Warning Signs Flashing for Floyd

By Ted Sares on August 19, 2011
Warning Signs Flashing for Floyd
These things have a way of cascading out of control and no one is immune (Robert Ecksel)

When the news about a fighter’s legal, personal and domestic problems begin to equal his ring exploits, that’s when things can go downhill rapidly. That’s when someone needs to step in. As Paul Magno states in a moving piece about Edwin Valero dated April 1, 2010 on Inside Fights: “…that’s when things can take a turn for the worse, when the steering wheel starts to veer toward the curb and a crash is imminent.”

In Edwin’s case, the warnings were manifest, but they were ignored. Where was his entourage when his addiction spun him out of control? Where was his family? Why wasn’t he kept in rehab long enough to rehab him? Where were the Authorities?

Mayweather’s situation is not nearly as dire, but his family and entourage need to step in now before his steering wheel starts to veer toward the curb. What happened to Valero was an incomprehensible fast moving series of events. The same can happen to Little Floyd. These things have a way of cascading out of control and no one is immune.

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  1. DVL 05:57pm, 11/27/2011

    thresher agree with you,  Carl J. WTF.

  2. The Thresher 06:02am, 08/28/2011

    Got it, dawg.

  3. Carl J. Hewitt 08:42pm, 08/27/2011

    Not “da” dawg—a dawg. There are many dawgs in this world.

  4. The Thresher 07:07pm, 08/27/2011

    You da man, dog!

  5. Carl J. Hewitt 06:54pm, 08/27/2011

    I got you by 16 years, my brotha—been watching boxing since 1973.

  6. The Thresher 06:45pm, 08/27/2011

    Naw, I’m 32.

  7. Carl J. Hewitt 06:42pm, 08/27/2011

    Thresher, you sound very emotional in your analysis of boxing, so I’d hazard to guess that you’re in your early 20s. I’d be shocked as sh&# it you were older!

  8. Carl J. Hewitt 06:40pm, 08/27/2011

    That’s what they said about Hatton. And Oscar. And Shane. And Marquez. And Corrales. And ater Floyd wins, you’ll hear the same Revisionist History B.S.—“Oh, but Ortiz was so inexperienced, blah, blah.” No matter who he beats, Mayweather’s wins will always be discounted, while Manny’s are hailed as “heroic feats.” This is getting TIRED…

  9. The Thresher 06:39pm, 08/27/2011

    Carl aka Bronx Bull, how old do you think I am?

  10. The Thresher 06:35pm, 08/27/2011

    Amen Tex, amen.

  11. Carl J. Hewitt 06:33pm, 08/27/2011

    Thresher, you’re not a boxing writer—you are a CLOWN!!! When online boxing magazines allow you to post your GARBAGE, they lose all credibility!!! If I fell into a deep coma for 22 years and lost 84% of my grey matter, I would still know ten times more about boxing than you do!

  12. Tex Hassler 05:37pm, 08/27/2011

    I expect that Floyd Mayweather is nearing the end of his career as a top fighter. You can only stay on top so long and what is going on in his personal life is bound to harm his boxing ability and career. He has a tough fight coming up whether he knows it or not. He is fighting a young, hungry, hard punching fighter who is wanting to win and is in shape.

  13. The Thresher 07:36pm, 08/26/2011

    That will be just about enough pal. Or should I say Bronx Bull? You are one weird cat. Please, no more.

  14. Carl J. Hewitt 07:32pm, 08/26/2011

    You know my name—I don’t hide! I know Rick Glaser, Gerry Cooney and other people in the sport. I know enough about Valero to know that he rode motorcycles, drank, used drugs—what about anything I’ve said about him is not true? Your article sounds more like wishful thinking and pure conjecture than something based in fact.

  15. The Thresher 05:58pm, 08/26/2011

    I never let personal feeling enter into my boxing articles. If you want mne to say “I love Floyd Mayweather,” forget about it. If you want me to say, I am a great fam of his skills, I will gladly say that. As for Valero, it has become apparent that you know nothing about him so I will not waste my time arguing with you. But IMO—and for different reasons, May is headed for a crash unless someone intervenes. See Bob’s comment below or eeeze’s. BTW, do I know you? Not all that many people call my stuff nonsense so maybe I need to know your real identity.:twisted:

  16. Carl J. Hewitt 05:28pm, 08/26/2011

    Thresher, you have to learn to put personal feelings for a fighter aside. What exactly are you hoping to accomplish by comparing Mayweather’s trajectory to Valero’s??? Where’s the comparison? One guy never drinks or uses drugs, while the other one not only did drugs and alcohol, but rode motorcycles while training for fights!!! Can you at least answer my question before “agreeing to disagree”??? Sounds to me more like you’re trying to gain more converts to the ‘Hate Floyd Mayweather’ Party—that party’s already full!

