in his fight with Bonavena. Those who always accuse others or “racism” are only self projecting. They remind me of the cheating husband who is always accusing his wife of cheating on him, meanwhile he’s shagging everything he can.

  51. c.h. 05:18am, 06/18/2017

    I guess we can’t celebrate Ward’s great victory because so many want to bring race into everything. I have been going to the fights since 1960, I have probably attended around 500 shows and I can state that I have seen only a “handful” of black fans root for a white fighter when opposing fellow black fighter. Whereas I have seen “countless” white fans root for a black fighter when fighting a white fighter. It seems most of the racial bias by a certain group is overlooked because of the political correctness which now dominates American sports reporting.  Only in America can a sports fan be criticized for rooting for someone he likes because he can relate to him whether because of nationality, neighborhood pride, etc.

  52. Alt Knight 05:05am, 06/18/2017

    Earlier I had picked Kovalev by a 7-8th round knockout (not stoppage) and last night, I gotz a little more specific and picked a knockout in 7. Right airport but wrong plane. Thank you, Wet Willie. Yaaawwwwwwwn. “Racism?” Hmmm, where were you SJWs when Christopher Newsom and Channon Christian were tortured, raped, mutilated and burned? Or how about when Jessica Chambers is burned alive, the only parts of her body not scorched by fire was the bottom of her feet. What about a 12 year old Texas white kid burned alive by a black woman weilding a blow torch? Oh, that’s right, you are more worried about some Russian boxer saying the N-word, or putting a gorilla’s face on a t-shirt depicting another boxer. Newsflash: The general public thinks that most boxers regardless of color are gorillas. Hell, I’ve been called a “gorilla.” Okay, lets forget the real horror stories, and focus on name calling, oh the horror. How about B-Hop, Mike Tyson, Larry Holmes, and lets trow in a politician like Charlie Rangel. I’ll leave out Ali, because in my opinion Ali was a truth speaker and not a true racist like the others. IF the N-word is so offensive than no one should say the word and least of all a black person would be the last person to want to say the word, regardless of the context of which it was used. Ironically it was Kovalev talking about ending Ward’s career and there would be no trilogy, looks like me and the Krusher had things backwards on that one.

  53. Jostein 03:34am, 06/18/2017

    Congratulations Ward! Impressive as f*ck!

  54. Peter 02:40am, 06/18/2017

    Andre Ward is very good—but “an all-time great”? Please, let’s get real.

  55. raxman 01:25am, 06/18/2017

    Caryn A Tate - maybe you and Tony Weeks can get a two for one deal at the optometrist. Of the last 3 low blows only 1 was anywhere near the belt line.
    That said the 2 shots earlier in the round , that made him double over, were on the belt and totally legal.
    I won money on Ward last time. Not winning by decision cost me tonight, but what I’ve really lost is my admiration for Ward. I’ve always defended him, saying that his head butts, like Tim Bradley, were more poor technique than deliberate foul; in that at medium-close range, he has a tendency to move his head with his punches. But now I have to admit, Andre Ward is a very dirty fighter.
    The hypocrisy of the over the top religious never ceases to amaze me

  56. tuxtucis 01:09am, 06/18/2017

    Ok, the stoppage was premature, but it’s clear Kovalev has a clear weakness in his chin: a man who was dropped by Caparello en troubled by a light punching supermiddleweight (Ward) would have had many fits with the hard punching light heavies of the past (and maybe with Stevenson too).

  57. Jan Swart 12:53am, 06/18/2017

    Ward fought dirty and landed at least three low blows on Kovalev just before the fight was stopped. Also, he was behind on points when the end came, IMO.

    It’s a bit desperate to link the Kovalev/Ward animosity to racism, and it is more than a stretch to hark back to the Johnson era to make a (?) point.

    Also, at the risk of being pedantic, Johnson - Burns did not take place “at night”. The first time the heavyweight championship changed hands under ring lights occurred 18 years after Johnson - Burns,  when Tunney dethroned Dempsey.