Wars to Be Made in 2013: Matthysse v. Maidana

By David Matthew on January 20, 2013
Wars to Be Made in 2013: Matthysse v. Maidana
Lucas Matthysse destroyed Ajose Olusegon in a brutally exquisite fight. (Showtime Sports)

While Matthysse has said that Maidana is at the “top of his list” as a potential opponent, Maidana seems to be in no rush to meet his countryman…

Lucas Matthysse (32-2, 30 KOs) vs. Marcos “Chino” Maidana (33-3, 30 KOs)

Every now and then in boxing, there are two fighters whose contrasting styles seem to be perfectly suited to create brilliant warrior poetry. Enter the prospect of a Matthysse vs. Maidana showdown. Two Argentineans aged just one year apart with nearly identical records, KO percentages, and stalk-forward offensive styles. They both even boast similarly eccentric tattooed art adorning their frames, glorifying the warrior culture that they respectively produce with fighting styles that captivate audiences every single time they touch the square canvas. This prospective matchup has caught the attention of many, including Golden Boy’s CEO Richard Schaefer, who once boasted that he could sell 100K tickets for a Maidana-Matthysse matchup in their native Argentina. What a spectacle that would be for the sweet science, a truly international sport that touches every inch of the globe.

While few would doubt that the fight would be entertaining and laden with no-holds barred firework exchanges, some suspect that Matthysse might mow down Maidana with superior technique and activity, and perhaps rightfully so. Matthysse seems to be on the ascendant after his blistering destruction of Ajose Olusegon in a brutally exquisite fight that awed fight fans everywhere. Meanwhile, Maidana’s stock has taken a relative hit after being schooled by Devon Alexander in glaringly one-sided fashion last February. Of particular interest is the fact that while Maidana was ill-equipped to deal with Alexander, Matthysse fought him to a virtual draw, getting the short end of a decision that many (including this writer) felt he should’ve earned. In fact, Matthysse has never really lost a fight if you consider that his only two losses (Alexander and Judah) were fights that were razor thin and easily could’ve been adjudicated in his favor. For Maidana, he has since bounced back with back-to-back scintillating KO victories, including his highly entertaining war versus Jesus Soto Karass in September. 

What makes this matchup so exciting is that neither fighter ever takes a step back, and their machismo-bravado brand of boxing would undoubtedly produce signature action, featuring both men darting forth at each other immediately as the first round sounds off, akin to two rams lunging forward, head-first, with the intent to prove whose force smashes the hardest. There will be no doubt that we would quickly discover who possesses the more dynamic punching power, and it would be shocking if this fight went to the scorecards, let alone beyond the middle rounds.

There was considerable buzz in the game calling for this fight to be made this past autumn, but now that Matthysse is inked to face Mike Dallas Jr.—in a fight Matthysse should dominate—the Argentinean dream matchup must remain on the backburner. Nonetheless, both pugilists, have expressed interest in facing each other with a degree of enthusiasm that has typified their careers, being that neither fighter is ever shies away from a challenge. After all, they fought four times as amateurs, and given the myriad of synchronicities that draw bold parallels amongst them, a future matchup almost seems to be a force of natural selection. While Matthysse has said that Maidana is at the “top of his list” as a potential opponent, Maidana seems to be in no immediate rush to square off against his courageous countryman. “For me, there is no itch or anything like that to fight him,” Maidana explained in a recent interview. “I was very happy when he became champion. I want him to succeed. I hope we can both make the most of our careers and—at some point—remove the doubts on which of us is better.”

Indeed, so do we.

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  1. counterpunch 03:42pm, 01/29/2013

    It will be a “CIVIL WAR”~

  2. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo (aka) Gimpel 10:11pm, 01/21/2013

    javo-Tell it like it is….I think.

  3. javo 09:32pm, 01/21/2013

    not cockfight, matthysse deserve fight with the best in the division DAnnY GARCIA, dont payd this type of articles goldenb, THAt is wath people want!!

  4. Sam 1969 09:02am, 01/21/2013

    agree completely with you buddy, I wanna see Matthysse against these other guys, Maidana later.

  5. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo (aka) Gimpel 05:24pm, 01/20/2013

    It appears that the body shot delivered by Matthysse in the photo above damn near collapsed Olusegon’s lungs!

  6. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo (aka) Gimpel 05:13pm, 01/20/2013

    Matthysse wins here….rather see either against Alvarado, Rios, Garcia or Provodnikov first!

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