Wars to Be Made in 2012—Part 2

By David Matthew on January 6, 2012
Wars to Be Made in 2012—Part 2
Cloud—who hasn’t fought since the summer—is the most dangerous fighter in the division

This is the biggest fight to be made in the light heavyweight division, and 2012 might be the year we see this clash…

(This is the second of a five-part series)

Tavoris Cloud (23-0, 19 KOs) v. Chad Dawson (30-1, 17 KOs)

Regardless of the bad taste left in the mouth of boxing fans from the Dawson-Hopkins debacle in November, Dawson still remains at the top of the class in the light heavyweight division. While Dawson is determined to land a rematch with Jean Pascal to avenge the sole loss on his resume, the most exciting war to be made in the division is against the underappreciated Tavoris Cloud. 

Cloud—who hasn’t fought since the summer when he dazzled fans with an eighth round stoppage of sturdy veteran Yusaf Mack—is the most dangerous fighter in the division. Cloud has proven that he can both box and bang, and has exhibited a world-class motor enabling him to fight at high levels of intensity and activity throughout grueling 12 round fights.

Although it is true that Cloud has looked impressive against divisional stalwarts like Clinton Woods and Glen Johnson, he still lacks a marquee name on his resume that can catapult him to the upper tier of boxing. A win against Chad Dawson would certainly be a huge step towards boxing stardom for Cloud.
For Dawson, he is still trying to get back to where he was when he was considered a top pound-for-pound candidate, and even was regarded by then-retired Floyd Mayweather as the best fighter in the game. Some have called him boring, others unmotivated, but as I was in press row to watch Dawson vs. Hopkins in Los Angeles, it was abundantly clear that Dawson has a chip on his shoulder and feels like he has a lot to prove. 

That demeanor matched with Dawson’s recent reunion with trainer John Scully should produce a more exciting and dynamic Chad Dawson in 2012. In the 11th round in his fight with Jean Pascal, Dawson was fighting like an urgent, passionate fighter in response to a cut that ultimately ended the fight. I fully expect to see that urgent, passionate Chad Dawson now that he seems to have a reignited fire in his heart. 

Unfortunately for the boxing world, Hopkins had no interest in bringing that fight out of Dawson as he utilized his uncanny ability to be awkward and avoid exchanges with Dawson in the two rounds they actually fought. But with an opponent like Cloud, Dawson will be unleashed and even forced to let his hands go—much like he did against Pascal in that 11th round.  Both Cloud and Dawson are 29, match up enticingly well size-wise, and possess styles that would make for an intriguing fight. 

This is the biggest fight to be made in the light heavyweight division, and 2012 might be the year we see this clash.

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  1. Cheekay Brandon 05:55pm, 01/11/2012

    Like David mentioned: Dawson went to war toward the end of the Pascal fight and was a cut away from knocking him out. He looked fantastic when he was aggressive and fighting from behind.

  2. The Thresher 04:50pm, 01/09/2012

    If Dawson can do wars along with his technical abilities, he will be unbeatable.

  3. David Matthew 08:40am, 01/09/2012

    I think you’ll see Dawson in a war or two in the near future.  He went to war against Pascal in that final round before the fight was stopped due to a cut.  And from my impression - he was willing to go to war with Hopkins - who didn’t care to oblige.

  4. the thresher 05:33pm, 01/08/2012

    Agreed. Dawson has gifts but being a warrior ain’t one of them

  5. Don from Prov 09:47am, 01/08/2012

    I’m afraid that the name Dawson and the word “war” = a contradiction.

  6. the thresher 11:28am, 01/07/2012

    Got it and a piece is coming on it.

  7. the thresher 07:13am, 01/07/2012

    I think it was the 9th round of the Cloud vs. Johnson fight that inspired me to write an article about my disgust with boxing. Not sure, but I’ll try to find it.

  8. the thresher 07:11am, 01/07/2012

    Another I’d like to see this year is arematch between Arreola and Ademak. Chris is a new Chris and Tomaz has been beaten since their first fight. This one might well be different. .

    Both have been savaged by the older Klit.

  9. the thresher 04:45pm, 01/06/2012

    Thing is, I’m not sure Dawson is the kind of fighter who can go to war. Cloud is, however.

    Dawson-Bute would be an interesting one for me.

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