  17. The Thresher 05:21pm, 08/26/2011

    Carl J. Hewitt , time to agree to disagree.

  18. Carl J. Hewitt 04:59pm, 08/26/2011

    I will bet you ANYTHING you care to wager than he doesn’t do a day of jail time. You might be HOPING that he goes to prison, but I’m also hoping that I’m a millionaire when I wake up tomorrow morning…

  19. Carl J. Hewitt 04:57pm, 08/26/2011

    Thresher, I see no comparison between Mayweather and Valero. One guy does dumb $h!t and behaves arrogantly, while the other guy was a drug-using, alcohol-consuming ticking time bomb waiting to explode violently and self-destructively. Where is the comparison???

  20. The Thresher 04:56pm, 08/26/2011

    No, that he has a number of charges to which he must answer. Those are warning signs. Domestic issues, assault, etc.They can cascade—that’s my point here. They can move from stream to fast moving river to cascade.

  21. The Thresher 04:54pm, 08/26/2011

    Carl, this is not about Manny. It’s about Valero-May. lol

  22. Carl J. Hewitt 01:02pm, 08/26/2011

    Thresher, I don’t agree with his lifestyle or how he carries himself sometimes, but as long as he’s not breaking any laws and getting convicted and sentenced, I don’t really see where it’s hurt his career.

    In fact, I believe taking the long stretches off from the ring have saved him from wear and tear and kept him relatively fresh and effective.

    I guess it comes down to what fans prefer more, a virtuoso like Floyd who fights quality opposition once in awhile, or someone like Manny who fights more often, but against a wretched quality of competition.

  23. Carl J. Hewitt 12:48pm, 08/26/2011

    What warning signs? That he’s stupid enough to throw hundred dollar bills in the air and shoot his mouth off that he’s the greatest? That’s light stuff! The guys doesn’t drink, smoke or use drugs. The biggest complaint about him is that he acts like an arrogant ass—I can live with that.

  24. The Thresher 12:46pm, 08/26/2011

    Carl, I agree but so are thousands of of young men who work each day 8 hours a day without an entourage of “buddies and advisers.” Floyd is heading for big trouble if he doesn’t change his ways. He needs to reign in his life style and go low profile. Just my opinion. Hope I’m wrong.

  25. The Thresher 12:42pm, 08/26/2011

    Carl, I disagree. In both cases, warning signs flashed. They were ignored in Valero’s case. They seem to be less ignored in May’s case. But warning signs are just that. You ignore them at the risk of a crash. With all due respect,

  26. Carl J. Hewitt 11:20am, 08/26/2011

    Trying to draw parallels between Mayweather and Valero is like trying to draw parallels between a person who plays chess and someone who plays checkers—there’s almost no frame of reference upon which to base such a comparison.

  27. Carl J. Hewitt 11:18am, 08/26/2011

    Floyd is a product of the hip hop culture. Do I agree with how he carries himself? No, I don’t, but by the same token, he’s merely a product of his environment. America is a very “in-your-face” culture, and Floyd is just a reflection of that.

  28. The Thresher 11:03am, 08/26/2011

    Robert, you raise good points.

  29. The Thresher 11:02am, 08/26/2011

    Pablo, agreed. I’m with you on this.

  30. The Thresher 11:01am, 08/26/2011

    Bob, with all due respect, Valero was on his own at 8 years old.

  31. The Thresher 11:00am, 08/26/2011

    Respect, Valero was on his own at 8 years old. PBF was pampered at 8 years old. He was bred to be a fighter and in many ways grew up entitled. Valero had to fend for himself and that included a lot of horrific things when he was a teen. His brain injury coalesced with his alcohol and cocaine issues and his hair trigger to form an atomic cocktail waiting to explode. There were warning signs in Venezuela, Japan, and Mexico—big ones—but they were ignored by what I would call deliberate indifference. The result was horrible. PBF’s warnings are about the company he keeps but not about any substance abuse.

  32. The Thresher 10:53am, 08/26/2011

    eeeze, I quite agree with your assessment. Compared to Valero, he doesn’t know what “tough” is. I recall when the rapper wars took place. Those guys thought they were above it all. No one is above it all and it’s the least likley thing (or person) who can do you in at the end. He had better wake up NOW!

  33. The Thresher 10:50am, 08/26/2011

    Carl, you talking to me re PBF-Pac?

  34. The Thresher 10:49am, 08/26/2011

    Johnny me lad, Great to see you on here, mate. Book is at the publishers and the first edit is now complete.

  35. The Thresher 10:48am, 08/26/2011

    I am back from vacation (camping ) and will reply ASAP.

  36. Pablo Edwin Obregon 09:11pm, 08/23/2011

    I’ve been a fan of Floyd’s from the time he out boxed and destroyed the great Chicanito Hernandez, I am sad to read and listen about all of the negativity that has been going on in Floyd’s life, but because I love him as human being, I can only pray to God to wake him up so that he can get his act together not only for himself, but for his beautiful kids also. I still think Floyd is one of the greatest boxers of all times, and Ortiz will be taken to boxing school on the night he meets pretty boy Floyd Mayweather.

  37. Carl J. Hewitt 04:22pm, 08/21/2011

    First of all, Floyd has beaten a better grade of opponent than Manny Pacquiao has. It’s Manny who has constantly fought “set-up” fights against opponents paid to act as heavy bags. The only time he came into a fight over the contracted weight was the Marquez fight. Try getting your facts straight before posting your nonsense! If you don’t like Mayweather, cool. But don’t post lies about things that never took place!

  38. Bob 01:46pm, 08/21/2011

    I totally disagree with you about Floyd Mayweather’s situation not being as dire as Edwin Valero’s. Think of all the violence he is immersed in outside of the ring. He has been directly or indirectly involved in numerous shootings and beatings, several of which it is widely believed that he orchestrated. Killing some dude in a strip club might not be as reprehensible as killing the mother of one’s children on the surface, but it is murder just the same. Floyd Jr. has no one to tell him how self-destructive he is, not that he would listen anyway. He is heading down a tragic road in which his arrogance and ignorance will eat him whole. The big question is how many more people will he harm, and how badly will he harm them (outside of the ring), before he goes down for the count either literally or figuratively.

  39. Robert Reger, Sr. 10:03am, 08/21/2011

    Pretty Boy Floyd is a product of his environment. Let’s take a look at exactly what that environment is. His father Floyd senior spent five years in jail for drug trafficking, and was indicted several times on domestic disturbance complaints, his uncle Roger Mayweather has also spent time in jail for numerous offenses, and has also been indicted on domestic violence complaints, and has been banned by the Boxing Association for unprofessional conduct.

    Let us just imagine what the conversations around the family sounded like based on the language that is used by Floyd Junior, Senior and Uncle Roger. They are all foulmouthed uncouth people that love to brag about themselves and use any and all foul language to express themselves or to address their opponents. In my mind this is not sportsmanship. Someone, anyone, needs to come along and smack him upside the head in order to get his attention.

    He is a good fighter based on his record but then again who did he really fight? People that were near the end of their careers, opponents that were lighter than him that had been forced to come up in weight. To fight Floyd, anytime Floyd was asked to come down in weight for a big fight he absolutely refused and just paid the fine and the fight went on. Again, is that the mark of a true champion?

  40. Carl J. Hewitt 07:08pm, 08/20/2011

    It’s all conjecture. Until he gets hit with a lawsuit that sticks or a conviction, no one really knows what will happen. The best thing for fans to do is filter out all of the personal stuff going on with Floyd and focus on what he does in the ring, when he gets in the ring.

  41. eeeze 12:10pm, 08/20/2011

    I feel that “lil Floyd” was pampered ever since he showed signs of potential ring success. Everything Daddy’s Lil Boy did was okay. If we care to look back we’ll see that the signs were there all along. His attitude and the way he humiliates his adversaries didn’t start yesterday, he did it occasionally in the amateurs, and naturally… it slowly escalated. He took his losses quite bad and immaturely. “How can they dare say that I lost?” Did his rather dysfunctional surroundings do this? Hmm… Maybe in the beginning, but he knows the difference between right and wrong, it’s HE that chooses to do the latter. In a person like him him having loads of money has helped him BUY his way out of situations in the past. After a while having loads of money becomes part of the problem, believing that money makes him ABOVE THE LAW. He has cried after fights and gets “holy” claims that the world is against him with an “It ain’t easy being me” sense of innocence. First he uses his sometimes very tasteless “gangsta” attitude to hype up his events and make BIG$$$ and then he cries because fans dislike him for the person he portrays!! Being disliked has made him far richer than if he would’ve adopted a rather humble Shane Mosley-like persona. And yes, it’s catching up on him. You can only go around messing with folks for so long. The law will deal you a frightening blow or… when he least expects it, someone he humbled, assaulted, wronged or humiliated might decide to pay Lil Floyd a “visit” and sentence Lil Floyd in another type of courtroom. Revenge has it’s own way of… justice?? Peace to all

  42. Pugknows 07:16pm, 08/19/2011

    Good one, Ted. Hope Floyd reads it.

  43. john coiley 12:54pm, 08/19/2011

    Could be ego, insecurities obscured by talent so obvious no one could imagine an ending, even when the curtain has fallen. Here’s hoping Floyd has the support of family and friends that he can hear with a heart that believes and knows that there’s no disgrace in hanging them up when it’s time…best wishes, Floyd

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